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Project Runway Season 10 Ep. 5 – Work Appropriate Attire

Early in the game there is another team challenge with the entire group separating into two teams.  The teams have to create a cohesive, fashion forward work collection that is editorial and wearable.  They also will direct a photo shoot where 3 of the photos will be shown on the runway.  It’s always interesting to see how the teams are picked, and Sonjia started off the selection by picking Elena.  Great that she has fab tailoring skills, but after watching this episode I think she will be the last one picked instead of Raul. One team had 5 people (Ven, Fabio, Gunnar, Christopher, Nathan) and the other 6 (Sonjia, Elena, Melissa, Raul, Dimitry, Alicia), hence the name of the groups, Team 5 and Team 6.

Right out the gate Team 5 had a theme, made a plan and was organized.  They worked well together, but Gunnar was micro-managed throughout the challenge.  I liked that for the most part they were calm, cool and collective.  The fabric they chose was mostly silk and chiffon and not all women wear that to work all the time so I thought that wasn’t ideal.  As a group they did pull together a cohesive collection that was evident to the judges and they got points for that.

On the other hand, Team 6 decided to go the route of each person focusing on their strengths and create pieces that each would do well.  It would then somehow come into a collection hopefully.  Because there wasn’t a true vision, everyone had a say, there were arguments, and in the end the pieces could have come from different places.  Elena was the one person who just brought too much stress to the team by barking orders, putting people down and cursing every minute.  Didn’t she say she doesn’t like working in teams?  Their collection was definitely more modern, editorial, and fashionable.  So who’s look on each team stood out good or bad?


Melissa’s work look – The Power Dress

Out of all the looks presented, Melissa’s was the true standout and the “power dress” of the workplace.  I absolutely LOVE the royal blue color of this dress, the neck style of the front and the sexy zipper design in the back.  Any woman in this dress will feel like they are running the show while looking fabulous and get work done. Kudos for her for breaking out of black and selecting this amazing hue to design a great piece!  I was so happy she was picked as the winner because she definitely deserved it.


Elena’s top as a work look – what job is this?

Elena has a thing for puffy shoulders, but her top is not for the workplace.  I didn’t like it all and the way she carried herself during this episode was inappropriate.  I’m glad Raul dogged her out at the end, and that the judges didn’t like her look.  Who wants to work with someone so rude and loud? She needs a reality check that in the design world you must be able to work with all types of people!


Fabio’s look – Would you wear this to work?

I don’t agree with the judges positive review of Fabio’s design.  To me it reads as cheap, plain, and unflattering, especially the turban headband.  Looks like someone didn’t finished getting dressed.


Raul’s ruffled top missed the mark again

Everyone on Team 6 got asked who was the weakest link and Raul was the target.  There is too much ruffling going on in the front, and the top doesn’t look flattering.  He did stick with what he felt was right, and sadly that was wrong for the judges.  He was eliminated again and his comeback was short-lived.  Hopefully now he has learned some things to polish his sewing skills and taste.

Do you agree with my thoughts on the show?  Feel free to chime in and share your opinion!

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Project Runway Season 10 Premiere

I was so excited for a new season of Project Runway to start that I literally raced home like a speed demon to make in time for the 9pm show!  I think with every season there is always someone who is way out there with their designs (Kooan), the elder (Andrea), and then drama queens (Gunnar & Christopher).  After that, there are the others who I can’t quite peg as anything yet.  One thing I will say is that whatever bucket you might fit into doesn’t matter to me that much, I really want to see what your design aesthetic is and if you can wow me with your looks!  So with that being said, there were a few I will comment on:


I was definitely digging Andrea’s cool neon frames and her long earrings.  That’s where my love for her ended.  First off, just plain black and white colors is really boring without the proper pop of color.  And who would wear this type of dress?  I can’t think of anyone.  I could only see this circle dress worn in a theater setting or for someone who is trying to conceal that they’re pregnant or look pregnant without even trying.  How do you sit in this thing?

Design by Andrea. Would you wear this?


