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My Lucky FABB Experience

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Photo Credit: Getty Images and Stacy Gardner

On Thursday, April 4th, I had the opportunity to attend the Lucky Magazine Fashion and Beauty Conference, or Lucky FABB.  What an exciting event to attend!

Presented by P&G Grooming, this was the 2nd Annual FABB West and the first blogger event of its kind, curating an elite group of digital fashion, beauty, technology and celebrity leaders along with influential advertisers to the blogger community.  Held at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, it was the perfect location for bloggers to commune, network, learn and show off their spring style!  It was a two day event, but I was only able to attend the first day which was an honor!

The day was filled with a series of panels featuring industry insiders such as Hillary Kerr (Founder, Who What Wear), Emily Schuman (Blogger, Cupcakes and Cashmere), and Gillian Gorman (Lucky GM, SVP).  Speakers included Drew Barrymore, Kelly Osbourne and Betsey Johnson, who gave us a sneak peek at her new Style Network show.  Some of the agenda topics covered were: “Diversifying Your Content,” “The Tools You Need to Grow Your Business,” “Creating a Voice of Authority,” “Pitch Fest,” and “The Business of Blogging.”

There was a lot of valuable information shared throughout the day and I definitely was taking notes because I wanted to learn about ways to make my blog better. Here are some of the thoughts that stuck with me:

  1. To expand into new content for your blog, ask your audience what they want to see – they’re the ones reading what you write and tuning in, so why not go to the source?
  2. Share your content on all the social media platforms you have a presence on.  You have might have different audiences on each one, so spread it across so you don’t miss a beat.
  3. If you dedicate yourself to a social media platform, be consistent with your content!  If you fall off for a while, readers may begin to wonder what happen and unfollow you.  Fuel them with something at least once a day!
  4. To impress a brand, think like a marketer (what brands would fit in on your front page?), pre-introduce yourself (ex. If you mention them in a post, let the brand know), Show them you can drive traffic, and be open to new ideas!
  5. It’s not about the number of followers you have, it’s about how engaged you are!
  6. To create a voice of authority, be authentic, declare yourself an authority and show it, do 3 things really well and focus on promoting those 3 things, shut out the noise!

We were well fed, and we had breaks to go check out P&G Beauty products, take photos for Lucky FABB and continue to mingle.

I met a lot of wonderful fellow bloggers including Javone Armada, Romy Raves, Jennifer Chan, The Recessionista and Always Stylish Mama!

The night ended with an intimate cocktail party with the Lucky May cover star Drew Barrymore and her product line Flower Beauty on display.  Drew is such a sweetheart and so easy to chat with!

Overall, I had an awesome time and can’t wait until the next one.  In the next few months I’ll be making some changes to my blog and hopefully will be launching my event!  I think Lucky should definitely have more of these on the West coast and allow for even more bloggers to attend!

SAG Awards – Best Dressed

Viola Davis is my top fave and steps out in true Style Goddess grace.  Can Marchesa do no wrong?  The most amazing gown designer hands down!

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