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The Color Blind Holiday

Would you wear this after Labor Day?

Labor Day is here and many fashionistas ask themselves a daunting question -Should I wear white after Labor Day? The answer to that is yes to the 10th degree!  Whoever started this trend of not wearing white after this holiday should step into 2011.  Living in LA, I will wear white all year round since the weather accommodates it.  If I was in Chicago in the winter I would wear some white, but not all white unless I am attending a white party.  Even then, you would want to add a pop of color to break things up like red shoes, a yellow necklace, a royal blue bag, etc.  To me, seasons don’t define the colors I wear, my mood does.  Most likely my mood will call for anything bright, which includes white.

Should we throw a party that celebrates wearing white after September 5th so people aren’t afraid to step out in what they wish in their hearts to wear versus what society limits them to?  Heck yeah!  Let’s start with Fashion Night Out on September 8th -wear white and wear it bright, no matter what item it is on your body and be proud of it!

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