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Wear It How You Want It

This ASOS dress went from long sleeves to short sleeves - which do you prefer?

This dress went from long sleeves to short sleeves – which do you prefer?

I always love a colorful in-your-face print on clothing.  This ASOS artwork dress I bought while in Chicago from my favorite fashionista-on-a-budget store Crossroads Trading Co. fits that description spot on. I purchased this dress a year ago and was waiting for the perfect event to wear it too, and finally I wore it to Art City LA.  But a week before I wore it out, I stared at it and felt I needed to alter the dress by changing the long sleeves to short sleeves.

Fits perfectly and love the sleeve chop!

Fits perfectly and love the sleeve chop!

Living in LA has me spoiled all year round with the beautiful sunshine and warmth.  Seeing long sleeves on this dress didn’t feel right, and I wanted some arm exposure and room to breathe!  Once the change was made I was so glad I did it! I enjoy wearing bracelets, so this allowed me to showcase some fun silver jewelry.  The sleeves were now the perfect length and I was ready to wear it out and feel my best.  My takeaway from this is, if you feel an article of clothing needs a change to adjust to your lifestyle or fashion sense, go for it!  Now what else should I alter in my closet?

Artsy Friday

On Friday I attended a gallery open house of various artists in the Pacific Design Center and I wanted to wear something creative and funky.  My leggings say that and more, and I got them from my favorite store, Crossroads Trading Co.  Peplum strapless top is from Zara, clutch from Nine West, necklace from ANGL and shoes from Macys.

Off to the Pacific Design Center!

Off to the Pacific Design Center! Top – Zara, Leggings – Crossroads Trading Co, Clutch – Nine West, Necklace – ANGL, Shoes – Macys

My Favorite Store – Crossroads Trading Co.!

La Lu Lame dress from Crossroads Trading Co.

Lu Lu Lame dress from Crossroads Trading Co.

For over 5 years now I’ve been keeping a secret that I am finally going to reveal to my readers – my favorite place to shop!  Maybe it’s not a secret to most if you check my other social sites, but to be sure that we’re all on the same page my absolute #1 shopping destination is Crossroads Trading Co.!

Crossroads Trading Co. is a store where you can buy, sell, or trade clothes!  I discovered this store in Evanston, IL when I started a new job and I must say ever since then I was hooked!  I would come in once a week shopping for anything colorful and eye-catching, while also selling things I felt someone else could make better use of.  The store employees knew my name, and I just loved all the great items I found, especially dresses! I was excited to see that they expanded to Wicker Park and Lincoln Park, which allowed me to see different neighborhood styles.

Fast forward to 2010 and I decided to pack up and move to sunny LA.  One of the first things I did while preparing for my move is seeing if Crossroads was in LA and I was in luck!  With 3 locations in the area, I always gravitate to the Santa Monica location.  Housed near the 3rd St. Promenade, it’s the perfect location mixed in with other fun stores to pop into.

When I enter a Crossroads, the first thing I do is look around at the featured items hanging in the store and then I make a beeline to the dresses section.  Over half of the dresses I own are from Crossroads and I’ve posted most of them on Pinterest.

The best thing about Crossroads to me is I feel like I’m giving back by selling clothes and then doing a trade so I can get credit to buy new things.  It feels like an equal exchange where I don’t feel guilty for shopping!  If you haven’t checked one out yet, don’t waste time, you never know what you may find!

Reality Check

Thank goodness I am able to find stylish pieces at great deals!


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