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My RocksBox Experience

I love jewelry.  If I don’t have any on I can’t leave the house.  I’m always on the hunt for unique, fun pieces, so when I heard about RocksBox I was intrigued and wanted to learn more!

RocksBox is a jewelry subscription service where you can receive 3 pieces of jewelry, wear them as long as you want, and then return them for a new batch of jewelry.  It’s the Netflix of the jewelry world! Loving that I would always have the opportunity to wear different jewelry frequently I signed up for the $19 monthly option.

The first step is to fill out a survey so your jewelry curator knows what to pick out for you from their select designers.  I took the survey and the key things for me are silver, bold and colorful options.  I like necklaces, earrings and bracelets and earrings are my number one go-to accessory.

My RocksBox package - nicely done!

My RocksBox package – nicely done!

Within 3 days of signing up my first box arrived and the anticipation of what could be in there was running wild.  It came in a nice box with a bow, and gifts like that are always fun to open.  Here is what I got and my thoughts:

UrbanGem Outburst Necklace in Rainforest

UrbanGem Necklace

UrbanGem Necklace

I love wearing statement necklaces and when I saw this UrbanGem necklace I loved the style, but the colors weren’t as vibrant as shown in the photo.  I wanted something with a little more pop, and I tried hard to find something to wear this with in my wardrobe.  I do give them points for keeping it in the silver family.

Lotus Jewelry Studio Petal Necklace

Lotus Jewelry Studio Petal Necklace

Lotus Jewelry Studio Petal Necklace

I was not expecting to get 2 necklaces, so when I saw this Lotus Jewelry Studio necklace, I was disappointed.  It is simple enough to wear with many things, but it wasn’t what I was looking for.  Again, glad that it was silver!

Gorjana Chaplin Bracelet

Gorjana Chaplin bracelet

Gorjana Chaplin bracelet

My third piece was this Gorjana Chaplin bracelet.  I requested chunky bracelets, so this was not what I was expecting.  It’s a dainty simple accessory that I almost thought wouldn’t fit my arm.  Glad it’s silver, but no cigar.

Overall, my first RocksBox did not meet my expectations based on the survey I took. They do provide a comment card where you can rate the jewelry and state what you would like in the next one. I stated that I want bright, colorful, silver bold jewelry and I look forward to seeing that in the next box.  I also like that they include information on each piece so you can learn more about what you are wearing.  I applaud them for this fun and savvy concept, but the style survey should serve as a clear representation of what one wants.

Stay tuned for a review of my next box!


Anthropologie Crush!

On my day off on Wednesday, I decided to stroll around 3rd St. Promenade.  One store I stopped into is Anthropologie.  I must say I love the unique clothing they bring into their store!  They offer so many colorful options it’s crazy.  2 things I am crushing on right now:

Lacepaint dress by Hunter Dixon.  $228 at Anthropologie

Lacepaint dress by Hunter Dixon. $228 at Anthropologie

Hunter Dixon dress

As soon as my eye caught this dress I wanted to try it on.  It was so eye catching, feminine, and yelling SPRING!  I would pair this with silver pumps, pearl earrings or silver simple earrings. You can wear this to a wedding, brunch or even a baby shower.  I wasn’t familiar with who Hunter Dixon is, but then I saw she is a current contestant on Fashion Star.  I hope she wins!

Rafe Tote

I love the colors on this tote! It’s perfect for the weekend, the beach or a mini getaway!

Rafe tote, Anthropologie

Rafe tote, Anthropologie

Both of these would spice up any look and the key is to have these as the focal point since they are both busy prints.  Enjoy these looks and if you buy them feel free to share your looks!

Jewelry Made in Earth

Made in Earth rings in the storefront window that lured me in!

As I continue to explore LA and all the interesting neighborhoods that surround me, I always come across a unique gem of a store that inspires me to share it with my readers.  One day I was strolling down Abbott Kinney when I stopped in front of a beautiful jewelry store that had various colorful pieces in the window.  That’s all I needed for me to walk in and check out what else there was to offer at Made in Earth.  Little did I know that what I walked into was a floor of sand surrounded by illuminating stones.

Inside Made in Earth where the floor is all sand – quite unique

A notice at the entrance informing you of a sand-filled floor, and flip flops for your convenience

Made in Earth was founded by Bunny Bedi, who was inspired by the beauty of nature and vast array of colors and patterns where his designs are all about gemstones.  Established in Australia in 1999, Bunny has developed a strong reputation for high-quality gemstone jewelry and opened the flagship gallery in Venice in June 2011.  Fitting perfectly with the beach vibe, the sand on the floor was welcomed and you can even borrow a pair of flip flops to browse around the store.  There were so many lovely pieces and I enjoy his sense of fusing color into mostly everything!

Ruby Zoisite Pendant

One of my favorite pieces

There is meaning behind some of the stones (ex. Stone of meditation) and each one is so beautiful to look at even better to wear.  There are great pieces for a red carpet look, everyday wear, or for that special occasion where you want to “bring out the pearls.”  For a one-of-a kind experience, I suggest you check out Made in Earth and enjoy all the colorful gemstones and sand in your toes.

Rock out in Glam with Monica Matocha

Collection of Monica Matocha designs

When you’re in one part of the entertainment business, it’s natural to be in other facets of it.  Monica Matocha fills those roles well as a music artist, dancer and jewelry designer!  A triple threat to the business., this savvy 20 year old has a hit song she wrote called “Impostor” that has garnered her over 100,00 views on Youtube and thousands of fans on Facebook.  She has a unique voice and the ability to express herself without a filter.  Not only can she bring us melodious vibes, she also makes jewelry!

