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Fashion Styling

Personal Fashion Styling Services by The Style Goddess

ColortopiaColortopia by thestylegoddess

FAIR true printed top
£75 –

Joe’s denim jean shorts
$98 –

ASOS metallic sandals
$61 –

BCBG Max Azria satin handbag
$78 –

Twist jewelry
$72 –

Turquoise teardrop earrings

TOMS white sunglasses
$139 –

One thing everyone knows about me is my love of color.  Color lifts my mood, boosts my energy, and gives off positive vibes.  It’s my drug of choice and I wear it all over 365. I love to see other people rocking color too but I am surprised at how few actually do, so I’ve decided to promote the cause and put my passion for colorful fashion into high gear.  I’ve got just the solution. It’s time for a new color revolution!

Are you ready to join the movement? Want to spice up your wardrobe with bold hues that get rid of the blues?  Look no further for I am here to help you –women and men– take a stand against bland!  Believe me, a pop of color changes everything.  Not only will you look better, but you will feel better in clothing and accessories in a variety of delicious colors.  So, how do we get started? Here are my four simple steps to get your closet infused with bright new hues that will change up your style and boost your mood!

1. Consultation: First, let’s meet in person to discuss your styling needs and how I can assist.

2. Wardrobe Audit: Then, let’s go through your closet and pick out what you should keep, and what you need to donate to charity.  We’ll also make a list of staples you’ll need to have to mix and match with other clothing.

3. Shop with Some Pop: Next, I’ll take you to some of the most colorful stores in LA to find key colorful  pieces to add to your wardrobe that will give your looks a fabulous upgrade!

4.  Bring it Home and Make it Work: Then, we will bring your new purchases home, go through your closet, and put together some new complete looks from head to toe. Each outfit will have a pop of color guaranteed! We’ll also do a casual photo shoot with each look that can be uploaded to your personal style library!

5.  The Color Diet (optional) – For one month, you will wear color only, no black, neutrals or whites (unless it’s shoes or accessories).  See if you can step up to the challenge!

The average time for the whole process will be between 5-8 hours depending on your schedule, location, budget and needs. Ready to get started? Just send me an email and we’ll go from there. I offer a free initial phone consultation where we’ll tailor everything and my rates will be discussed.

Some of my favorite looks on Pinterest:

I also offer assistance for special occasions or any type of event!  I can travel for styling requests outside of California. I am also available for shopping tours of LA and Chicago where I will show you some of the best stores around town based on the type of shopper you are!

First-time clients will receive a special discount and exclusive event invite to a fashion event!

Comments on: "Fashion Styling" (4)

  1. “The bright colorful style of The Style Goddess was a major contributing influence on my decision to purchase and confidently wear the hot pink Moods of Norway suit that I am known for, a decision that has been enormously successful and opened up a whole new world of possibilities, not only for myself but for men and women everywhere. Stacy’s keen eye, bold aesthetic, expert guidance, dynamic personality and positive philosophy continues to be an ongoing inspiration that is transforming my entire wardrobe and my life.”

  2. Diedra T. said:

    “My fashion experience with Stacy was incredible! Even though I live in Houston, she was still able to do a great job in helping me to spice up my wardrobe–thank God for technology! Our first consultation was via Skype where I showed her basic pieces from my wardrobe and she gave me excellent tips on how to accessorize and mix&match colors. She also gave me suggestions on what I can buy to enhance my wardrobe. After our consult, I searched through my wardrobe again and tried putting pieces together with the new fashion knowledge I gained. I even took pictures of outfits and emailed them to Stacy, and she promptly gave me great feedback! All in all, it was a pleasure working with “The Style Goddess”. Her emphasis on color still resonates with me every time I go shopping :)”

  3. Rosa L. said:

    “Stacy came to the rescue a few days before my bachelorette weekend in Vegas! I needed a couple of key statement pieces to complete my Vegas look. Stacy knew Westfield Century City’s S.Y.L.K. store would have what I needed and she was right on the money! In a matter of minutes, she picked bright colored dresses and tops I loved. She knew my exact size, the look I going for and was able to work with my body type. I wanted to purchased everything she chose but I was on a budget so I walked out with 2 items: bright orange dress and bright orange top. It was the fastest, most productive power lunch shopping trip I’ve ever had!! Looking forward to our next trip together, maybe my Honeymoon?! P.S. all the girls in Vegas could not stop complementing me!

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