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The Color Goddess of Hair – Interview with Kiyah Wright

Clairol Professional Celebrity Colorist Kiyah Wright

Hair color is another form of self-expression and adds a “pop” to your overall look. That’s probably the only part of me that hasn’t seen a hue outside of black!  When I do decide to take that leap, I will most likely reach out to Clairol Professional Celebrity Colorist Kiyah Wright, who has hair coloring and extensions down to a science! Coming fresh off the Bronner Bros. Convention in Atlanta, I had the opportunity to get the scoop on this fashion forward, hair artist.

1. Congratulations on hosting an education seminar on hair color and extensions at the Bronner Bros. Convention!  What did attendees have the opportunity to learn from you?

I showcased the fun color trends from summer that are transitioning into fall, and revealed how to add color without compromising the integrity of your hair with tips on how to keep your hair healthy in the interim.

2. How should someone with natural hair ease into color?

Starting out gradually is best. Resist the urge to go up higher than five levels and then see how  the hair responds over the next 4-6 months with weekly deep conditioning treatments and less use of heat tools.

3.  What color do you love on your own hair?  Is there a color you haven’t tried yet but want to?

I personally love Clairol Professional because it’s a household name that is easy to find in stores, simple to use, and best of all, gentle on ethnic hair. I have had pretty much every hair color in the book!

4. How do extensions help your hair?

Extensions really help to give your hair a break from hot tools, relaxers and hair color. Most of all, it really helps women to stay healthy because they’re not as deterred from going to the gym. They can curl the extension hair every day after working out without worrying about breakage.

5. What do you enjoy most about being a hair stylist?

I love having the ability to change someone’s life for the better- it’s that serious. Most of the time, when people want to make a change, they start with their hair. It brings me so much joy to see my clients leave my chair happy.

6. Describe your Muze|Hair line.  How did you come up with the name?

I came up with the name Muze because I feel I have been an inspiration to a lot of people, and most of all, because my clients have really inspired me by allowing me to be creative.  That’s huge for me and I hold them with high regard.

7. What are some of the hottest hair trends right now?

Hair color, extensions, and shaving the sides of the head in some style.

8. Which hair tool and product is a must have?

My flat iron and leave-in conditioner!

9. Do you feel hair and fashion intersect?

Hair can’t stand alone without fashion. I just hosted a “Summer Solstice” event which met at the     intersection of beauty and fashion because it’s all about the total look. The hair, makeup and clothing create the entire package.

10. How did you build your celebrity clientele?

P. Diddy got me started! I worked with his artists. But I really feel it was my passion and tremendous love for hair that kept me current in the industry.

11.  In your opinion, what is the future of hair?

The future of hair is forever evolving. Every season, fashion dictates the direction of hair and as long as fashion evolves, so will hair.

12.  What are you most proud of during you career span in hair styling?

Winning two Emmys was an amazing accomplishment for me! I’m also very proud of being able to make a real career out of hairstyling.

13.  If you weren’t a hair stylist, what would you be doing?

I would probably pursue management of artists, such as musicians or other creative people.

14.  What separates you from all other celebrity hair stylists?

I think my attention to detail and having a tremendous love and attention for being a dedicated  hair stylist.  This is my career and I try to be a leader and teacher- this is a gift from above.

15.  What advice would you give someone that wants to become a hair stylist?

Find your niche in hairstyling and excel at it!

16.  What are 3 important hair tips everyone should know?

  • For ethnic hair, be sure to sleep on a pillow case.
  • Consult your stylist before coloring your own hair.
  • Condition your hair regularly.

About Kiyah Wright

Clairol Professional is thrilled to have two-time Emmy Award-winning celebrity hair stylist and colorist Kiyah Wright on board in her most recent role as a celebrity colorist for the professional haircolor brand. Kiyah’s hair genius not only sets precedent for image-making, but redefines the appearance of sexy, successful, and confident women. Kiyah is a fashion powerhouse with expertise ranging from signature hair designs to overall beauty transformations. As a charismatic visionary, she established her mark in the industry and continues to inspire with cutting edge developments and groundbreaking achievements. She aims to bring awareness and knowledge to the proper care of “blended” or textured hair, and believes that “behind every gorgeous celebrity is a fabulous hair stylist.”

As a teenager, Kiyah met entertainment mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs and quickly found herself at the hub of a life-changing experience when “Diddy” gave her her big break. Having developed her natural talent at the early age of 14, Kiyah quickly mastered the arts of style, color, cuts, hair weaving and full imaging and has since gone on to work with top artists such as Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, Tyra Banks, Iman, Brandy, Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Hudson, Kerry Washington and Taraji P. Henson.

Kiyah’s work is frequently featured on-camera on hit television shows such as The Tyra Show, America’s Next Top Model, America’s Got Talent, and BET’s “My Black Is Beautiful.” She also made guest appearances on Style Her Famous, Shear Genius, MTV’s “Hired” and frequently provides hair and beauty tips on AOL” Daily Solutions” webisodes. Kiyah’s work is celebrated in the editorial world and can be seen in Glamour, Vanity Fair, Elle, Essence and Vogue, and when not on-set, she works with a loyal client base at the highly celebrated Warren-Tricomi Salon in Los Angeles.

 Kiyah’s diverse clientele reflects her impeccable ability to reveal and effectively translate a woman’s beauty, inside and out.

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