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Wear It How You Want It

This ASOS dress went from long sleeves to short sleeves - which do you prefer?

This dress went from long sleeves to short sleeves – which do you prefer?

I always love a colorful in-your-face print on clothing.  This ASOS artwork dress I bought while in Chicago from my favorite fashionista-on-a-budget store Crossroads Trading Co. fits that description spot on. I purchased this dress a year ago and was waiting for the perfect event to wear it too, and finally I wore it to Art City LA.  But a week before I wore it out, I stared at it and felt I needed to alter the dress by changing the long sleeves to short sleeves.

Fits perfectly and love the sleeve chop!

Fits perfectly and love the sleeve chop!

Living in LA has me spoiled all year round with the beautiful sunshine and warmth.  Seeing long sleeves on this dress didn’t feel right, and I wanted some arm exposure and room to breathe!  Once the change was made I was so glad I did it! I enjoy wearing bracelets, so this allowed me to showcase some fun silver jewelry.  The sleeves were now the perfect length and I was ready to wear it out and feel my best.  My takeaway from this is, if you feel an article of clothing needs a change to adjust to your lifestyle or fashion sense, go for it!  Now what else should I alter in my closet?

Redefining Single

No matter how you spin it, bright colors and prints will always reign supreme in my world.  When I discovered the brand Single, I was drawn to the the vibrant selection of hues and patterns for dresses, blouses and more.  I wanted to get a closer look at what Single offers, so I stopped by the warehouse to wander down the aisles and pick out a few items to try on!

Single was co-founded by the married duo Galina and Michael Sobolev in 1994.  It embodies the individuality of style and confidence and was created to reaffirm every woman’s zest for life, romance and luxury. Using delicate silks and one-of-a-kind prints, it was quite obvious that I would be attracted to her clothing line.  Let’s take a look at what I discovered in this downtown space!

Cascade dress

The Cascade dress is a fun flirty dress to wear on date night or a fab event.  I love the cut in the front and the draping in the back.  It comes in several different colors.

Cascade dress, $68 wholesale

Cascade dress, $68 wholesale

Claudette maxi dress

You can never have enough maxi dresses and I would definitely add this to my wardrobe.  This print is beautiful and the fabric is very soft to the skin.  The cut in the front and back give you something to look at both ways! This dress is perfect for that sunny vacation or resort!

Claudette maxi dress, $142 wholesale

Claudette maxi dress, $142 wholesale

Janessa Jumpsuit

I have yet to find a jumpsuit that fits me well, and I think that this might be the one! The Janessa jumpsuit was so easy to put on and felt effortless.

Janessa jumpsuit, $98 wholesale

Janessa jumpsuit, $98 wholesale

Elaina Cage Neck dress

Another fun dress to wear on a night on the town, the Elaina Cage Neck dress comes in fun colors and the hot pink one is my fave!

Elaina Cage neck dress

Elaina Cage neck dress

I hope I have inspired you to check out the Single line as there is something for everyone.  Enjoy!

Pursecase – My Latest Fab Accessory!

Hanging at Perrys on the beach with my Pursecase

Hanging at Perrys on the beach with my Pursecase

There are so many times when I don’t want to haul a purse around as I leave the house.  Just give me a a way to carry my phone, drivers license and credit card around and I’m a happy camper!  The latest accessory I’ve learned about and now love is Pursecase!  Pursecase is a cell phone holder in the shape of a mini purse that has a mirror and a pocket for your credit cards, driver’s license etc.

I took my purple Pursecase to Santa Monica beach yesterday and with the hot sun it was the easiest thing to carry around and not worry about leaving anything behind!  I got some stares, compliments, and my friend that I was with wanted one of her own for a Samsung!  It is currently only for iPhones, but other devices are coming in the pipeline.

Check out where you can get your case for $29 and be stylin and dialin.  The best thing is that there are several colors to choose from!

Donatienne – Color Your Life with Handbags

Summer is a time to bring out as many bright hues as you can from head to toe.  Not only does that go for clothing, but same rules apply for accessories, including handbags.  I just got introduced to the handbag line Donatienne, which is a great, colorful collection!  Designed by Los Angeles native Nikki Erwin, these bags are versatile, vibrantly colored, and work from day to night. They are also a favorite of many celebrities, including Blake Lively, Cameron Diaz, Gisele Bundchen and Erin Heatherton. 

Donatienne Camille clutch in neon pink (also comes in mustard, blue, black & neon green)

The premiere collection debuted in 2011 and the sophomore collection is now available.  Both offer modern styles in the brands signature vivid color scheme.  From clutches to satchels to shoulder bags, there is something for everyone in a color you want. That’s one of the best things about her line is that multiple colors are available and I know many of you need certain colors for certain looks! Also, there is a limited number of each bag which makes you more unique if you can get one!  Donatienne is sold at Madison stores throughout Los Angeles and online at

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