I actually like the concept behind this dress, pairing jersey with sheer, but the knit cape doesn’t go with this at all.  I didn’t expect Beatrice to get cut, since the judges steamrolled Lantie in her critique.  Gone too soon!  Since she is local, I hope to visit her store one day!

Look by Beatrice – Perfect for the Summer!


I love that Buffi embraces color and loves to incorporate that into her look.  However, these 2 looks both look cheap.

Looks by Buffi – Cheap or not?


I do like the design of this dress and it does look like an easy, breezy dress, but I don’t agree with Christopher being the challenge winner.  The wow factor wasn’t high enough for me.

Look by Christopher


He has a voice, he’s different, but is it a joke? Props for color, but as long as he’s in the running I feel like I will repeatedly be saying, “OOOOOOOOK.”

Look by Kooan


It can down to Beatrice and Lantie in the bottom 2.  With Lantie’s take on making old dresses youthful, this one failed to make it’s mark.  The judges sounded like she was the one that would be eliminated with all the negative criticism they gave her look. The pasted on pattern in the front isn’t flattering, and I hope she can turn it around next week.

Look by Lantie


Ven is my front runner and the person who I thought would win.  The rose bustier was phenomenal, and the structure exquisite.  I loved the whole look with the clean lines and pleating.  He is definitely one to watch!

Look by Ven

Overall, the first show was fun.  I do think the designers need to work on how they style their models, especially hair and makeup.  Stay tuned for my thoughts next week, and go here to see all my fave looks on Pinterest!

Live Colorfully!!

Great article of inspiration from!

“The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.” –William James

New Color Revolution is a stylish cause-marketing campaign and experiment in social activation fueled by the embrace of a colorful life. The goal is to spark a popular fashion movement promoting the value of being expressive, confident and aware, one that accelerates a vibrant state that enhances the quality of life while at the same time liberating us from anything that can hold us back. This uprising is undertaken not only for personal fulfillment, but also for the creation of a bright, hopeful and prosperous society. It is a highly-visible response to life that manifests across music, food, fashion, art and design to generate a more enlivened environment and more optimistic conceptions of beauty, truth and goodness.

This Revolution is fashion on a higher vibration and a fashionable practice that keeps us firmly in the vivid colorflow. Color expresses a primal emotive need. Wearing it and creating colorful environments satisfies in more ways than we can imagine. This passionate revolt into style is creative resistance with a liberating battle cry to colorized the fortified system of expressive inhibition in which the same tenured forces of the bland limited spectrum have been entrenched for years. This vivacious activism may be seen as extreme to some but compared to the void of the black hole it offers a most sensible Utopian solution to all the bleak dissolution that prevents us from stepping into the luminous future.

This is so because color beautifully expresses who we are. We are the colors we surround ourselves with and that we wear. Color immediately shows how much we feel and we care. In the Year of the Dragon, color is exploding in design, decor, art, and fashion, and with it a new color consciousness. We don’t just put on clothes anymore. We would never settle for boring white walls. We can’t see in the same old way. Once you see the lack in basic black you’ll never go back. Once you know, why settle for the status quo? Why not be seen and heard? You don’t even have to say a word. When we communicate with color we are understood, directly and dynamically. We see and feel the vibe. In a room of bland gray and blackness we are truly distinctive; reading, seeing and feeling the true hues between the lines. This is light by design moving at the speed of life; a lifelight that shows we can dance in the fire, that shows off a burning desire and gives us fever through the night.


Project Runway, Seas 9 Ep 8: How Well Do You Know Me?

The challenge for the designers to create a look for a male’s significant other based on the interpretation was fun!  It’s always interesting to see what a man thinks their woman would like and how that translates into a design worthy to wow the judges and the client.  I would be curious to see what my boyfriend would tell a designer to make – he knows I love color so that would be a great
start! Let’s take a look at the high scores:


Color is my middle name and Viktor brought it! I love everything about the look, including the hairstyle!  She looks very stylish, and a woman who means business but has a fun side.  The sunglasses and purse probably weren’t needed, but the necklace was a nice piece to add another color pop.

