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A New Fashion Phase

As I turn a year older this upcoming Sunday, I realize I’ve made some fashion changes, but I’m still sticking to wearing color 365 days of the year!  Many things can evolve over a year, so here is what I’ve noticed:

1.  Neutral Zone – Neutral colors are popping up in my wardrobe more.  I’m buying more whites and grays.  I have colorful shoes, bags and accessories to spice up those looks, so I was already forming visions in my head when I saw and bought this Karen Millen dress! Speaking of shoes, I now have a pair of nude color shoes from Cole Haan.  I never thought I would wear that hue since I’m brown already, but the key is finding the right nude tone for your skin.  Might I add that Cole Haan shoes are very comfortable when mixed with the Nike Air technology for softness?

Ruched jersey dress in heather grey form Karen Millen

Ruched jersey dress in heather grey from Karen Millen

2.  Online Shopping – When you find something in the store that you love but your size isn’t available, check online and you might even get it for a better deal!  I fell in love with a pair of Ann Taylor slim fit jeans and once I went online, the 4th of July sale was in full gear and I ordered them at a low price!  Also, I love websites that allow you to order what you want and pickup in store – thank you Sears!  You take a chance when you order something online and you’re unsure what the sizing is like, but Asos was a hit when I found a dress that fit me perfectly!

3.  Animal Fever – I thought I was done with animal print, but somehow a leopard and tiger print dress have made their way into my closet.

4.  Long Live Dresses – I have over 30 dresses, and that will continue to increase.  If I ever start a clothing line, that’s all I’m going to make.  LA weather is perfect for dresses all year round!

5.  Hold Out – I’ve been searching for that pair of bright yellow jeans for over a year now and finally Ann Taylor came to my rescue.  I’ve tried on many and they just weren’t right.  I held out and got exactly what I wanted. Do not settle for an item that may be similar to what you want, hold out and you will find it!  Now if I could just find a sexy pair of black strappy platform shoes I would be a happy camper – can this two year search end now please?

Ann Taylor jeans in Lemon Fizz

Ann Taylor jeans in Lemon Fizz

6.  Accessorize Me – Belts are a great accessory to add a pop of color around the waist or make something plain a bit more fun.  I purchased a thin neon pink bow belt that looks great with jeans, shorts or a dress.  Can’t wait to wear it! I’m not a big hat wearer, but I couldn’t pass up on this adorable hat with all my fave colors.

7.  The Kid in Me – Everybody knows I love rabbits.  I saw a girl wearing the cutest rabbit shirt and I had to have it!  I tracked it down at Bloomingdales and ordered it to-go.  WildFox is a brand that I now have my eye on, since they made my day!  I have three pairs of koosh ball earrings because I think they are so fun to wear and I also have a pair of studded lip earrings.  Hey, as long as I can get away with it, why not?

Yup, I went there - Koosh ball earrings

Yup, I went there – Koosh ball earrings

8.  If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit – Long gone are the days when I used to squeeze my foot into a size 9 shoe that I loved because there was no size 10.  I prefer comfort over style nowadays, so if that shoe doesn’t fit, I’m not wearing it!  That also goes for any clothing – if it isn’t easy to put on, take off, or if I’m fighting to try and get in it, then it isn’t meant to be.  Let go and let flow.

I’m curious as to what I will be into next, but I love that I am open and embracing new things.  Do you resonate with any of these things?  What styles changes have you made or noticed over the course of a year?  Share below!

My Favorite Store – Crossroads Trading Co.!

La Lu Lame dress from Crossroads Trading Co.

Lu Lu Lame dress from Crossroads Trading Co.

For over 5 years now I’ve been keeping a secret that I am finally going to reveal to my readers – my favorite place to shop!  Maybe it’s not a secret to most if you check my other social sites, but to be sure that we’re all on the same page my absolute #1 shopping destination is Crossroads Trading Co.!

Crossroads Trading Co. is a store where you can buy, sell, or trade clothes!  I discovered this store in Evanston, IL when I started a new job and I must say ever since then I was hooked!  I would come in once a week shopping for anything colorful and eye-catching, while also selling things I felt someone else could make better use of.  The store employees knew my name, and I just loved all the great items I found, especially dresses! I was excited to see that they expanded to Wicker Park and Lincoln Park, which allowed me to see different neighborhood styles.

