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An article on CNN Money recently featured me as a frugal shopper who has cut back on shopping and made a small splurge by buying a dress for $13 at Macy’s.

As a very fashionable person, I love color, prints and anything that make my outfit “pop”.  For a fraction of the cost, I can accomplish that on a daily basis.  My thought process is if I can buy it cheaper and still look good, why not?  Purchasing that dress was not considered a splurge, but more an eye catcher on a rack that happened to be 70% off.  I am very picky with my clothing selection and often times I can’t find unique pieces at the stores I frequent – instead I will try other options that offer more of a variety and items I like.

Working at an upscale mall that I walk around in every day provides temptation to spend, spend, spend.  I see so many things I would love to buy and add to my wardrobe, but I’m not a shopaholic and I don’t have a black card.  However, if there is something that I could see myself wearing to no end, I’ll buy it. It’s not a matter of me having a shopping obsession or getting depressed if I can’t buy something, it’s knowing that all my money can’t go towards buying clothes.  I’m a conscious person who realizes that buying the latest wrap dress from the Diane Von Furstenberg line at Bloomingdales will not pay my rent, food or car note.  So, if frugal is the new black, I’ve been wearing that for a long time, even before it was in style.


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