© Project Runway/Lifetime


Even though I am not a huge fan of all black, I love that Joshua made a cute simple dress with an amazing back showcasing the lace
detail and a full twirl skirt. This could easily transform into other colors and sell like hotcakes in the store.  And nice touch to add a turquoise shoe!  I could see Reese Witherspoon wearing this to a movie premiere.

© Project Runway/Lifetime


Anya’s design was the most stylish, and runway ready!  I love this look as well, and Anya has established herself as a unique designer out of the pack.  With the model saying she is inspired to do an art piece from this dress speaks volumes.  Anya always brings her Trini flair to the runway and I look forward to her designs every week.  She is definitely a front runner!

© Project Runway/Lifetime

And now the low scores:


I am surprised Bert is still in the competition.  His designs are both too simple and boring or just plain wack.  Nice tailoring job, but that won’t get you far.

© Project Runway/Lifetime

Anthony Ryan

This design was rather boring and it did look similar to a cheerleading outfit.  Adding polka dots to this and changing the style could have produced a Bettie Paige look.  Luckily he’s still in the competition because he has made some amazing pieces in the past!

© Project Runway/Lifetime


Great color but bad fit.  If Bryce could’ve conceptualized a vision earlier on and stuck with it, he might have created a stunning piece.

© Project Runway/Lifetime

Again, great challenge by Project Runway and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

The Style Goddess – Looking Forward

© findstuff22

Today is the one year anniversary of starting The Style Goddess blog.  It is also the day I packed up all my belongings and moved to LA.  It’s been a great year filled with adventure, growth and new connections!  I came here with the intent of doing something in the fashion world, and I thought it was to be a stylist.  That quickly changed and I was able to try my hat at other fashion outlets, such as inside sales, wardrobe pulls, event assistance and celebrity management.  One thing I learned is that there is a lot of different things I enjoy so why not do all of them?

The Style Goddess became my voice in the industry and I started to do event coverage and expand into interviews on style, video blogging and beauty reviews.  That inspired me to join, where I was granted the title of LA Women’s Fashion & Style writer.   It’s a great honor and it opens my writing to another audience.  So what are my goals for the upcoming year?

1. Start a monthly column –  I am currently developing a monthly column with a friend which will be an exciting collaboration!

2. Giveaways – At least once a month I will deliver worthy giveaways that you don’t want to miss!

3. Video Interviews – More interviews face to face live.  Taking it to a new level!

4. Increased Blog Posting – Starting in September, expect to see at least 3 postings a week!

5. Exclusive event invites – I’ve been invited to awesome fashion events and I want to share the invites with you if the opportunity arises!

6. Contests – Let’s see some creativity in the fashion world.  A one-0f-a-kind contest is under development!

7.  Production – With my event planning background, I’ve decided to put it to good use and create a one-of-a-kind Style Goddess event.

As I reflect on the past year, I am proud of my accomplishments, new friends and loyal readers of my blog.  I strive to bring you the best of the fashion world in my eyes and keep you coming back!  Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my success thus far and never stop reaching for your dreams!

TASH FOLDS – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Natashia Tomek, designer of TASH FOLDS

The next big thing to hit the shoe world just launched in February 2011 – a fashionable, foldable flat for the girl on the go.  There is a flat for all types, even a wedding collection!  On a sunny afternoon in downtown LA, I met with Natashia Tomek, designer of TASH FOLDS (@TASHLIMITED) to learn more about her new line.  Not only does she have a true sense of style when it comes to foldable flats, but she’s also tapped into industry where she can hold her own and hit the ground running.  

1.  How would you describe TASH FOLDS?

It’s the girl on the go who has an active lifestyle.  She’s running out of meetings, hopping into a cab, and putting on Tash Folds.

2.   Who is the target market?

16-35 year olds, but it has ventured way past that since 40 is the new 20!

3.  How did you come up with the collection?

I went to the UK and saw roll shoes. I saw them not as chic, so I thought, “what if I put some fashion into the shoes?” I had a dream about folds and then I pitched it to investors.

