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My First Published Magazine!

When I attended Lucky FABB in April, I was introduced to Glossi, a digital magazine publishing platform.  You don’t have to be an editor or techie to know how to create a magazine, as it is all laid out for you to enter text, images and video.

Once I started working on my first one I was hooked and began to create two others! Here is my first one, dedicated to event planning.  Enjoy! - Event Tips From A to Z


Event Tips V-X

Hello and Happy Saturday!  Things are ramping up for me in the event world, which has kept me away from posting the latest tips.  I’m taking a break this morning to plug in and share with you the next round.  So without further ado, here are event tips V-X!

Keep your vendors happy and they’ll keep coming back!

  1. Vendors: To make your event happen, you work with different vendors for all your moving parts.  From the venue to food to furniture to equipment, all vendors should be treated with respect and kindness since they are helping your event become a success.  It’s crucial to build quality relationships with vendors so you can use them for future events and they make great referrals.  It’s a win-win relationship where both parties can be happy.  A nice touch after the event is to send a thank you card to show your appreciation and that their service couldn’t have been the same without them.

    Make life easier at your event and use a walkie-talkie to communicate with your team

  1. Walkie-Talkies: When you have a team of 10 or more people how do you keep in touch with them the day of the event?  The answer is not cell phones!  I did this for one event and I tried to contact someone multiple times and they never answered.  We lost out on important information that needed to be relayed, so I had to “make it work”.  What you need to have in place is walkie-talkies.  It’s a surefire way to communicate with everyone mo matter where they are on site and that way you won’t have to go running around trying to hunt somebody down.  This is so key for the team lead working the event to easily connect instead of using a cell phone.

    Complimentary upgrade to VIP tickets? Yes, please!

  1. X-Factor: What’s great about events is that you can surprise and delight your attendees with the X-Factor.  It’s the unexpected thing that will happen that can surprise and delight.  People love that and it’s always welcomed! I recall going to a concert with a friend and a security guard asked to see my tickets and asked us to “follow him.”  Thinking we  were in trouble (I swear the tickets were legit!) he instead swapped our tickets for better seats!  From a surprise guest, to complimentary valet parking, to a free manicure it’s all in what you decide.  No matter how small or big, that one thing can make an attendee’s day!

These tips are meant to help to you streamline your event and make it stellar!  There are only 2 letters left to write about and what do you think I will come up with for Y & Z?  Stay tuned next week!

Past Event Tips








Event Tips S-U

Hello!  So we’re nearing the end of the alphabet for my event tips and I’m constantly trying to zero in on the most important facets of a successful event.  I also will spontaneously tweet tips that I think you should know because of something that just happened which is great on-the-spot info!  So what can I unfold for tips S-U?

Love the music that’s playing, but can you hear me now?

1.   Sounds: A great way to get any event going is to have the appropriate music.  Whether its background or the focal point, music is essential for most events.  One key thing to keep in mind is that doesn’t have to be so loud that you can’t talk to people or have to buy a hearing aid the next day!  I’ve been to several events where the music is so loud blasting from the speakers that I can’t really meet people or I have to yell at them which is uncalled for.  On occasion, I have to tell the DJ or coordinator to turn down the music a notch because it’s just way too loud.  The entire block doesn’t need to hear the music, but the people in the room should at a decent level.

In any event a technician should be on-site to man the controls and be ready for any malfunctions.

2.   Technician: For any technology used at an event, such as a projector, computer, lighting, sound system etc. there should be an on-site technician.  If you’re in the middle of a seminar and the projector blanks out, 9 times outta 10 you’ll need a savvy person that is familiar with the equipment in-site.  Technicians are also pretty familiar with the room and how things are hooked up, so instead of wasting time with trial and error it’s better to let a designated person handle the job.  That way you’ll be back up and running in no time!

What makes your event unique?

3.   USP (Unique Selling Point): Each event should have a Unique Selling Point.Why should I go to your event? What makes it unique? If your event is like every other, then that doesn’t make me want to go to your event the next time.  Add a new element or something that will want me already wondering when the next event is. Also, the more I want to attend the event again, the more I will spread the word!

I hope you’re enjoying my weekly tips, I love being able to arm you with the minute details that can make or break it. Event tips V-X are next!

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Event Tips J-L

Awards season and fashion events are ramping up which means your calendar will be booked.  If you’re planning these events, here are some tips from J-L for this week to assist in total success!

There are so many things to juggle when it comes to event planning! We wear many hats, but be able to delegate!

  1. Juggling: There are a lot of balls in the air when it comes to planning an event and you have to juggle them all.  You can delegate tasks to your team, but overall you are still in charge of overseeing what they are doing and making sure things are getting done the way you want it.  Be ready to wear different hats and get your hands in everything so you can see your event come to fruition and know everything was executed greatly.  Outside of juggling your job, you have your family and friends to tend to as well.  It’s quite the juggling act, but if anyone can do it, you can!  Relax, relate, release!

