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Project Runway Season 11 Premiere – Together Everyone Achieves More

Season 11 of Project Runway has arrived and it snuck up on me. I must’ve got caught up with other shows like Scandal to forget, but I’m back on track now. Before watching the episodes, I took the liberty to review past work from the designers to make early picks of who I will have my eye on. Samantha, Kate, Layana, Richard, Stanley were my favorites, but how did they fair in the first episode?

The first challenge was to create a look inspired by New York. That should be easy – New York has inspiration everywhere! The twist this season is the designers were split into 2 teams and judging would be based on selecting one team as a winner and the other a loser. From there they would pick a sole challenge winner and one to send home.

The team names were Keeping it Real and Dream Team. From the jump it appeared that the stronger designers were on Keeping it Real and Dream Team had a mix. One thing about groups is that you have to work together to win and that’s an upside, but everyone’s look should blend and standout. Some people will get saved by having their team “win” when their look should be on the chopping block. Case and point, Joseph.

I’m going to keep it real for you Joseph since nobody on your team would – this looks like a hippie housedress. Nothing about this screams New York.

Joseph's Look

Joseph’s Look

Layana, I’ve seen this dress many times before. Cool idea for the back, but the dress doesn’t seem to fit well in the bust area. Watch out for that and hopefully your teammates will give you more feedback.

Layana's Look

Layana’s Look

Amanda, what happened? This look is way too simple and I could probably find something similar at Forever 21. You gotta step it up twofold!

Amanda's Look

Amanda’s Look

Now there were some looks that I loved on Keeping it Real, and I agree with the judges selections of Patricia, Daniel and Richard, but Stanley could’ve been in the top 3 as well. I would’ve chosen Patricia as the winner with her unique take on the buildings, hand painting the shapes, and adding a pop of blue as a backdrop behind the flaps. It gives great movement and the look of the model is on point from head to toe. Is it me or does the model look like Christy Turlington’s daughter?

Patricia's Look - My Fave!

Patricia’s Look – My Fave!

Now onto Dream Team. There wasn’t much of a wow factor in this group. I feel bad because a lot of the looks were mediocre. It was a tossup as to who was going home, but James look was just bad. Kmart could produce something better than that!

James's Look

James’s Look

Cindy’s fabric was very animalistic, and maybe she could’ve created something magnificent, but the dress along with that checkered piece was hideous. The cut of the straps were way too thick and she even said this look didn’t represent her. Then why did you do it?


Cindy’s Look

Poor Emily, she seemed like she had all these great ideas, but couldn’t pick one and focus on it enough to make a full garment, so she made this. It was very thrown together and the result of someone who maybe was under too much pressure and had given up. I guess the youngest does get eliminated early in this show.

Emily's Look

Emily’s Look

I noticed Michael Kors was missing from judging, I hope it is temporary. Zac Posen is cool, but I’ve gotten used to Michael’s Korisms. The battle is on as the show continues! I know not all will be friendly on both teams, but they should work together to win.

Project Runway All Stars, Ep 3

The challenge this week was to design a dress for Miss Piggy to wear on the red carpet.  I don’t have much to say about the episode except that I don’t agree with who won nor who got eliminated.

Michael and Rami were the high scorers for this challenge and I agree with that selection.  Michael’s outfit looks amazing and Rami’s is fun and fabulous.  Even though I prefer Michael’s, the comments made by the judges led me to believe that Rami was the clear winner.  What happened?  I thought Miss Piggy would have the final word and apparently that wasn’t the case or she changed her mind.  Kudos to Michael for making another stellar dress!

The lowest scorers were Gordana and Mila.  Comments were made about Gordana’s dress having a lingerie feel and I can see that, but I must say it is way better than Mila’s mod colorblock dress.  Mila decided that when making this dress she wanted to keep it the design her style and not take into consideration the client’s needs, which was Miss Piggy.  Mila should’ve been eliminated on that premise alone.  Hello, when you get a client that wants you to design a dress for them you have some say, but they pay you to make what they like not what you feel like making.  Gordana was eliminated instead but she will do just fine.

Project Runway Finale – Dress For Success

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I watched the Project Runway finale last night and thought that the winner would come down to Viktor and Anya.  When he was cut before Joshua, it appeared that Anya was the favorite according to the judges.  When I saw Anya’s first look come down the runway, it was a standout piece and the right way to open the show.  I LOVE dresses and that’s all she made.  The prints she picked were amazing and I would totally rock that whole island look. She definitely has a brand and you would recognize her line instantly.  I feel that makes a true designer, when you can just look up and know who it belongs too.  So in that regard, along with her past designs that were top notch, she should have won.  She has a great eye and even though she doesn’t sew much, which designer does nowadays?  As long as she keeps bringing that vision, I look forward to what comes next.  So congrats to her and I look forward to her bright future!

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