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Lucinda Ellery Hair Consultancy – Strand by Strand Excellence

Me and Lucinda Ellery

Hair is our crowning glory and can help make or break our day.  It puts the rest of our body in place and is the finishing touch to our look.  We all want to look our best, and Lucinda Ellery can definitely help in that department, since if she sees you, she will ask to touch your hair.

Lucinda Ellery is not your average hairstylist, but a hair restoration specialist.  Her business, Lucinda Ellery Consultancy, has specialized in this field for over 25 years.  She offers hair loss solutions and hair extension services to women who suffer from different types of hair loss conditions, including hair pulling, alopecia and cancer.  She is also accredited with developing the popular Intralace System™.  The goal is to work on the whole woman by empowering them, making them feel complete, and restoring them with beautiful, fabulous hair.

Lucinda Ellery Consultancy Hair Salon in Beverly Hills

The waiting/lounge area – I felt like I was in a chic living room!

With headquarters in London, Lucinda decided to recently open her first US salon in Beverly Hills.  I had the opportunity to meet with her and see her salon and I immediately felt like I was in an inviting home full of color! She was very pleasant to chat with and wanted to even get in my hair as well! I learned a lot about her and she is a lady on a mission to create miracles everyday and bring normality back to hair loss.

When women come into her salon, they will feel very comfortable and may not want to leave.  She enjoys everything about hair, and her clients have her personal number.  She feels “As long as your hair is good, everything else is alright.”  If you are seeking someone who understands the true importance of hair and will make the process a wonderful experience, look no further than Lucinda Ellery.

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