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Summertime & Accessorizing is Easy

When it comes to adding the final touch to an outfit, accessorizing can make all the difference. Summertime is here and it’s even easier to accentuate your look with jewelry of all types and colors. I came across some new jewelry designers you should definitely put on your radar and add to your collection!

REBECCA Jewelry – Skulls
Headed to a concert or want to add some edge to your look? REBECCA jewelry has the perfect skull inspired pieces from her Manhattan Collection to make you rock out! Made in Italy, REBECCA is internationally renowned for its trend setting, high-end fashion jewelry. Alessandro Testi created the Rebecca collection by utilizing a proprietary 18-karat gold plating process, semiprecious gems and innovative designs. I love the touch of color added onto the earrings and the bling on the skulls. Any of this jewelry would look great with a leather jacket paired with jeans and a silky top!

View the collection:

Charme Silkiner – Colorful Bliss

Whether you’re looking for the perfect pieces to dazzle at that summer fete, or looking to accessories your beach day ensemble, Charme Silkiner offers a comprehensive line of necklaces, bracelets and earrings in a variety of price points, perfect for every event on the summer calendar.

The Charme Silkiner collection integrates precious and semi-precious gemstones with quality craftsmanship to deliver stunning statement pieces that will have heads turning from Fourth of July through Labor Day and beyond! Each piece of Charme Silkiner jewelry is made by hand in her South Carolina studio. Her distinct collections showcase eye-catching gemstones with exceptional elegance; an orchestration of color, texture, movement and luminosity come together in gifted precision.

View the Collection:

Dalla Nonna – Vintage City

Dalla nonna, which means “from the grandmother” in Italian, is a jewelry line designed by Rebecca Richards and Jess Bohrer. It is inspired by vintage pieces passed down from their mothers and grandmothers. This unique collection can be worn daily for those who like a signature piece to wear all the time or for a vintage feel.  Some of their most popular pieces are below:

View the collection:

The Calendar Necklace is their signature piece, and Hilary Duff wears one that commemorates the birthday of her son.

The little letter collection is for people who want something more delicate but still meaningful. Charlize Theron wears a “j” necklace for her baby.

The newest collection, the portafortuna collection, means good luck. Kourtney Kardashian has not taken off her hoops in weeks, Emily VanCamp and Zoe Saldana are fans of the stacking rings, and Emma Stone wears the studs.

Now that you’re all set for summer with different options of jewelry to pair with your outfits. Enjoy and don’t hold back from accessorizing!


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