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InStyle for NineWest Launch

Time to start Spring on the right foot!

Today, two of my favorite brands, InStyle and NineWest are launching the new InStyle for Nine West collection! It will launch in Nine West’s Los Angeles locations as well as on, and all U.S. boutiques.

Here are a few key facts:

·         This collection is a continuation of the most successful partnership to date for Nine West

·         9W♥InStyle represents the first editor-designed partnership that combines the industry insight of InStyle’s fashion editors with Nine West’s footwear and accessories expertise.

·         Following the success of the 9W♥InStyle capsule collection in Fall 2013 (which resulted in a 90% sell-through), InStyle and Nine West have expanded the limited-edition collaboration into a complete accessories collection.

The Statement Cuff

The Statement Cuff

Portfolio Clutch in Blue, $149

Portfolio Clutch in Blue

·         For the first time, the collection will feature a fashion-forward cuff ($88) and portfolio clutch ($129) that further allows consumers to effortlessly integrate runway inspired trends into their everyday wardrobe.

The Alia's in Red

The Aila pump in Red

·         Priced from $79 – $109, the Spring 2014 footwear offers a sophisticated approach to the season’s shoe must-haves; incorporating editorial touches such as elevated heel heights, seasonal colors and premium materials. Joining the 18 shoe styles this season is fall’s standout silhouette, the Gamin pump, which has been revamped and updated for Spring 2014.

·         Due to the retail success of the original capsule collection (previously limited to select Nine West locations in the US and Canada), 9W♥InStyle will be introduced to all domestic Nine West doors and in select international markets including Turkey, Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom.

·         InStyle will include a 12 page editorial styling booklet in their April issue featuring expert tips and guidelines from InStyle’s editors to inspire consumers and fashion enthusiasts alike to “shop like an editor”

I’m sure this collection will be flying off the walls, so check it out now and be in style!

California Gift Show

In merchandising, there is always the search for a new hot item to sell in your store.  You want to keep on the pulse of what you think consumers will buy and entice them to come back for more.  The California Gift Show is the destination where buyers can get a taste of what’s new, next, and defines the Cali lifestyle.

I attended the show for the first time and I was overwhelmed by the amount of things I wanted to purchase!  With exhibits in the LA Mart and the LA Convention Center, I had a lot of ground to cover in 2 hours.  I had to keep focused and search for products that were unique and fitting for fashion-minded retailers.  Here are my top picks:

Ice Aid Vintage Style Ice Bags

Ice Aid Vintage Ice Pack

When you need an ice pack, don’t pick up the Ziploc bag with ice or the medical version.  Instead opt for one of these cute vintage style ice bags!  Offered in several eye-catching designs, there’s one for everyone and you’ll look more chic nursing that bump on your knee. This product would perfect for stores that sell gifts and novelties, such as Kitson or Urban Outfitters.

Glam Ears & Glam Mat


It has happened to us all – we’re curling our hair and accidentally burn our ear.  You would think the mirror would help as you concentrate and make the perfect curl, but even tilting your head to the side won’t suffice.  Say goodbye to ear burns and hello to GlamEars!  GlamEars are silicone shields to protect your ears from burns and hair coloring.  These reusable, heat-resistant, life-savers are so comfortable you will forget you have them on!

Now that your ears are covered, where do you put your curling iron when you’re done? I like to sit on the carpet and do my hair in front of a long mirror, but I’ve made the mistake of laying the curling iron on the carpet which leaves behind an ugly burn.  With the GlamMat, I can keep my carpet and countertop damage free!  This 5.4” x 9” silicone mat holds more than one styling tool and is specifically designed to disperse heat away from any surface it’s placed on.

Featured on the Today Show and InStyle magazine, both items were created with the glam girl in mind – durable, decorative and designer inspired.  Any hair salon would benefit from having these products in their store, and I’m sure clients would be interested in buying them as well!

Hobo International

Hobo International June Bag, Spring 2012 Collection

My new obsession is purses.  I feel like I need one in every color to complement my print-heavy wardrobe!  When I entered the Hobo International booth, I saw the next bag I wanted to add to my collection – the June bag.

A preview from the Spring 2012 line, I was immediately drawn to this color block creation which had 2 of my favorite colors, pink and yellow.  Known as the original hobo bag company, the entire collection has different styles and colors to satisfy all types.

Veritas Beauty

Being pampered is a necessity in life and I am always excited about new products I discover that keep me refreshed and rejuvenated.  Veritas (True) Beauty celebrates the unifying languages all over the world while encouraging each of us to embrace the diverse qualities that make us unique, powerful, and so very beautiful inside and out!  In turn, this cutting edge company has created a line of shower gels, body scrubs, lotions, shampoo conditioner combos and body mists that are culturally rich and decadently diverse.  For ages 8 and up, there is a Swahili, Spanish, French and Chinese line with the most amazing scents.  This is a new company on the scene, but after the fantastic hand scrub and lotion treatment I got I’m sure they will be a household name soon!

Overall, this was a fun expo to attend and I can’t wait to go next year!  Innovation at its best, the California Gift Show is a calendar topper.

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