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Ssh-oes: Can You Hear Me Now?

Wearing heels are always fun and fabulous.  But do you want to hear the click-clack sound of them all the time as you are walking? I didn’t think it was possible not to until I was introduced to Ssh-oes.  They have created “quiet” heels which eliminate that sound and give you comfort at the same time!  Ssh-oes is the only company in the world that makes quiet heels. The ssh-oes have a non-slip, sound absorbing rubber outsole and a patent pending noise reducing heel lift, so they do not make as much noise when you walk. They are cushioned with memory foam and have a lycra and leather lining to make the shoe as blister free as possible.

London Ssh-oes - The studs make this edgy and fun!

London Ssh-oes – The studs make this edgy and fun!

I had the opportunity to select a pair of Ssh-oes and try them out for size.  There are a variety of styles and colors, but when it comes to heels I want to be able to wear them with many outfits. I opted for the London shoe in black because the silver studs give it some edge, you can never have enough black heels and I don’t have a shoe like it in my collection.  I was glad they had a size 10 in stock because normally I’ll find a hot shoe but my size isn’t available.

Full profile and closeup of the London Ssh-oes: My outfit - Zara top, Coldwater Creek necklace, See You Monday leggings

Full profile and closeup of the London Ssh-oes: My outfit – Zara top, Coldwater Creek necklace, See You Monday leggings

When it arrived at my house I had the perfect outfit to wear them with and I couldn’t wait to take them out for a spin and quietly strut my stuff around town.  I decided to wear them with my print leggings and pepulm top since it was a nice balance of hard and soft.  When I first put them on I thought I might need a bigger size since my feet are long and narrow (Size 10 is the largest size).  With a little pull and tug at the toe tip are of the heel, I was able to fit my feet in with ease and not feel restricted.  I headed of to my event and as I walked on the concrete in the parking garage with my friend I ask her to listen to my shoes – she noticed there was a sound missing and I told her how the Ssh-oes work.

I love that they were very comfortable and molded to my foot shape.  I can’t wait to wear them with jeans, skirts and one of my many dresses!  So if you decide to get a pair of Ssh-oes, ask someone nearby, “Can you hear me now?”

Art & Sole Opening Exhibition

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The creative synthesis of art and fashion is something my column is all about. I thrive at that exciting intersection where fashion, art, people, society, ideas and innovation come together.   I am a new kind of fashionista who seeks out those fresh connections and experiences that give us something more, that inspire new levels of appreciation and understanding.

With this in mind, on January 26th I attended the opening party for “Art & Sole,” a novel exhibition of custom painted platforms heeled shoes by 40 artists from around the world.  Showcased at Lab Art, the largest street art gallery in the world, these one-of-a-kind shoes had been transformed with original designs that were colorful, unique, fun, simple, and serious all together!  Donated by Iron Fist Footwear, this collection of hot heels will be showing in galleries worldwide and eventually auctioned off with the proceeds going to Soles 4 Souls, an organization providing shoes for those in need.

The drinks were flowing and the DJ was spinning uptempo 80’s tracks as I worked the room, meeting and talking with some of the artists who were on hand for the event such as Chuck Adame and Bev Hogue.  Every one of the shoes was fabulous and I would love to have them in my closet, but my favorite was the “Lady in Blue” design created by Hogue.

Lady in Blue Heels Created by Bev Hogue

Since blue is one of my primary fashion colors, I connected with her design instantly, taking in the ruffle lining, the cute bow on the back and the chic touch of beads and animal figurines.  For Hogue, the meaning behind the Lady in Blue is to embrace the odd beauty of the world, rather than to escape it. If I wore them out I would rock them in light orange skinny jeans and a white off-the-shoulder top. They would be the talk of the town!

There was a lot more art to take in the rest of the night. Lab Art is packed with two floors of colorful, playful, edgy and funky creations that would go great on any wall in my place. “Art & Sole” fit in perfectly at this quirky cool gallery. I was glad to take it all in, meet more new people in the name of art, and as any girl would, I wish I could have all 40 pairs of these shoes in my closet ready to wear.  However, each one is such a rarity that they ultimately may be more suited for a display of visual fascination and inspiration.

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