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My Secret Weapon

PortaPocket similar to the one I wore at the wedding

I’ve been in a wedding before, but never 2 back-to-back weekends of  ceremonies.  I was honored to be chosen as a bridesmaid, and share in the special day.  One thing I enjoy doing at any wedding is taking photos.  Due to the fact that I was in the bridal party I couldn’t carry my purse or the camera around to take photos.  A pocket on my dress or someone to hold the camera and be on-call to take a shot when my hands were occupied was needed.  Instead of going one of those routes, I was happy to meet Kendra Kroll, creator of PortaPocket.

Our initial meeting was on Twitter, via a comment she made about an episode of Shark Tank. I checked out her profile and her website and saw she had the perfect product for my needs, a pocket that would strap on to my leg or thigh, concealed under my dress.  We had an opportunity to meet in person, where I selected the medium pocket to fit my camera and my lip gloss.  It was put into action prior to the ceremony, during the photo shoot and at the reception.  What a lifesaver!  With the easy Velcro attachment, accessing my camera and lip gloss when needed without any assistance was a breeze. A few of the other bridesmaids wondered where I had got it from and some of the groomsmen were wondering what the in world I was pulling out from under my dress!!  Overall, I was so lucky to have the PortaPocket at my friend’s wedding that I will definitely use it for any future wedding I’m in, even my own!

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  1. thanks for the kind post, Stacy …very appreciated… I’m glad it worked for you! 🙂

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