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Project Runway Season 11 Premiere – Together Everyone Achieves More

Season 11 of Project Runway has arrived and it snuck up on me. I must’ve got caught up with other shows like Scandal to forget, but I’m back on track now. Before watching the episodes, I took the liberty to review past work from the designers to make early picks of who I will have my eye on. Samantha, Kate, Layana, Richard, Stanley were my favorites, but how did they fair in the first episode?

The first challenge was to create a look inspired by New York. That should be easy – New York has inspiration everywhere! The twist this season is the designers were split into 2 teams and judging would be based on selecting one team as a winner and the other a loser. From there they would pick a sole challenge winner and one to send home.

The team names were Keeping it Real and Dream Team. From the jump it appeared that the stronger designers were on Keeping it Real and Dream Team had a mix. One thing about groups is that you have to work together to win and that’s an upside, but everyone’s look should blend and standout. Some people will get saved by having their team “win” when their look should be on the chopping block. Case and point, Joseph.

I’m going to keep it real for you Joseph since nobody on your team would – this looks like a hippie housedress. Nothing about this screams New York.

Joseph's Look

Joseph’s Look

Layana, I’ve seen this dress many times before. Cool idea for the back, but the dress doesn’t seem to fit well in the bust area. Watch out for that and hopefully your teammates will give you more feedback.

Layana's Look

Layana’s Look

Amanda, what happened? This look is way too simple and I could probably find something similar at Forever 21. You gotta step it up twofold!

Amanda's Look

Amanda’s Look

Now there were some looks that I loved on Keeping it Real, and I agree with the judges selections of Patricia, Daniel and Richard, but Stanley could’ve been in the top 3 as well. I would’ve chosen Patricia as the winner with her unique take on the buildings, hand painting the shapes, and adding a pop of blue as a backdrop behind the flaps. It gives great movement and the look of the model is on point from head to toe. Is it me or does the model look like Christy Turlington’s daughter?

Patricia's Look - My Fave!

Patricia’s Look – My Fave!

Now onto Dream Team. There wasn’t much of a wow factor in this group. I feel bad because a lot of the looks were mediocre. It was a tossup as to who was going home, but James look was just bad. Kmart could produce something better than that!

James's Look

James’s Look

Cindy’s fabric was very animalistic, and maybe she could’ve created something magnificent, but the dress along with that checkered piece was hideous. The cut of the straps were way too thick and she even said this look didn’t represent her. Then why did you do it?


Cindy’s Look

Poor Emily, she seemed like she had all these great ideas, but couldn’t pick one and focus on it enough to make a full garment, so she made this. It was very thrown together and the result of someone who maybe was under too much pressure and had given up. I guess the youngest does get eliminated early in this show.

Emily's Look

Emily’s Look

I noticed Michael Kors was missing from judging, I hope it is temporary. Zac Posen is cool, but I’ve gotten used to Michael’s Korisms. The battle is on as the show continues! I know not all will be friendly on both teams, but they should work together to win.

Project Runway Season 10 Ep. 4 – Where Are You Going?

The show opens with the news that Andrea has left Project Runway.  I’m a little surprised that she left, being a teacher and all.  Her time was coming anyway.  And then Kooan drops a bomb and says he is quitting too!  We are only 4 episodes in and 2 people want to leave!  Yes, Kooan is quirky, but there is always that out-there designer on the show.  For them to leave now so early in the game makes me question why they were on in the first place.  Do you know how many stink eyes they’re going to get because there are thousands of people who would take their spot and stay?  There is a huge amount of pressure in the fashion industry and if you aren’t cut for it don’t come on the show!  So two designers are gone and I thought, hey it would be great to bring back some of the eliminated designers or pick from the audition pool.  Instead they bring back Raul.  I don’t really get his aesthetic yet.

With the rest of the designers ready to rock, the challenge this week was to create a look for a woman on the go.  I could totally use an outfit like that to wear from sun up to sun down and no wrinkles!  I enjoy being able to wear pieces and remove or add as the day goes on or a versatile dress.  There was really no love for color when it came to choosing fabric colors.  Everyone mostly did black, grey or neutral.  Why are those colors such a default?  I wish someone was on the show that was all about color and never used black fabric.  Instead we always have many designers who love making black clothing.  We have got to spice this up twofold!  My thoughts for some of the looks this week:


Look designed by Buffi

This dress wasn’t well put together nor had any vision.  The pink sheer overlay was a nice color, but it did look as if it was just thrown over the zebra print with a belt.  Michael Kors calling it a hairdresser cape was classic and the judges made the right choice in sending her home since nobody in their right mind would wear this on the go!


Look designed by Christopher

Here we go with our favorite color, black!  This look by Christopher is good, but I’ve seen this type of gathered dress to the side look before.  The jacket is nicely made, and it looks more like something to wear in the evening only, not during the day.  Points for adding a pop of color with the blue pumps!


Look designed by Dimitry

Dimitry’s dress is nicely made, but there is no wow factor.  He is however, the one to watch and will hopefully step up and give the others a run for their money.  This dress looks like it could be a part of the Calvin Klein fall collection and I agree it would totally stand out more if it was red.


