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Sheckys Girls Night Out 2012: LA Recap

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On Wednesday, May 2nd I attended Shecky’s Girls Night Out at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.  It was a woman’s candy store filled with stylish clothes, accessories, shoes and even hair extensions to try on and buy!  There were also a Maybelline makeover studio where girls could glam up and take a photo!  Drinks were offered by La Croix and Little Black Dress and Cointreau as the DJ spun tunes to keep you moving and grooving throughout the scene.  Two vendors I want to highlight that caught my attention are BellaSole and Basic Instinct.


There are many folding flats on the market that tend to your feet once those high heels come off.  BellaSole offers comfy flats with style which come in a zippered pouch that doubles as a wristlet.  They do the job of saving your feet from walking the all way back to your car after long night out with ease.

Black pouch doubles as a wristlet big enough to hold your cards and gloss!

I love the idea that you can not only store your flats in it, but there is room for your ID, credit card and gloss!  I immediately asked the creator, Tina Wong if she is coming out with decorative wristlets with a pocket on the outside for an even more stylish look and she is currently testing that out.  I feel that would definitely be a plus and look forward to seeing her new developments!

Update: If you are interested in buying the flats, Tina is offering a promotion price of $15 (normal $21.99) by using the code STYLEGODDESS at checkout!

Basic Instinct

I’ve always wanted to take a self-defense class and Basic Instinct was on-site to promote self-protection and signing up for one of their classes.  They demonstrated a few moves with a student who enjoyed taking the classes and that had me sold!  They offer a free training session on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I can’t wait to go to mine.  Sign up and be ready to take on real-life scenarios in common places with confidence and action!

Overall, it was a fun event that is not only in LA, but San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, New York and many more!

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