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Chic Tweak – Scarf Wonderland!

Bindya NY Fairy scarf worn in the modern loop style

I love wearing scarves! With winter in full force (breezy Spring for LA), scarves are the go to accessory for fashion forward women regardless of their climate. They offer functionality, versatility and a pop to any outfit. When I was alerted of Chic Tweak and given a beautiful, colorful scarf to rock around town I was excited to share this newfound website with you!

Some only wear it one way, but Chic Tweak can help you re-think the way you wear your go-to accessory! Being indoors doesn’t always assure warmth. Wear your scarf as a wrap when you’re seated by the door at the hottest new restaurant, or when the heating system at your office isn’t quite doing the trick on those extra chilly winter days.

The modern-loop is a fresh take on a classic look. Fashionable no matter how it’s worn, the loop allows you to don your scarf loose and flowing for a layering effect, or tighter for a polished look that provides optimal warmth when the mercury dips.

Another way to wear it is Celeb style. For the glam look you can wear it this way and turn heads. Be ready to strike a pose! Be sure to check out this website and see the some of the most hottest scarves and the many ways you can stand out just by a tweak of your look!

About Chic Tweak: Chic Tweak is a recently launched one-stop-shop for the latest trends in scarves and accessories. Created to be an aggregate of the very best scarves available in the marketplace, Chic Tweak offers a range of prices and variety for today’s fashion forward women. Bindya Lulla, the driving force behind Chic Tweak, brings over ten years experience in the scarf and accessory industry. With two thriving lines; Bindya NY and Lulla by Bindya, Lulla sought to bring her passion and knowledge online to create the ultimate e-commerce experience where you can go to “tweak your style.” In addition to Lulla’s namesake collections, Chic Tweak also carries favorites such as Chan Luu, Love Quotes, Theodora & Callum and Tilo.

“Tweak your style” online at:

Silky Smooth Wearable Art – Bryony Shearmur

Photo and scarf from the Really Beautiful Things Collection © Bryony Sheamur

A lot of the brands I write about originate from events I attend and the curiosity to learn more.  I went to the Hollywood Style Awards and loved the photographer who took black and white snapshots of attendees and made sure to get her business card.  As I was leaving, I was handed the same card by another individual and all he said was “you should check this out.” Enter Silk by Bryony Shearmur.

Bryony is an artist who has taken her photography to the next level by making it wearable in the form of silk scarves and pocket squares.  Originally from London, she was inspired by the things she loves about LA , thus creating a collection as a tribute.  Since moving to the city in 2001, she had the vision to have her images presented in some type of printable form and silk was the key to bring them to life.

I had the opportunity to meet with Bryony and see firsthand the high quality and uniqueness of her scarves.  I immediately fell in love with these beautiful works of art from cherry blossoms to mustard seeds!  Made of 100% Habotai silk, each scarf is handfinished and signed by Shearmur.  They are definitely making their mark on the fashion industry, with a recent feature on Extra as a holiday gift idea.

These accessories are a great conversation piece and will enhance any outfit you wear, adding a bit of LA captured in a “real” moment.

For more information, go to

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