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Holding Out Until It’s Perfect

I recently decided to downsize my handbags to small purses/clutches.  I created a list of exactly what I wanted, which were specific colors to complement my wardrobe.  I was on the hunt for a hot pink, yellow, black, orange and cherry red clutch.  I have combed all over LA trying to find the perfect ones in the right color and I have always came close, but no cigar.  I didn’t want to settle for less, so I held out until I found exactly what I was looking for with 100% satisfaction.  It finally happened when I took my first trip to Camarillo Premium Outlets.

On a whim, my friend contacted me last Saturday to accompany her to this shopping wonderland.  Having never set foot on an outlet mall since I moved to LA, I was excited because it was a Premium Outlets brand I was familiar with where I always score the best deals!  When we arrived, I noticed that it was a huge outdoor mall separated in 3 sections which is recommended to drive to each one. 

I hit the ground running and immediately found the “it” clutches in the outlets Nine West and Wilsons Leather.  Everything was on sale and I was giddy with joy at finally finding the perfect accessory to multiple outfits!  I ended up getting a black, silver, and coral purse.  I also was able to purchase 2 long sleeve light jersey cardigans and a beautiful long sweater cardigan from 2b bebe.  I was a woman on a mission!

Even though I didn’t get all the colors I wanted in clutches, it was a great start to building my collection. I didn’t compromise and I held onto the vision I had of the purses I wanted.  When shopping, that’s what we should always do instead of buying something that is not “the one”.  Don’t settle for less and go for the best.  That is what will have you stand out with your style!


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