Look designed by Elena

I wasn’t going to mention Elena and I’m not sure why she is the fan favorite, but this look is ridiculous and the model is WAY too skinny.  This is a woman on the go to the dark side!


Look designed by Sonjia

I am so glad Sonjia won this challenge!  The style of her dress is versatile, can be worn front or back, and adds sexiness without going overboard.  I love that she wants to make dresses for all sizes and that Hayden Panettiere wants to wear her look to a red carpet event!  She chose grey as the fabric color, but I think she could’ve gone for a royal blue and it would be even more stunning.

It appears next week the designers will be in teams again, get ready for the drama!

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PR All-Stars Ep. 6 – Fashion Faceoff

The challenge this week was to create a sports wear look based on a season.  The designers had to face off against each other with two people having the same seasons.  This makes it a little easier on the judges, picking a high and low from each group and eliminating from there.  Did I agree with the high score selections?

Kenley vs. Mondo – Summer

Summer: Kenley vs. Mondo

Didn’t Kenley make this look polka dot look last week but as a dress?  She didn’t push herself at all in this look and I don’t think many would wear this on the weekend.  I love the coral shoes!  Mondo’s look appears more modern and for the city girl ready for the weekend.

Style Goddess Winner: Mondo


Austin vs Kara – Spring

Spring: Austin vs. Kara

Both of these looks are average.  Austin’s look is for elderly women, while Kara’s look is rather simple, but has a pop of color.  Yawn!

Style Goddess Winner:  Kara


Jerell vs. Michael – Winter

Winter: Jerell vs. Michael

So Jerell and Michael’s looks are similar and Jerell accused Michael of stealing his look.  At the end of the day, maybe the colors and type of fabric of the coat are similar, but that is where it stops.  As Jerell’s model walked down the runway it looked like she had too many layers on and somewhat hobo-like.  Michael’s look was more refined and simple, with a nice touch of a leather belt. The only thing that Michael should’ve changed is the shoes, since the leggings of the pumps made it appear very chunky.

Style Goddess Winner: Michael


Mila vs Rami – Autumn

Autumn: Mila vs. Rami

I have to give it to Mila, her cape is interesting and I like the peekabo pockets for the arms! I love the colors used for Rami’s look, especially the blue top which was also seen as a stitching of color in the pants.  Both models look like weekend girls sportswear ready.

Style Goddess Winner: Rami

I wasn’t expecting Rami to get eliminated, but more Austin.  That getup was so plain and boring!  Rami did have issues with the stitching and lopsidedness of the blouse, but he still put together a great look!   And is it me or did Joanna Coles look a little tired on the show?  Till next time!


PR. All Stars Ep. 5 – Clothes Off My Back

This week’s challenge was great to watch.  The designers had to find a muse in Central Park and buy clothing off of their back and construct it into something totally different and fashion forward.  At least 50% of the final look had to be from the pieces bought from people and the rest could be from Mood.

From the looks of the designers walking around trying to find someone it felt as if there were slim pickings.  Where were all the stylish NY fashionistas?  It was interesting to see a lot of them were walking around in t-shirts and shorts.  But hey, it’s not about what you pick, it’s about the vision you have to transform your selection into something amazing.

It appears that mostly everyone picked up a color garment except for Mila.  Can she ever stray away from black?  I’ve seen way too much of it. She was safe along with the other girls this week, but I must give Kenley props for making an almost “Mondoesque” look:

Design by Kenley

Even though the dress is mostly black and white stripes, it’s nice to see the yellow and pink pattern contrasts paired with mod sunglasses.  Let’s review a few others:


Design by Rami

I love this business-chic look!  This is a woman on the go wearing a hat bringing the swagger!  The only thing I would change is the purse to red for a little more pop and contrast.  The model is working this down the runway and I felt Rami should’ve won this challenge.  Of course I can see why Mondo was chosen as the winner…


Design by Mondo

Mondo’s design aesthetic is quirky but fashion forward.  He bought several pieces off of people inCentral Parkand made a great look.  Nice mix of colors.


Design by Anthony

When I saw Anthony’s look walk down the runway I thought he was the clear winner.  Then I saw photos online and I changed my mind.  He lost points for not using at least 50% of the clothing he bought off of people.  Plus I don’t think the turban added any spice.  The pants were beautiful and he should have stayed in the competition instead of Jerell.


Design by Jerell

As soon as I saw Jerell’s look walk down the runway, I thought the model was missing a fruit basket on top of her head!  Where in Jehosaphat would you wear this on the streets ofNew York?  The judges should’ve let him go, as in the past 2 challenges his looks didn’t get me outta bed.


Design by Michael

Michael had such a great start with finding a crochet top for inspiration.  But Joanna Coles saw how he was using the crochet on sleeves for his new top and she said it reminded her of doilies.  Ouch.  He scrapped the look and started crafting a sexy strapless number that I couldn’t wait to see the end result.  Once the model came down the runway, the top wasn’t fitted correctly and those hot pants/underwear were a no-no.  I don’t think anyone would wear that outside, maybe inBrazil.

Well, hopefully Michael can switch it up and come back strong next week and I guess it sounds like I’m rooting for Michael!

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