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Project Runway Seas. 10 Ep. 2 – Sweet Success

Whenever Project Runway has the unconventional challenge, my expectations are high and the anticipation to see where the designers take their imagination is exciting! This week the theme was Candy Couture where you had to make a dress out of candy.  There is no better place to go than the world renowned Dylan’s Candy Bar.  I was familiar with the store, but didn’t know it was created by Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph Lauren.  It was then I had the “aha” moment and put two and two together.  This candy shop is an adventure for all ages with so many different types of candy you could truly buy more than you can chew!

Some did struggle with getting their look together and others soared with their vision.  The main goal of this challenge was to create something that doesn’t look like candy and could be wearable.  I completely agree with the judges’ selection of the challenge winner and the person they sent home.  However, there were some designers who I felt should have been in the high/low score group:


When I saw Dimitry’s look come down the runway I thought it was very well done and could pass for a beaded dress!  Using gumballs to make the skirt, he strategically placed the gumballs in a eye-catching way and the entire look was flattering on the model.  He should’ve be in the high score group along with Ven and Sonjia.

Dimitry’s beaded candy dress


Andrea has struck out again for me this week and should’ve been in the low score group.  She had this idea in her head to design an apron out of candy.  I immediately thought it wasn’t going to be any good and I was spot on!  Even though she was born on Halloween doesn’t mean you have skills to make a dress out of candy. There didn’t seem to be much effort on transforming the candy, just taking strips of candy dots and sewing them together.  When Tim Gunn said he was underwhelemed, I was too. It looked like a craft project a five year old could make.  She’s is next on the list to go and maybe the judges will see that more clearly next week.

Andrea’s candy apron look


Elena likes to use black to make her designs, and this time she went with a colorless candy, like beige twizzlers and made this dress.  When her look came out all I could think of was pasta. Was she hungry and decided she was cook this after judging was over? She did the square shoulder again and it was falling apart on the runway.  Not a great color choice and it wasn’t appealing at all.  Elena needs to break out of her comfort zone and use some color!

Elena’s pasta dress


Does anyone think that Gunnar’s look could pair well with a taxi?  That’s all I could think of when I saw his candy design come down the runway. Either that or hanging with the bees.

Gunnar’s look – You’ll definitely get a axi with this dress!


For someone who graduated from FIT at top of his class and also received all four awards for his class is truly admirable for Ven.  His look last week got me out of bed and his candy couture dress had me floored!  He has such a creative mind to smash candy to give a stained glass look on a dress outlined with black licorice.  This is a red carpet ready look that would sell fast!  Did you notice the rose design again on this dress?  I think that’s his signature look, which will definitely make him stand out!

Ven’s winning candy couture dress – LOVE!


Lantie wasn’t my favorite last week and should’ve got eliminated then. However, she dug her own grave this week by putting together an unheavenly design with more fabric than candy.  For someone to make excuses and say you don’t have enough time or you’ve never worked like this before, is grounds for you to leave immediately.  Project Runway has been on TV for 9 seasons now and you don’t know what to expect if you’re on the show?  Her umbrella dress with some candy glued on here and there was horrendous!  She acted as if she didn’t care and you could totally see that.  Her exit could have been a spot for someone else more deserving who really wanted to be on the show and give it their all.  There is no room for excuses, just get your S%#! together and make it work!

Lantie’s look – not so sweet


Sonjia is definitely the one to watch and possible give Ven a run for his money.  I love her use of different candies such as gumballs, gummie sharks and hard candy to make such a stunning dress!  Sonjia brings the wow factor to her looks and I love the colors she chose, going with an aquatic theme for her dress.

Sonjia’s dress – Aquatic candy delight!

Next week the designers will be put into teams and this is always a true test of who can work together and agree on a cohesive design. On another note, is it me or do the models look mediocre this season?  Well, the fun continues and can’t wait until the next show!

See all my favorite looks from this episode on Pinterest!

Project Runway All-Stars Ep. 1

I love, love, love Project Runway.  I started watching religiously since Season 5.  When I heard there was going to be an All-Stars I was counting the days until the premiere.  Then I watched and was left a little disappointed.

First, I was totally expecting Heidi Klum to host the show again.  I love her quirkiness, style, and presence on the show.  Angela Lindvall is the new host and to be honest, I am not sure who she is, but her personality is very dull.  She seems awkward at times and other times what she says feels forced.   Why isn’t Heidi running the show, especially when you have all of these familiar faces back for round two? For America’s Next Top Model All-Stars I was expecting Tyra Banks to host and she didn’t disappoint.  Nobody can fill their shoes, so why start now?

I also expected Tim Gunn to return for this series.  Instead they have Joanna Coles giving fashion forward advice to the designers in the workroom, which seemed a little off.  She is more suited to be a judge and maybe Isaac Mizrahi should dish out the workroom commentary.  Not warming up to her at all in this light, but I’ll give it a few more episodes.

The challenge this week was to something out of conventional items from the 99cent store.  It also had to be inspired by a look that the designers debuted earlier in the show.  It amazes me what some of the all-stars created and that’s what I love is that some of them think out of the box and make it work.  My favorite was a beautiful dress made out handkerchiefs by Jerell.

The design he came up with for this fabric made it seem like it was something you would see on Robertson Blvd.  And yes, I would wear this without hesitation.  However, I can’t say the same for Austin Scarlett’s look.

What is this cellophane, plastic mess? How is this creative? Austin shouldn’t have been safe from elimination.  A 10-year old could totally make this!  There were others that looked hideous, but these two are my high and low.

The judging went very fast and the dynamic between the judges is not flowing.  Hopefully things will change and I’ll adjust to the new cast of the show.  All is fun in fashion and design, so let the battle continue!

Project Runway Seas 9 Ep 9 – The Clothes Make the Man

PR episode last night was an out-of the-box, never tried before challenge.  Creating a look for the rock band Sheep Dogs that would perform live on the runway was quite the feat.  It appeared that most of the designers struggled with creating the right look or had no experience doing menswear.  As a contestant in this competition, I feel you should be ready for anything and also at least try your hand at creating designs outside of your traditional aesthetic.

Viktor had the only outfit that was image worthy and I still can’t figure out how Bert is still in the competition!  What he created for the lead singer was horrendous and not modern but the judges loved it!  I don’t think the client was excited about it though.  Olivier just complained throughout the whole episode and couldn’t adjust to designing for someone outside of his shape.  And he specializes in menswear?  It was definitely time for him to leave the competition.

In any business, you have to be ready to do things outside of your job description and not be married to it.  What will really shine is your reaction to the action – bring positive traction and you’ll culminate new ideas and a different outlook.

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