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Candy Coated Saturday

What a fun Saturday!! This look was worn to the LA Women’s Expo downtown at the LA Mart on 5-17-14 and to dinner at Casablanca.  When I look at this I think of candy and bubblegum.


Dress – Love Derek from Ross, Necklace – Coldwater Creek, Sandals – Calvin Klein

I Have Your Business Card, Now What? (Updated)

I originally posted an article about what to do with business cards in September 2010 and now I would like to revisit this with more insight:

Every time you meet someone it’s an opportunity to tell them about yourself and eventually hand over a business card.  I just attended Lucky FABB and collected several of them.  When you make the exchange (hopefully the other person has one too), what happens next?  Do you have a Rolodex full of cards never used?  Does it get buried under a bunch of other cards?  Do you take one look at it and throw it away? Does it show up in a pocket of an item you wear a year later? I hope the answers to these questions are no.  So what should you do?

1. Once you get a business card take a quick look at it while you’re in the presence of the other person, acknowledging that there is at least some interest and then put it away.

2.  IMPORTANT!! Within 24 – 48 hours (or as soon as possible if it’s not feasible within that timeframe) send an email to the person saying it was nice to meet you and let’s keep in touch.   You have no idea how far that goes and it’s so important!

3.  Check out their website and what they do.   They may or may not be of use to you, but possibly you can refer them to someone who might.

If you’re not into carrying business cards you can go digital and follow them on Twitter, befriend them on Facebook, or Like their fanpage.

Another new concept on the scene is  It’s a mobile SMS business card, where you can send your info directly to the recipient via cell or they can text a pre-selected word to a contxt number and get your info.  It’s quick, easy, paperless and free to join.  It also serves as a backup when you run out of business cards! For example text DANIEL to 50500.  What do you get back?

As a savvy businesswoman, I make it a point to do that with every business card I get because that can be another connection and can even turn into a great friend.  I have had that happen several times before and that’s all it took!  Sometimes I don’t get an email back from the person reciprocating the gesture, but at least I did my part and that makes me feel good.  In the end it’s necessary to do that because endless opportunities could arise, whether it’s related to your job or something else.

So, when you get your next business card, PLEASE make sure you followup.  It’s a small step to possibly greater things!


The Style Goddess

Fashionable Deals for a Great Cause!

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Dress for Success is my favorite organization to volunteer for, and when I can give time I do.  I made sure my work schedule allowed me to partake in Shop for Success!, a 4 day pop-up shop offering designer deals at low prices.  I volunteered for the VIP night (Wednesday, December 4th), which was such a fun experience!

I’ve never worked retail before, but I know running a store takes a lot of work.  I arrived ready to jump in and help wherever was needed.  The store looked amazing, which everything nicely organized and many things to look at and purchase.  There was a silent auction, raffle prizes, open bar, a DJ and a photo booth for attendees.  Once 5pm hit, there was a line at the door for anxious ladies ready to enter and shop the night away!

I assisted in the dressing room area, getting ladies in and out, running go backs to the floor and offering my style eye where needed.  They were all playing dress up and everyone looked beautiful in the outfits they chose!  It was busy at times and that kept me moving and grooving while the DJ was spinning the tunes.  I want to open my own boutique one day, so this was helpful for me to get an idea of what it would be like.

At closing, it turned out to be a fabulous night with a great turnout and the best part is that all proceeds go to Dress for Success.  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my evening, supporting an organization close to my heart that gives back and helps women be prepared for a professional career in several ways.

And guess what?  Shop for Success is open for 2 more days! The hours for today are 10am – 8pm and Saturday 10am – 6pm.  There are some great Holiday buys and you should bring your girlfriends.  Thanks to everyone who made this event happen!

Shop for Success, 1101 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024

Eco Swim – Making a Difference

Love this 2-piece ruffled look!

Love this 2-piece ruffled look!

It may not be swim season, but why not get a head start on what to buy now?  I recently got introduced to one of the coolest brands with a cause, Eco Swim by Aqua Green.  Eco Swim is planet-friendly swimwear that uses sustainable technologies and methods to produce looks that are fashionable while giving back.  The core customer is 18-48 years young that recycles, carries reusable bags to the grocery store, is stylish and cares about what she puts on her body.  The color palette is full of Earth hues that bring to mind the beauty of the desert, the freshness of a flower, the stillness of a calm sea and the exotic lure of the wild.  These suits are for real women who want to look and feel fabulous!

Desert or in the wild?

Desert or in the wild?

Everything is made in the USA and they are always working towards reducing the carbon footprint in the sand.  To give back, Eco Swim does beach and waterway cleanups in areas of need.  To date they have collected over 50,000 pounds of trash and have 13 cleanups this year.

For more information check out

Olivari Accessories – Trendy By Design

Every girl wants to be on trend and some do so without even trying.  Accessories can complete a look and that becomes the eye-catching piece to pull the outfit together.  With an Olivari accessory in hand, there is no need to worry about either!

Olivari Accessories is the premiere collection of designer Lisa Thompson.  As a true Angeleno, Lisa is honored to launch her handbag collection which highlights tradition and modernity that effortlessly showcases a cohesive, ‘classic-with-an-edge’ appeal.  Made from some of the finest materials, the collection offers handbags, clutches, belts and cross body bags designed for women who are on trend, but not necessarily trendy.  Color options vary from neutrals to neons, and all of them can easily be worn from day to night.  Quality and beauty are important to the “Olivari” woman who is the career go-getter, the college student or even the hip mom!

