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Celebrities Step up Their Style with Anna Beck

Recently I wrote a post about Anna Beck and her lovely jewelry line and it has been spotted from coast to coast!

On the West Coast, the EXTRA crew steps up their style!! Maria Menounos wore the Anna Beck Gili Wire Rimmed Chandelier Earrings in gold while filming EXTRA at The Grove in Los Angeles on Tuesday, June 5th.












Anna Beck Gili Wire Rimmed Chandelier Earrings – $200.00

On the East Coast, Anna Beck has also been spotted on the leading Broadcast ladies recently including Katie Couric!







Timor Twisted Band Ring – $250.00

 Timor Large Twisted Cuff – $575.00

Gili Large Wire Rimemd Teardrop Chandelier Earrings – $338.00


Silky Smooth Wearable Art – Bryony Shearmur

Photo and scarf from the Really Beautiful Things Collection © Bryony Sheamur

A lot of the brands I write about originate from events I attend and the curiosity to learn more.  I went to the Hollywood Style Awards and loved the photographer who took black and white snapshots of attendees and made sure to get her business card.  As I was leaving, I was handed the same card by another individual and all he said was “you should check this out.” Enter Silk by Bryony Shearmur.

Bryony is an artist who has taken her photography to the next level by making it wearable in the form of silk scarves and pocket squares.  Originally from London, she was inspired by the things she loves about LA , thus creating a collection as a tribute.  Since moving to the city in 2001, she had the vision to have her images presented in some type of printable form and silk was the key to bring them to life.

I had the opportunity to meet with Bryony and see firsthand the high quality and uniqueness of her scarves.  I immediately fell in love with these beautiful works of art from cherry blossoms to mustard seeds!  Made of 100% Habotai silk, each scarf is handfinished and signed by Shearmur.  They are definitely making their mark on the fashion industry, with a recent feature on Extra as a holiday gift idea.

These accessories are a great conversation piece and will enhance any outfit you wear, adding a bit of LA captured in a “real” moment.

For more information, go to

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