    Your Event Emergency Kit – Packed with everything you need for event day!

  1. Kit: Things always come up on the day of the event where you need supplies and you don’t want to have people running errands or going back to the office to get things you could already have in your possession.  The solution is to have an emergency event kit onsite with the following: scissors, pens, tape, white out, notepad, outlet, ribbon, sharpies, sanitizer, measuring tape, USB drive, paper clips, stapler, sticky notes etc. Now you’re more prepared than ever to tackle anything that comes your way event day!

    Great to offer drinks at an event, make sure attendees know upfront if it’s hosted or cash.

  1. Liquor: Most events normally have some type of alcohol served. A few things that should be clear to attendees is what will be served, if it’s a cash bar or hosted and if there is a drink maximum.  Some events do require the limit of drinking so people are not sloppy drunk causing a disturbance to other guests.  If a bar is hosted, one thing the wait staff shouldn’t be doing is skimming on the drink – you are getting paid to serve, so do it properly!

Past Event Tips




Basic Event Tips D-F

Happy Wednesday!  I’m back with more basic event tips to share with you for a successful event.  Last week I did A-C, now let’s move on to D-F!

Example of a detailed invitation to a past event – No guessing here!

  1. Details: When providing an invite to an event, provide as much detail as possible, for example parking options, ID required etc.  Therefore, fewer questions will be asked by your attendees.  Make sure everyone is aware of event details prior to the event and their role.  You shouldn’t have someone running around the day of asking “What should I do?” Have a few meetings prior to the event to go over all details with your core team.  Even if you think something is covered, double check to make sure someone is on it or if you need to step up and knock it out!  When it comes to details, it’s all about the little things!

This looks fun, what is going on here? BizBash does a stellar job of covering events and making you feel like you’re there.

  1. Experience: Each event is an experience where you want to take the attendee to another place, immerse them in your theme and have them talking about your event afterwards.  You want to create an experience that will have them wanting more.  Even if someone cannot attend, any write-up of the event should make the reader feel like they were there.  BizBash does an amazing job of reporting on events and it’s my go-to for the scoop on what’s happening around town.

Issue a survey online or at the event for attendees to fill out and share their thoughts on the event,

  1. Feedback: It’s great to get feedback from attendees, vendors and the core planning team.  For every event you do, no matter the size, there should be a post event meeting to discuss what you can keep doing and what you can do better.  Many times that is overlooked and then the same mistakes happen for the next event.  Since the attendees are the ones making your event happen, they should also be involved with feedback by doing a quick survey where they can share their thoughts about it.  You can even incentivize the survey by offering a prize or coupon.  Once people see changes have been made for your next event, they will speak up and thank you for it!

Next week will be event tips from G-I, and for more tips click here!

Basic Tips to Make Any Event Successful!

Hello everyone!

Today is the first day of August in 2012 and I’m excited to launch something new! In addition to fashion, I also have a passion for events. I have worked in the event industry for 6 years and learned a lot of lessons along the way.  I’ve attended many events as well, from the Taste TV Awards to the Herb Ritts opening reception at The Getty. Out of all these experiences, I have curated and compiled an A-Z series of tips and insights covering everything you need to make your events a major success.  Each week I will bring you tips in increments of 3 until we reach the end of the alphabet.  So check back weekly to see what’s next!

Wear you best feature when planning and executing an event – a SMILE!

  1. Attitude: When planning any type of event, you must put your best foot forward and have a positive can-do attitude during planning and execution.  It is extremely important during the day of the event not to be upset, angry or sad when you’re around attendees.  Save that for behind the scenes, because the more stressed you are the more it will show on your face.  Take a breather if need be and flash that smile at all times so it can spread to everyone else!

There are so many moving parts to events and then there is your life. Can you balance it all?

  1. Balance: Planning an event involves juggling a lot of balls in the air and being able to balance everything to make sure t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. If you’re interested in ‘balancing’ work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable. Don’t let the event overwhelm you – make time for yourself, your family and friends even if it’s a little here and there.  Meditate daily for a few minutes to center yourself and get focused.  All will fall into place.

    Effective communication is key when planning and executing any event!

  2. Communication: Clear, concise, uniform communication is crucial across all channels when it comes to planning and execution of your event.  All parties involved should have consistent information coming from one source so everyone is on the same page.  Have meetings to go over facets of the event and allow for others to ask questions.  As the planner, certain individuals should have disclosure of all info, be kept in the loop about any adjustments and you should be able to respond to email and voice messages within 24 hours, or at least acknowledge receipt.  Even if someone isn’t part of the event, but works in your office it’s good to give them a brief overview of the event or a run of show so they can be armed with key information just in case they get asked.  Listening is also a part of communication to understand what the other person is saying and allow for someone else to have a voice.

Tune in next week where I’ll share 3 more tips to have the most successful event!

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