TASH FOLDS in different styles, along with the packaging

4.  What is the inspiration behind the different styles of Tash Folds?

Trends, animal prints, florals and friends.  I also think about what I would love to wear.

 5.  Who are your top 3 shoe designers?

Sam Edelman, Jeffrey Campbell, &  Dolce Vitta

 6.  What shoes in your closet makes you feel on top of the world?

Office =TOMS shoes, Going out = Basic black heels

7.  How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Over 100.  I’m a compulsive shopper.

8.  Which flats are your bestsellers?

Amorous, Double Dare and the oxford

 9.  Which celebrity would you love to see wearing TASH FOLDS?

Lady Gaga!

10.  In your opinion, what is the future of fashion?

Fashion changes constantly.  Not sure where it’s going, but I do look at articles to see where forecasting is and what is currently in season.

11.  What fashion advice would you share with the world?

Have passion behind what you do, whatever it is! I will continue to succeed as long as I do what I love!

TASH FOLDS, which comes in whole sizes 6-11

12.  How are your flats unique to brands already on the market?

Foldable, fashionable and easy to slip into your purse.  My flats are more stylish, convenient and have strong rubber sole.

For more information, go to

Style Goddess Interview with Bettie Page Clothing

Do you love retro style? Well look no further than Bettie Page clothing!  Designed with the 1950’s Bettie Page in mind, Tatyana Khomyakova and Jan Glaser have brought that to life. Here’s an interview with both of them to discuss their opinion on style.

Models wearing Bettie Page designs. Tatyana second from left. © Erik Kabik/ Retna /

1.       How would you describe Bettie Page style?

Retro inspired with a modern twist.  All of the designs are motivated by the golden age of women’s fashions – the late 1940s and 1059s.

2.       Who are your top 3 favorite designers?

I love Betsy Johnson, Channel and Louis Vuitton.

3.       What article of clothing in your closet makes you feel on top of the world?

The Captain Dress.  And I’m not alone – we’ve sold over 10,000!

4.       If I were to enter your closet right now, what would I be surprised to see?

I accidentally purchased the same pair of shoes twice.  So I suppose it would be surprising to notice that!

5.       How does Russian style compare to LA style?

Russian style is really European Style.  While Europe used to be outrageous and flamboyant, now it seems to be harkening back to the classic designs celebrating femininity.  LA not so much…

6.       Jan Glaser – what sealed the deal for you to work with Tatyana to bring Bettie Page clothing to life?

I’m married to the designer…

Tatyana in a Bettie Page design. © Erik Kabik/ Retna /

7.       How much influence does the way you dress have on your personal brand?

I dress differently for different occasions.  When I work, I usually wear jeans and a t shirt or turtleneck.  I like to dress for comfort.  When I’m out and about, I like to dress up.

8.       Do you follow trends or make your own?

I never follow trends.  I know what I like – somehow – and do my best to capture that ideal in a garment.

9.       In your opinion, what is the future of fashion?

That is a great unknown.  I do know that fashion follows society – or sometimes leads society.  So if one knew where social mores and practices were headed, one would also have a sense of where fashion is moving.

10.   What would you never be caught wearing as long as you live?

One of my competitors dresses.  Even after I’m gone…

11.   What fashion advice would you share with the world?

Wear what makes you happy.  Don’t pay attention to trends…

12.   Is the 1950’s fashion the new black?

Not yet.  But from the perspective of my worldview, more and more people are coming to realize the 1950s were the golden age of designers for a reason…

13.   What makes the Bettie Paige Clothing store unique from all others?

Our heart and soul.  We love what we do.

Bettie Page Clothing Models with designer Tatyan and Claire Sinclair pictured at Bettie Page Clothing Fashion show © Erik Kabik/ Retna /

About Bettie Paige Clothing

Famous in the 1950s for her fetish modeling and pin-up photos, the iconic “Queen of Pinups”— one of Playboy Magazine’s first “Playmates of the Month” Bettie Page continues to captivate millions of men and women around the world with her youthful, sexy image and signature jet black hair, blue eyes and short-cut bangs. That’s where Bettie Page Clothing comes in.


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