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Taking a Break

BreakWow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here, and I wanted to fill you in on what’s going on with me.  After going to MAGIC, for some reason my joy of fashion blogging withered away.  Maybe it was all the walking I had to do to get through that show, or I just felt burnt out.  Either way, I began to think about what I’ve done and seeing a pattern that in the end it’s all the same and nothing new.  So while I continue to wear bright colors all year round, I just won’t be writing about it or other things for that matter.

It’s always nice to take a step back and re-evaluate why you are doing what you do.  So I’m glad to step away from this scene and focus on me and see where I really want to go with fashion  – open a boutique, be a designer, etc?  In the interim, I am excited to share that I am moving to San Diego and looking forward to starting a new chapter there!  Who knows what will happen in the best city ever?  So, there won’t be any postings until further notice while I explore what’s next.  Continue to be bright, bold and colorful!

XOXO, The Style Goddess

My First Visit to MAGIC

After a couple of years of being invited to attend and not making it, I finally made it a goal to attend MAGIC in Las Vegas in February. Since there have been thoughts bubbling in my head about opening an online boutique, I thought this would be a great show to attend to check out brands for apparel, accessories and footwear.  See my fave discoveries on Instagram.

If you are a first-timer attending MAGIC or going to Vegas, here are some tips:

1. Taxi cab rides are EXPENSIVE, even if it’s a 15 minute drive.  Catch the Monorail which is way cheaper to get you around ($5 one way).

2.  If you’re staying at the Tropicana, Excalibur, New York New York or MGM, you can take the tram from Excalibur to Mandalay Bay and walk through the hotel to get to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

3. If you want to get to the Las Vegas Convention Center and the shuttles have ended the morning drop-offs, you can take a shuttle from Mandalay Bay to the LVCC, which runs throughout the day.

4.  Both convention centers have HUGE exhibit floors that you do need 4 days if you want to see everything. Think big and triple that.  I was overwhelmed by how big it was.

5. Take note of brands you like by starring them in the exhibitor book so you can refer to them later.

6. Brings lots of business cards.

7. Take advantage of the airport shuttle if you are leaving on the last day – it was a nice service to have!

8. Hotels for Vegas are just for sleeping in. You don’t have to stay at Bellagio to go to this event.  Bally’s will do just fine (and the Bellagio will be right across the street)

Overall, it was definitely an experience to remember!

Tuesday Turnup!

I got invited to a Fashion & Beauty event at a home in the Hollywood Hills, and staying true to my brand I had to bring the color.  So here is a breakdown of my look: Feathered top from Crossroads Trading Co., yellow jeans from Loft and a Nine West cross body bag.


Wilde Willow Style

There are just so many designers out there that instead of the mainstream ones, I always seek those that I’ve never heard of but should be on my radar and in my closet.  I recently got introduced to Wilde Willow, an Australian brand which has the coolest prints and fabrics of clothing for women.  To get a closer look at their clothing, I had the opportunity to try out the Lucent Layered Blazer and Calyx High-Waisted pants to match.

Wilde Willow Lucent Layered Blazer ($169)

Wilde Willow Lucent Layered Blazer, $169

This statement blazer ($169) is so chic and will jazz up any look! Soft and silky smooth to the touch, I love the color mix and the detail of the front and back with the panels. Not a big fan of flower prints, but with the right look I will wear it!  It has a front closure, but for the photo I opted for a Cali chill look.  I paired it with white jeans and a tank with black heels for a polished look for a day or night out on the town.

Calyx Pants, $125

Calyx Pants, $125

The Calyx High-Waisted pants ($125) were a bit small for me to try (sample sizes at it’s best lol), but I still wanted to show case them if you want to be bold and go for the full-out look of this print.  For me, I would probably wear them as separates and have fun mixing it up with different looks.

After reviewing their website, there are a lot of fab pieces to choose from and the color palette is bright and bold.  Check them out if your ready to color up your wardrobe!

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