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Olivari Accessories – Trendy By Design

Every girl wants to be on trend and some do so without even trying.  Accessories can complete a look and that becomes the eye-catching piece to pull the outfit together.  With an Olivari accessory in hand, there is no need to worry about either!

Olivari Accessories is the premiere collection of designer Lisa Thompson.  As a true Angeleno, Lisa is honored to launch her handbag collection which highlights tradition and modernity that effortlessly showcases a cohesive, ‘classic-with-an-edge’ appeal.  Made from some of the finest materials, the collection offers handbags, clutches, belts and cross body bags designed for women who are on trend, but not necessarily trendy.  Color options vary from neutrals to neons, and all of them can easily be worn from day to night.  Quality and beauty are important to the “Olivari” woman who is the career go-getter, the college student or even the hip mom!

Lisa started designing things when she was a teen in the 80’s and the idea for Olivari Accessories came about when she got many compliments on a bag and belt she made for freelance gig on a movie set.  Inspiration for her designs come from the myraid cultures, eclectic styles and personalities that make California what it is and the west coast provides so much of that.

Two of my top picks from the Fall 2013 collection are the Chrissie bag in Midnight Blue and the Peyton bag in Taupe.  They both can be worn with jeans, a dress for a night on the town, or strutting into work!

Chrissie bag in Midnight Blue from the Fall 2013 Collection

Chrissie bag in Midnight Blue from the Fall 2013 Collection

Peyton bag in Taupe from the Fall 2013 Collection

Peyton bag in Taupe from the Fall 2013 Collection

Another fave I have to mention is the Peyton Croc top bag in Aqua from the Spring 2013 collection.  Hey who says you can’t have a super bright pop of color in the Fall?  For those who know me and my love for color, I would wear this chic piece all year round!

Peyton bag in Aqua from the Spring 2013 Collection - Would I wear this now- YES!

Peyton Croc top bag in Aqua from the Spring 2013 Collection – Would I wear this now- YES!

Price points range from $200-$600.  To see the entire collection, go to

Donatienne – Color Your Life with Handbags

Summer is a time to bring out as many bright hues as you can from head to toe.  Not only does that go for clothing, but same rules apply for accessories, including handbags.  I just got introduced to the handbag line Donatienne, which is a great, colorful collection!  Designed by Los Angeles native Nikki Erwin, these bags are versatile, vibrantly colored, and work from day to night. They are also a favorite of many celebrities, including Blake Lively, Cameron Diaz, Gisele Bundchen and Erin Heatherton. 

Donatienne Camille clutch in neon pink (also comes in mustard, blue, black & neon green)

The premiere collection debuted in 2011 and the sophomore collection is now available.  Both offer modern styles in the brands signature vivid color scheme.  From clutches to satchels to shoulder bags, there is something for everyone in a color you want. That’s one of the best things about her line is that multiple colors are available and I know many of you need certain colors for certain looks! Also, there is a limited number of each bag which makes you more unique if you can get one!  Donatienne is sold at Madison stores throughout Los Angeles and online at

Holding Out Until It’s Perfect

I recently decided to downsize my handbags to small purses/clutches.  I created a list of exactly what I wanted, which were specific colors to complement my wardrobe.  I was on the hunt for a hot pink, yellow, black, orange and cherry red clutch.  I have combed all over LA trying to find the perfect ones in the right color and I have always came close, but no cigar.  I didn’t want to settle for less, so I held out until I found exactly what I was looking for with 100% satisfaction.  It finally happened when I took my first trip to Camarillo Premium Outlets.

On a whim, my friend contacted me last Saturday to accompany her to this shopping wonderland.  Having never set foot on an outlet mall since I moved to LA, I was excited because it was a Premium Outlets brand I was familiar with where I always score the best deals!  When we arrived, I noticed that it was a huge outdoor mall separated in 3 sections which is recommended to drive to each one. 

I hit the ground running and immediately found the “it” clutches in the outlets Nine West and Wilsons Leather.  Everything was on sale and I was giddy with joy at finally finding the perfect accessory to multiple outfits!  I ended up getting a black, silver, and coral purse.  I also was able to purchase 2 long sleeve light jersey cardigans and a beautiful long sweater cardigan from 2b bebe.  I was a woman on a mission!

Even though I didn’t get all the colors I wanted in clutches, it was a great start to building my collection. I didn’t compromise and I held onto the vision I had of the purses I wanted.  When shopping, that’s what we should always do instead of buying something that is not “the one”.  Don’t settle for less and go for the best.  That is what will have you stand out with your style!

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