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Event Tips G-I

Excited to be back again to share more tips with you on planning a successful event!  Since I have launched this series, I’ve witnessed things at events where I could definitely share some of the tips I have mentioned thus far, and I’m glad that my readers are enjoying what I have to say!  So, what tips do I have for G-I?

My goody bag from the Night of Beauty event – It was definitely a GREAT bag filled with good things!

  1. Goody Bags: Goody bags are a great bonus to any event and something that many attendees look forward to.  One thing you should make sure of is that there are GOOD or even GREAT things in that bag, especially if I’m paying to be at your event.  Putting some coupons, brochures, or flyers in a bag IS NOT a goody bag, it’s an informational kit.  Product samples, promotional products, complimentary passes, food and even drinks makes a fab goody bag.

    All Hands on Deck – everybody helps out!

  2. Hands on Deck:  When producing large events, everybody in the office should help with something. Whether you’re running the show or not, we all have to get our hands dirty sometimes and do some schlepping.  Nobody should fell like they are “too above this” to not assist.  One thing I pride myself on is helping out with anything from cleaning tables to moving boxes.  Heard of the term “All hands on deck?”  That means yours too.

    Winning an iPad is always a crowd pleaser!

  3. Incentives: There are different goals and benchmarks to achieve when planning an event, and sometimes incentivizing the task allows for quicker completion and more excitement!  If there is a tedious task, the pot is always sweeter when there is an offer mixed in such as a half day off, free lunch, or gift card.  However you want to incentivize it, be my guest!  Also, attendees love raffles, door prizes and anything they can win!

Enjoy the tips for this week and feel free to share your own tips!

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Time For Lip Service & Enter to Win!

© Blistex

Lips.  They’re a part of our body that may be neglected when it comes to moisturizing.  But now, it’s time to listen up and pay more attention to that pucker!

According to a national poll about one’s morning ritual released by Blistex, only half the women surveyed use lip balm to protect their lips from dryness and sun damage.  Just like all our other body parts, our lips need to stay healthy and moisturized.  I had the opportunity to sit down with International beauty consultant Mickey Williams to learn more about the Blistex line and the must haves for the fall:

Revive and Restore

Revive and Restore © Blistex

In stores everywhere in October, I got a sneak peek at the newest product from Blistex called Revive and Restore. Two separate jars full of fruity goodness that can be nested together with a twist, Revive is perfect for the day leaving your lips invigorated and refreshed with key ingredients like shea butter and SPF15.  Restore, loaded with Vitamin E can be used in the evening to rejuvenate your lips and soften any dullness from the day.  I’ve used it at night and it’s nice to wake up with lips ready for a kiss!  Another great thing is that you can carry these jars as a set or keep one in your purse and the other at home for the second shift.  Either way this product has makes you want to apply it all the time!

Cold and Allergy Lip Soother

Cold & Allergy Lip Soother © Blistex

There comes a time when you get a cold or the flu and one thing that can be affected is your lips which causes dryness and irritation.  Blistex has created a clever product, the Cold and Allergy Lip Soother which will comfort your lips in your time of need.  The lips can be an afterthought when you’re sick, but this soothing product has some key ingredients on defense:

  • Pramoxine HCL – advanced analgesic that alleviates sensitivity to lip soreness, pain and itchiness, without a medicated flavor and scent.
  • Dimethicone – delivers a highly effective barrier that prevents moisture loss and protects lips.
  • Glycerin, lanolin and sunflower seed oil – help re-moisturize lips parched from the effects of illness or dry air.
  • Vitamins C & E, chamomile, green tea, honey and elderberry – provide comfort to irritated lips.

Just in time for the fall season, the Cold and Allergy Lip Soother will also be available in October.

Now that I’ve given some lip service, head to your nearest drugstore next month for these fall lip essentials and also check out Blistex for their entire product line and lip tips!


Start fall in style with lip essentials!  Enter now for a chance to win the Blistex Fall Kit which includes Revive and Restore, Cold and Allergy Lip Soother, Silk & Shine, Deep Renewal and Lip Ointment!

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The contest ends on Friday, September 30 at 11:59PM PST and the winner will be notified shortly thereafter.  Good luck!

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