Layering effect, Monica Matocha Jewelry

As a way to help fund her music career, Monica creates bracelets with the glam rock star in mind.  She’ll have arm parties featuring her bracelets which showcase her love of fashion and bringing her own style for her look in the music business.  A big part of Monica’s style is layering; she knows how to combine vintage and modern pieces in both her style and her music. Her latest novelties include lava beads, bone bracelets and contemporary bullet necklaces. Monica even puts her faith into her handmade jewelry, turning the traditional rosary chic.  My favorite pieces are the Black Cross bracelet and the bullet necklace which can both add that glam rock edge you desire!

Check out all Monica has to offer and my readers can get a special discount on some of her popular jewelry pieces here until July 31st:

Summertime & Accessorizing is Easy

When it comes to adding the final touch to an outfit, accessorizing can make all the difference. Summertime is here and it’s even easier to accentuate your look with jewelry of all types and colors. I came across some new jewelry designers you should definitely put on your radar and add to your collection!

REBECCA Jewelry – Skulls
Headed to a concert or want to add some edge to your look? REBECCA jewelry has the perfect skull inspired pieces from her Manhattan Collection to make you rock out! Made in Italy, REBECCA is internationally renowned for its trend setting, high-end fashion jewelry. Alessandro Testi created the Rebecca collection by utilizing a proprietary 18-karat gold plating process, semiprecious gems and innovative designs. I love the touch of color added onto the earrings and the bling on the skulls. Any of this jewelry would look great with a leather jacket paired with jeans and a silky top!

View the collection:

Charme Silkiner – Colorful Bliss

Whether you’re looking for the perfect pieces to dazzle at that summer fete, or looking to accessories your beach day ensemble, Charme Silkiner offers a comprehensive line of necklaces, bracelets and earrings in a variety of price points, perfect for every event on the summer calendar.

The Charme Silkiner collection integrates precious and semi-precious gemstones with quality craftsmanship to deliver stunning statement pieces that will have heads turning from Fourth of July through Labor Day and beyond! Each piece of Charme Silkiner jewelry is made by hand in her South Carolina studio. Her distinct collections showcase eye-catching gemstones with exceptional elegance; an orchestration of color, texture, movement and luminosity come together in gifted precision.

View the Collection:

Dalla Nonna – Vintage City

Dalla nonna, which means “from the grandmother” in Italian, is a jewelry line designed by Rebecca Richards and Jess Bohrer. It is inspired by vintage pieces passed down from their mothers and grandmothers. This unique collection can be worn daily for those who like a signature piece to wear all the time or for a vintage feel.  Some of their most popular pieces are below:

View the collection:

The Calendar Necklace is their signature piece, and Hilary Duff wears one that commemorates the birthday of her son.

The little letter collection is for people who want something more delicate but still meaningful. Charlize Theron wears a “j” necklace for her baby.

The newest collection, the portafortuna collection, means good luck. Kourtney Kardashian has not taken off her hoops in weeks, Emily VanCamp and Zoe Saldana are fans of the stacking rings, and Emma Stone wears the studs.

Now that you’re all set for summer with different options of jewelry to pair with your outfits. Enjoy and don’t hold back from accessorizing!

Celebrities Step up Their Style with Anna Beck

Recently I wrote a post about Anna Beck and her lovely jewelry line and it has been spotted from coast to coast!

On the West Coast, the EXTRA crew steps up their style!! Maria Menounos wore the Anna Beck Gili Wire Rimmed Chandelier Earrings in gold while filming EXTRA at The Grove in Los Angeles on Tuesday, June 5th.












Anna Beck Gili Wire Rimmed Chandelier Earrings – $200.00

On the East Coast, Anna Beck has also been spotted on the leading Broadcast ladies recently including Katie Couric!







Timor Twisted Band Ring – $250.00

 Timor Large Twisted Cuff – $575.00

Gili Large Wire Rimemd Teardrop Chandelier Earrings – $338.00


Anna Beck Jewelry, Bali Style

My accessory collection will continue to grow as long as I discover new designers with unique pieces.  Animal motif jewelry is a hot trend right now and I recently discovered Anna Beck who has some of the cutest animal necklaces along with some other items I would love to add to my collection!

Anna Beck Designs is a line of handcrafted accessories from Bali.  The pieces are crafted using the mastered old-age art of jewelry making techniques.  Each piece of the collection is layered with tiny gold or silver disks, with each disk of precious metal individually cut and affixed to the metal base.  The unusual style is a signature technique used by ancient Balinese, giving Anna Beck’s jewelry a true piece of Bali in each design.

Anna Beck’s designs have gained a following of customers, transcending age with it’s classic style.  Each piece is designed to be timeless and interplay off of other pieces in the collection to allow for layering or simplistic statement pieces.

Designs are driven from the lands of Bali where Anna Beck’s head designer, Becky Hosmer, resides. The brand aims to support the community that has inspired the line.  Every piece purchased donates a percentage to Bumi Sehat, which translates to “healthy mother earth”.

Bumi Sehat is a women’s clinic in Bali that operates solely on donations. Bumi Sehat provides Balinese with health and emergency care services as well as community, environmental and educational programs.

View the collection at:
Price Range: $175- 600

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