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Working Out in Style!

© Gap

Recently I realized the workout shorts I have are not lightweight in fabric or compatible for the hot days in LA. I decided I needed to find a pair of nylon shorts that would keep up with me as I run frequently and play Rally Ball. On a whim I was looking around Gap when I noticed a colorful rack of GapFit activewear. There were several fitness shorts and I grabbed pair in a rich jade shade made of lightweight nylon. They fit perfectly, but the true test was to take them out for a run and play a hard core game of Rally Ball.

I must say I am truly in love with these wonderful shorts! Not only are they versatile, but they have two zippered pockets on the front and a small pocket on the inside. I can wear them for a quick errand or even go for a swim!  Goddess Style points for also being so stylish and keeping me colorful even when I workout. Style tip: you never know what store you’ll find just what you’re looking for, so it’s worth browsing around the entire store. You may just end up buying something you like and returning to purchase another pair in a different color.  One things for sure, I’ll be back at Gap for another pair of these shorts soon, but next time in yellow!

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