Fast forward to 2010 and I decided to pack up and move to sunny LA.  One of the first things I did while preparing for my move is seeing if Crossroads was in LA and I was in luck!  With 3 locations in the area, I always gravitate to the Santa Monica location.  Housed near the 3rd St. Promenade, it’s the perfect location mixed in with other fun stores to pop into.

When I enter a Crossroads, the first thing I do is look around at the featured items hanging in the store and then I make a beeline to the dresses section.  Over half of the dresses I own are from Crossroads and I’ve posted most of them on Pinterest.

The best thing about Crossroads to me is I feel like I’m giving back by selling clothes and then doing a trade so I can get credit to buy new things.  It feels like an equal exchange where I don’t feel guilty for shopping!  If you haven’t checked one out yet, don’t waste time, you never know what you may find!

DIY Tips For a Fabulous Event on a Budget – Fun Times!

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Ever since I’ve joined Pinterest, a mad obsession has been created with DIY projects.  I wish I could take a year off and do them all!  I was inspired and even more excited to attend my first DIY event co-hosted by Jessica Garvey of The Hostess Handbook for the Young, Broke and Fabulous and EventBriteLA!

Eventbrite goodies

This interactive session focused on “Tips to Hosting a Fabulous Event on a Budget”, which was the ideal thing for me to attend since I am planning my first event for a September launch!  Held at Rolling Greens, LA’s premier destination for unique garden and home items, the setting was perfect backdrop to get creative and enjoy the company of other DIY Divas while sipping on champagne and cupcakes.  As one of the first 11 attendees, I received some goodies including an Eventbrite tank top, which you can never have enough of and it’s perfect for the hot days of August!

Scrabble Coasters

The room was setup in stations for creating Scrabble coasters, flower pom-poms, Ladybug cheese crackers and a photo booth!  I aimed for the coaster station first, and sat for a few minutes trying to create a saying to make out of Scrabble pieces.  Preferring this over the actual game, my first coaster read, “You Only Live Once.” That’s a motto I live by and what a nice reminder to have on a coaster! Then I thought I should create one that stays true to The Style Goddess brand, in which I came up with “Hues Make Life More Fun.” These were so easy to make and fun for any event!  All you need is Scrabble pieces, glue and you’re good to go! Pleased by my pair of coaster choices, I moved on to the flower pom poms.

A flower by any other name is a flower pom-pom!

Anything poofy and colorful catches my eye, so I was curious and anxious to see how to make one of these decorative pieces.  Another easy assembly with 8 sheets of tissue paper, ribbon and scissors, I will now be a flower pom-pom machine!  Just fold the tissue paper accordion style, tie the ribbon over the paper in the center, and cut the edges in a half moon or whatever shape you’d like. Pull apart the paper at the edges, fan and fluff out and you’ve got a flower pom-pom!  I love how the photo I took looks like a real flower in a bed of leaves.  This gave me a major decorating idea for my event and will easily keep me within budget!

DIY Photo Booth fun!

No party is a party without a photo booth!  If you’re on a budget you can create one yourself by taking some colored tape and making a boxed area on the ground where the photos will be taken, buy some props from the 99cent store, use a Polaroid camera and snap away!  Personalize the photos by making labels with your event name on it and stick it once ready!  Just when you thought you had to rent out some fancy machine you can now do it this way.  Can it get any better than this?

Ladybug Crackers

Making cute party snacks for an event is always the way to go.  Munching on ladybug cheese crackers using grape tomatoes, crackers, olives, cheese spread and grass leaves equals an eye-catching treat that can’t be beat!  Just spread the cheese on the cracker, cut a grape tomato in half and place on top of the cheese, dye some of the cheese spread black to add dots on top of the tomatoes, then place an olive in front of the tomatoes while adding 2 grass leaves inside.  Don’t let it crawl away, grab it and enjoy!

Me and Jessica Garvey of The Hostess Handbook

Me and Leila of EventbriteLA

I had such a wonderful time with these DIY projects and meeting other DIY Divas!  A fabulous event that was well attended and created an experience for all to enjoy.  Thank you Jessica, Leila of Eventbrite and Rolling Greens for a job well done!

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