Lisa started designing things when she was a teen in the 80’s and the idea for Olivari Accessories came about when she got many compliments on a bag and belt she made for freelance gig on a movie set.  Inspiration for her designs come from the myraid cultures, eclectic styles and personalities that make California what it is and the west coast provides so much of that.

Two of my top picks from the Fall 2013 collection are the Chrissie bag in Midnight Blue and the Peyton bag in Taupe.  They both can be worn with jeans, a dress for a night on the town, or strutting into work!

Chrissie bag in Midnight Blue from the Fall 2013 Collection

Chrissie bag in Midnight Blue from the Fall 2013 Collection

Peyton bag in Taupe from the Fall 2013 Collection

Peyton bag in Taupe from the Fall 2013 Collection

Another fave I have to mention is the Peyton Croc top bag in Aqua from the Spring 2013 collection.  Hey who says you can’t have a super bright pop of color in the Fall?  For those who know me and my love for color, I would wear this chic piece all year round!

Peyton bag in Aqua from the Spring 2013 Collection - Would I wear this now- YES!

Peyton Croc top bag in Aqua from the Spring 2013 Collection – Would I wear this now- YES!

Price points range from $200-$600.  To see the entire collection, go to

A New Fashion Phase

As I turn a year older this upcoming Sunday, I realize I’ve made some fashion changes, but I’m still sticking to wearing color 365 days of the year!  Many things can evolve over a year, so here is what I’ve noticed:

1.  Neutral Zone – Neutral colors are popping up in my wardrobe more.  I’m buying more whites and grays.  I have colorful shoes, bags and accessories to spice up those looks, so I was already forming visions in my head when I saw and bought this Karen Millen dress! Speaking of shoes, I now have a pair of nude color shoes from Cole Haan.  I never thought I would wear that hue since I’m brown already, but the key is finding the right nude tone for your skin.  Might I add that Cole Haan shoes are very comfortable when mixed with the Nike Air technology for softness?

Ruched jersey dress in heather grey form Karen Millen

Ruched jersey dress in heather grey from Karen Millen

2.  Online Shopping – When you find something in the store that you love but your size isn’t available, check online and you might even get it for a better deal!  I fell in love with a pair of Ann Taylor slim fit jeans and once I went online, the 4th of July sale was in full gear and I ordered them at a low price!  Also, I love websites that allow you to order what you want and pickup in store – thank you Sears!  You take a chance when you order something online and you’re unsure what the sizing is like, but Asos was a hit when I found a dress that fit me perfectly!

3.  Animal Fever – I thought I was done with animal print, but somehow a leopard and tiger print dress have made their way into my closet.

4.  Long Live Dresses – I have over 30 dresses, and that will continue to increase.  If I ever start a clothing line, that’s all I’m going to make.  LA weather is perfect for dresses all year round!

5.  Hold Out – I’ve been searching for that pair of bright yellow jeans for over a year now and finally Ann Taylor came to my rescue.  I’ve tried on many and they just weren’t right.  I held out and got exactly what I wanted. Do not settle for an item that may be similar to what you want, hold out and you will find it!  Now if I could just find a sexy pair of black strappy platform shoes I would be a happy camper – can this two year search end now please?

Ann Taylor jeans in Lemon Fizz

Ann Taylor jeans in Lemon Fizz

6.  Accessorize Me – Belts are a great accessory to add a pop of color around the waist or make something plain a bit more fun.  I purchased a thin neon pink bow belt that looks great with jeans, shorts or a dress.  Can’t wait to wear it! I’m not a big hat wearer, but I couldn’t pass up on this adorable hat with all my fave colors.

7.  The Kid in Me – Everybody knows I love rabbits.  I saw a girl wearing the cutest rabbit shirt and I had to have it!  I tracked it down at Bloomingdales and ordered it to-go.  WildFox is a brand that I now have my eye on, since they made my day!  I have three pairs of koosh ball earrings because I think they are so fun to wear and I also have a pair of studded lip earrings.  Hey, as long as I can get away with it, why not?

Yup, I went there - Koosh ball earrings

Yup, I went there – Koosh ball earrings

8.  If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit – Long gone are the days when I used to squeeze my foot into a size 9 shoe that I loved because there was no size 10.  I prefer comfort over style nowadays, so if that shoe doesn’t fit, I’m not wearing it!  That also goes for any clothing – if it isn’t easy to put on, take off, or if I’m fighting to try and get in it, then it isn’t meant to be.  Let go and let flow.

I’m curious as to what I will be into next, but I love that I am open and embracing new things.  Do you resonate with any of these things?  What styles changes have you made or noticed over the course of a year?  Share below!

Bobi Clothing – Soft, Sexy Chic!

Bobi designer Kara Lusardi

Bobi designer Kara Lusardi

Any clothing that is soft to the touch and feels good against your skin is a keeper in my book.  I recently got to wear the perfect wrap cover-up on a cool evening by Bobi, and I didn’t want to take it off!

Created by Kara Lusardi, Bobi is a women’s collection of casual tees to elegant gowns in a variety of jersey weights. As a fan of color, Bobi has many options from their palette to choose from which allows something for everyone.  The line was created in 2006 and Kara specifically cuts the styles to be slimming and sexy by playing up areas that you want noticed –and playing down what you want to hide. Bobi is effortlessly chic and can be dressed up or down to each girl’s individual style.

Bobi Line

Select Bobi Spring 2013 Looks

Bobi has a great celebrity fan base that includes Madonna, Nicole Richie, Selena Gomez, Hilary Swank, Kim Khardashian and Giuliana Rancic.

This savvy fashionista definitely has a fab collection that is worth wearing where you can feel comfy and sexy at the same time.  Bobi is based in Los Angeles, with her items sold worldwide.

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