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Fun Facts

In the Garden

At a glance, I may just be a fashionista, but peel back the layers and you’ll see other facets of me!  Here are some fun facts:

1. I feel naked if I’m not wearing earrings.

2. I’m writing a book about etiquette.

3. I loves rabbits!  It’s on my agenda to get one as a pet.

4. I’m a background actor on an episode of Criminal Minds.

5. I won a trip to Winter Park, CO where I skied for the first time.

6. I also won a round-trip ticket on Twitter by submitting an original tweet on what my ideal vacation would be:

My Away is Montego Bay,

Yatch a’sway

Addicted to Reggae

Wearing Gaultier

Appleton Rum-tini you say?

Yeah, mon make my day!

7. I climbed all 103 flights of the Sears Tower steps in 33 minutes.  I would do it again!

8.  Even though I couldn’t get paid to sing, I almost tried out for American Idol.

9.  In order to prepare for Idol, I took a pop singing class.  I love singing 80’s music!!!

10. I created and directed a 10 minute video on my etiquette book.

11.  I enjoy studio production!  I’ve played all roles, from CG Operator to Audio to Floor Director.

12. My favorite foods are pizza, popcorn, fried chicken, cake, ice cream and Thai food.  I also LOVE anything crunchy!

13. I listen to classical music a lot.

14. I was a model in Glamour magazine, January 2006 for a Wal-Mart spread.

15. Airball is my new favorite sport (similar to paddleball).

16. Bingo is my favorite game.  I also own a bingo set.

17.  I was called for jury duty in 2009, and I got selected.  I was with a fun group of jurors and had the coolest judge that took us out for drinks after the trial was over!

18. I know sign language.

19. I’ve been on the Oprah show as an audience member and was really close to being a guest on an episode.

20. I’m part Jamaican.

21. My favorite song is “Candy” by Cameo.

22. Favorite shows: Project Runway, Orange is the New Black, Shameless, Mom, How to Get Away with Murder, Ellen, The Real

23. My closet is full of dresses.  I have over 30 of them!

24. The only time I wear all black is for work or a funeral.

25.  I have worked at a police department before as an administrative assistant.  One of the best jobs I’ve ever had, and the cops were awesome!

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  2. silvia herkey said:

    Hi Stacy,
    I met you at the book signing of Nigel Barker in Barnes and Noble at The Grove in 2010.
    We really need to get together, I have so many things to show you. Please call me.

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