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Winner! Project Runway “Make It Work” Contest

Back in July right before Project Runway Season 10 started, a contest began on Twitter for anyone to show off their “Make It Work” moment by tweeting a photo to @ProjectRunway and showing off how you pull it off with clothing and/or accessories.  Of course, for those who know me I was definitely going to share how I make any outfit pop with color and it was a matter of which photo I thought would capture that best at the time.  So I chose the image below and sent off my tweet:

The contest ran for 8 weeks and each week a winner was selected.  Well, I am happy to say that I was chosen as the winner for the first week!  I was notified recently that I was selected and just received my prize in the mail which is a pair of glammed out scissors!  I was so excited to hear that I won and Project Runway is one of my favorite shows to watch.

An exact replica of what I got – studded scissors

So what’s next from me?  Perhaps I’ll be a buyer or start designing my own clothes!  Thanks Project Runway and Lifetime for choosing me as a winner!

Project Runway Finale – Dress For Success

© Lifetime/Project Runway

I watched the Project Runway finale last night and thought that the winner would come down to Viktor and Anya.  When he was cut before Joshua, it appeared that Anya was the favorite according to the judges.  When I saw Anya’s first look come down the runway, it was a standout piece and the right way to open the show.  I LOVE dresses and that’s all she made.  The prints she picked were amazing and I would totally rock that whole island look. She definitely has a brand and you would recognize her line instantly.  I feel that makes a true designer, when you can just look up and know who it belongs too.  So in that regard, along with her past designs that were top notch, she should have won.  She has a great eye and even though she doesn’t sew much, which designer does nowadays?  As long as she keeps bringing that vision, I look forward to what comes next.  So congrats to her and I look forward to her bright future!

Project Runway – Less is More

Anya’s Designs for $11.50 and $50 ©Project Runway/Lifetime

In this episode of Project Runway, the designers have to create a modern 70’s look.  The race was on in Mood to find the right fabric that would inspire the theme.  Anya always has a knack for finding tribal, hip prints and being spot on with her creations.  However, she lost her money when it came time to pay.  That’s the worst that could happen.  Fortunately, Anthony Ryan was able to give her the remainder of his cash, which was $11.50.  With that, she made it work.

The designers were nice enough to give her remnants of fabric if she needed it, but Anya used what she bought and muslin to create her first look.  She dyed the muslin top a coral pumpkin color and used the tribal print as the pants.  Her second look allowed her to create a sexy jumpsuit for $50 (and she didn’t lose her money this time).  The judges loved both looks and are impressed with how Anya can turn things around and think quickly in a second.

I love the fact that Anya had less money and was still able to create a look that wowed the judges and gave her the win for this episode!  it just goes to show that in fashion, sometimes the clothing doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can look that way and that’s all that matters.  I have several pieces in my wardrobe that one may think I spent a fortune on, but it’s all about how you put it together to make an outfit and the confidence you have wearing it. 

The lesson learned? Less is sometimes more.

Project Runway Seas 9 Ep 9 – The Clothes Make the Man

PR episode last night was an out-of the-box, never tried before challenge.  Creating a look for the rock band Sheep Dogs that would perform live on the runway was quite the feat.  It appeared that most of the designers struggled with creating the right look or had no experience doing menswear.  As a contestant in this competition, I feel you should be ready for anything and also at least try your hand at creating designs outside of your traditional aesthetic.

Viktor had the only outfit that was image worthy and I still can’t figure out how Bert is still in the competition!  What he created for the lead singer was horrendous and not modern but the judges loved it!  I don’t think the client was excited about it though.  Olivier just complained throughout the whole episode and couldn’t adjust to designing for someone outside of his shape.  And he specializes in menswear?  It was definitely time for him to leave the competition.

In any business, you have to be ready to do things outside of your job description and not be married to it.  What will really shine is your reaction to the action – bring positive traction and you’ll culminate new ideas and a different outlook.

Project Runway, Seas 9 Ep 8: How Well Do You Know Me?

The challenge for the designers to create a look for a male’s significant other based on the interpretation was fun!  It’s always interesting to see what a man thinks their woman would like and how that translates into a design worthy to wow the judges and the client.  I would be curious to see what my boyfriend would tell a designer to make – he knows I love color so that would be a great
start! Let’s take a look at the high scores:


Color is my middle name and Viktor brought it! I love everything about the look, including the hairstyle!  She looks very stylish, and a woman who means business but has a fun side.  The sunglasses and purse probably weren’t needed, but the necklace was a nice piece to add another color pop.

© Project Runway/Lifetime


Even though I am not a huge fan of all black, I love that Joshua made a cute simple dress with an amazing back showcasing the lace
detail and a full twirl skirt. This could easily transform into other colors and sell like hotcakes in the store.  And nice touch to add a turquoise shoe!  I could see Reese Witherspoon wearing this to a movie premiere.

© Project Runway/Lifetime


Anya’s design was the most stylish, and runway ready!  I love this look as well, and Anya has established herself as a unique designer out of the pack.  With the model saying she is inspired to do an art piece from this dress speaks volumes.  Anya always brings her Trini flair to the runway and I look forward to her designs every week.  She is definitely a front runner!

© Project Runway/Lifetime

And now the low scores:


I am surprised Bert is still in the competition.  His designs are both too simple and boring or just plain wack.  Nice tailoring job, but that won’t get you far.

© Project Runway/Lifetime

Anthony Ryan

This design was rather boring and it did look similar to a cheerleading outfit.  Adding polka dots to this and changing the style could have produced a Bettie Paige look.  Luckily he’s still in the competition because he has made some amazing pieces in the past!

© Project Runway/Lifetime


Great color but bad fit.  If Bryce could’ve conceptualized a vision earlier on and stuck with it, he might have created a stunning piece.

© Project Runway/Lifetime

Again, great challenge by Project Runway and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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