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Fashionable Deals for a Great Cause!

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Dress for Success is my favorite organization to volunteer for, and when I can give time I do.  I made sure my work schedule allowed me to partake in Shop for Success!, a 4 day pop-up shop offering designer deals at low prices.  I volunteered for the VIP night (Wednesday, December 4th), which was such a fun experience!

I’ve never worked retail before, but I know running a store takes a lot of work.  I arrived ready to jump in and help wherever was needed.  The store looked amazing, which everything nicely organized and many things to look at and purchase.  There was a silent auction, raffle prizes, open bar, a DJ and a photo booth for attendees.  Once 5pm hit, there was a line at the door for anxious ladies ready to enter and shop the night away!

I assisted in the dressing room area, getting ladies in and out, running go backs to the floor and offering my style eye where needed.  They were all playing dress up and everyone looked beautiful in the outfits they chose!  It was busy at times and that kept me moving and grooving while the DJ was spinning the tunes.  I want to open my own boutique one day, so this was helpful for me to get an idea of what it would be like.

At closing, it turned out to be a fabulous night with a great turnout and the best part is that all proceeds go to Dress for Success.  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my evening, supporting an organization close to my heart that gives back and helps women be prepared for a professional career in several ways.

And guess what?  Shop for Success is open for 2 more days! The hours for today are 10am – 8pm and Saturday 10am – 6pm.  There are some great Holiday buys and you should bring your girlfriends.  Thanks to everyone who made this event happen!

Shop for Success, 1101 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024

Lucinda Ellery Hair Consultancy – Strand by Strand Excellence

Me and Lucinda Ellery

Hair is our crowning glory and can help make or break our day.  It puts the rest of our body in place and is the finishing touch to our look.  We all want to look our best, and Lucinda Ellery can definitely help in that department, since if she sees you, she will ask to touch your hair.

Lucinda Ellery is not your average hairstylist, but a hair restoration specialist.  Her business, Lucinda Ellery Consultancy, has specialized in this field for over 25 years.  She offers hair loss solutions and hair extension services to women who suffer from different types of hair loss conditions, including hair pulling, alopecia and cancer.  She is also accredited with developing the popular Intralace System™.  The goal is to work on the whole woman by empowering them, making them feel complete, and restoring them with beautiful, fabulous hair.

Lucinda Ellery Consultancy Hair Salon in Beverly Hills

The waiting/lounge area – I felt like I was in a chic living room!

With headquarters in London, Lucinda decided to recently open her first US salon in Beverly Hills.  I had the opportunity to meet with her and see her salon and I immediately felt like I was in an inviting home full of color! She was very pleasant to chat with and wanted to even get in my hair as well! I learned a lot about her and she is a lady on a mission to create miracles everyday and bring normality back to hair loss.

When women come into her salon, they will feel very comfortable and may not want to leave.  She enjoys everything about hair, and her clients have her personal number.  She feels “As long as your hair is good, everything else is alright.”  If you are seeking someone who understands the true importance of hair and will make the process a wonderful experience, look no further than Lucinda Ellery.

For more information on Lucinda Ellery Consultancy please visit or

Always Hit on the Wingman – Read as it Aims to Please

I just finished reading “Always Hit on the Wingman” over the weekend and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you on the book!  Several people who know me have given me the raised eyebrow as to why I would read this book since I’m in a relationship.  Even my boyfriend questioned me about reading this subject matter and flipped through the book to try and get an idea of the contents.  First off, Glamour was nice enough to send me a copy to read (Thanks!).  Secondly, I can honestly say that anyone can read it and take away something from it, regardless of your relationship status!

Written by Jake, Glamour’s male dating columnist, this anonymous author offers 10 rules for getting the love life you want and let’s women know what men are really thinking in various situations.  This is the first dating book I’ve read from a male perspective and I must say Jake is brutally honest for our own sake and he is anonymous for a reason.  Being able to share his dating experiences in this book bring a sense of realness to the reader and the author.  There have been several “Jakes” over the years for Glamour and we get to see some of their advice in the book too!   I’ve actually tried one of the rules (To my boyfriend: don’t ask) and it’s amazing what the results have brought which is a win-win in the love game!  For those who have read relationship books in the past, this is way different from the others and it’s nice to have a male perspective shed some light on the operations of guys.

It’s funny how as I read this book I had a few girlfriends tell me about their dating hang-ups and I started to quote a lot of what Jake was preaching!  I’m no expert, but I felt like I had some newfound knowledge to share.  The key things I took from this book are that women must be themselves, broadcast your personality, and someone will take interest.  Don’t settle and be open to the guys that come into your life.  If one doesn’t work out so what? Move on, stay strong and it won’t be long until a new experience comes your way.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, this would be a great read for women who need a refresher or lesson as to what makes love go round and how one can reach leaps abound in finding the one.  The Jake who wrote the book has done just that, so he can tell you a thing or two.  I don’t want to give too much away about the book, so purchase yours at Amazon and be ready to pass along the book to others – I’ve already got 3 on the waiting list and I’m sure there will be more.

The Style Goddess – Looking Forward

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Today is the one year anniversary of starting The Style Goddess blog.  It is also the day I packed up all my belongings and moved to LA.  It’s been a great year filled with adventure, growth and new connections!  I came here with the intent of doing something in the fashion world, and I thought it was to be a stylist.  That quickly changed and I was able to try my hat at other fashion outlets, such as inside sales, wardrobe pulls, event assistance and celebrity management.  One thing I learned is that there is a lot of different things I enjoy so why not do all of them?

The Style Goddess became my voice in the industry and I started to do event coverage and expand into interviews on style, video blogging and beauty reviews.  That inspired me to join, where I was granted the title of LA Women’s Fashion & Style writer.   It’s a great honor and it opens my writing to another audience.  So what are my goals for the upcoming year?

1. Start a monthly column –  I am currently developing a monthly column with a friend which will be an exciting collaboration!

2. Giveaways – At least once a month I will deliver worthy giveaways that you don’t want to miss!

3. Video Interviews – More interviews face to face live.  Taking it to a new level!

4. Increased Blog Posting – Starting in September, expect to see at least 3 postings a week!

5. Exclusive event invites – I’ve been invited to awesome fashion events and I want to share the invites with you if the opportunity arises!

6. Contests – Let’s see some creativity in the fashion world.  A one-0f-a-kind contest is under development!

7.  Production – With my event planning background, I’ve decided to put it to good use and create a one-of-a-kind Style Goddess event.

As I reflect on the past year, I am proud of my accomplishments, new friends and loyal readers of my blog.  I strive to bring you the best of the fashion world in my eyes and keep you coming back!  Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my success thus far and never stop reaching for your dreams!

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