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Hanes Hoisery Silk Reflections Guide to Transitioning Tights to Summer

Summer is here and many pack away the tights until Fall.  However, there are some outfits that allow room for some cute hosiery that can add more style to your profile!  With Hanes Silk Reflections, you can transition your favorite tights into the warm season by wearing their elegant, silky options and following these steps:

  1. Pick out your favorite summer dress or pair of shorts:

2.  Grab your Hanes Silk Reflections Tights (All styles under $20!)

3.  Pair together for a Perfectly Chic Summer look!

I received a pair of Hanes Silk Reflections in a micro fishnet style and I love how it feels like I don’t even have any on!  I can wear them to work, for a night out on the town, or while out and about shopping!

With an incredible celebrity following with stars such as Katy Perry and Jamie Chung,  Hanes Silk Reflections this is the go to line for tights this season! Get the celebrity look for under $20!

To Buy:

Pantyhose 101

Cynthia Bailey wearing black pantyhose. Would you wear this dress with that?

Lately I’ve seen some women dressed in chic outfits and then they ruin it with pantyhose, mostly plain old black hosiery.  I was watching Cynthia on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion and she wore a magenta lace dress with black pantyhose.  Why??  It didn’t go with the look at all and at least if you’re going to go there where a sheer nude shade that matches your complexion. Kate Middleton may have brought it back, but at least she got it right!

Kate Middleton showing how you wear pantyhose - nude sheer

In this day in age, do we really need to wear hosiery?  If it’s a work requirement, religious reasons or a costume that’s fine, but other than that show those legs and strut your stuff!  When I see women wearing them, I tend to get itchy. 

Printed tights - give people something to talk about!

Perhaps you could try patterned or printed tights which are more fun and allow you to be unique.  You don’t want to pair them with an outfit that already speaks for itself – in that case go nude with the hosiery or go home and rethink how to get those legs exposed walking and talking!

Where to Buy –

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