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Fashionable Deals for a Great Cause!

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Dress for Success is my favorite organization to volunteer for, and when I can give time I do.  I made sure my work schedule allowed me to partake in Shop for Success!, a 4 day pop-up shop offering designer deals at low prices.  I volunteered for the VIP night (Wednesday, December 4th), which was such a fun experience!

I’ve never worked retail before, but I know running a store takes a lot of work.  I arrived ready to jump in and help wherever was needed.  The store looked amazing, which everything nicely organized and many things to look at and purchase.  There was a silent auction, raffle prizes, open bar, a DJ and a photo booth for attendees.  Once 5pm hit, there was a line at the door for anxious ladies ready to enter and shop the night away!

I assisted in the dressing room area, getting ladies in and out, running go backs to the floor and offering my style eye where needed.  They were all playing dress up and everyone looked beautiful in the outfits they chose!  It was busy at times and that kept me moving and grooving while the DJ was spinning the tunes.  I want to open my own boutique one day, so this was helpful for me to get an idea of what it would be like.

At closing, it turned out to be a fabulous night with a great turnout and the best part is that all proceeds go to Dress for Success.  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my evening, supporting an organization close to my heart that gives back and helps women be prepared for a professional career in several ways.

And guess what?  Shop for Success is open for 2 more days! The hours for today are 10am – 8pm and Saturday 10am – 6pm.  There are some great Holiday buys and you should bring your girlfriends.  Thanks to everyone who made this event happen!

Shop for Success, 1101 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024

Reality Check

Thank goodness I am able to find stylish pieces at great deals!


Project Runway Season 10 Ep. 6 – Keeping it Real

This episode was a feel good, makeover party for everyday people to get a glammed up transformation from head to toe.  Friends of the clients brought them to the show and decided it was time that they changed their look and show their true self.  Each designer got randomly teamed up with a client and the end goal was to make them happy, but create a look that would work for them in their everyday setting.

First off, I’d like to say that the group of women on the show is what most women in the US represent, which is all shapes and sizes.  Why not have some expertise in working with different types?  Life isn’t all about models, and I applaud people who realize that.  To me it appears that all the designers didn’t really step up their game and rise to the occasion of creating a showstopper look for these deserving women.  It was as if they were surprised that they didn’t have a model to work with and didn’t know how to proceed! The hair and makeup looked great on all the ladies, but the outfits didn’t get me outta bed.  So unfortunately, I don’t have a favorite this week and this is a first in Project Runway history!  However, I do have some bones to pick with Ven and his hurtful words about his model. 

As soon as Ven realized he had a model that was plus size and not a “real” woman, he began to complain that he’s never worked with someone this size, it’s hard to pick fabrics, the belts are too small for her and he got the short end of the stick since other designers got slimmer body types.  I was shocked that he would say all this and I wanted to slap him numerous times.  Ven, it’s time for some REAL talk:

Ven’s model – what do think of her look?

1.  The client is plus size and you complained about working with her shape.  Hello, have you looked in the mirror lately?  You have no room to talk as your plus size yourself!

2.  You’ve never worked with real women.  Seriously?!?! Is she not real?  Was she a figment of your imagination?  What are models then? 

3.  The outfit you put her in was horrible and didn’t go together at all.  That zipper skirt wasn’t a great fit and the top was average. 

4.  You didn’t really listen to what the client wanted and you upset her to tears.  You were very selfish and didn’t execute to the best of your ability.  

5.  Your best client may be someone you don’t expect or a size you haven’t worked with. If Oprah calls you, I hope it’s to shame you for being inconsiderate and not to design a look for her.  You don’t deserve that opportunity. 

6.  It isn’t fair that you were given the client you got and the others were lucky because they got more smaller body types?!?! Please!!!  Grab the bull by the horn, man up, and MAKE IT WORK!!

There is no time for excuses with each challenge you are given, and there are only solutions to create the best look ever.  I would’ve been happy if Ven got eliminated, and that would have been the best revenge on his poor attitude towards working with a plus size woman.

Not only is he a one trick pony with his “fan” aesthetic in every look, he is now a dead-end douche bag in my book. Exit stage left.

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Butterfly Twists – Fly Away in Flats!

Butterfly Twists Packaging and Side View

Just when I thought there wasn’t another pair of flats to excite me, in comes Butterfly Twists to sweep me off my feet!  Launched in 2009 by four close friends in London, Butterfly Twists started as an exciting dream, but in just a few short years the company has grown in remarkable ways.  They came packaged in a small box, folded up with a pouch inside and I love the simplicity but girlish design of the box!

Butterfly Twists are redefining style, comfort and fashion and specialize in affordable, practical footwear that can be worn every day.  Their signature ballerina flats are perfectly designed to fold away and fit into even the smallest clutch or handbag.  The flats have become an essential accessory for any girl on the go who constantly needs to swap her heels for a comfy alternative. These stylish multi-purpose ballerina shoes are ideal no matter what the occasion!  What I like about these is not only can you wear them when your feet are tired from heels, but they can be everyday flats!  Whether you’re traveling, going to work, running errands or just want a comfort shoe, Butterfly Twists rises to the occasion.

Butterfly Twists Quilted Olivia

Butterfly Twists is stocked in specialty boutiques, department stores and online retailers across the UK. With international expansion also happening rapidly, the products can now be found in stores throughout the world. Celebrities such as MC Lyte, Nadia Bjorlin and Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are some of the famous feet they have been on.  If you get a pair you won’t regret it!

Hanes Hoisery Silk Reflections Guide to Transitioning Tights to Summer

Summer is here and many pack away the tights until Fall.  However, there are some outfits that allow room for some cute hosiery that can add more style to your profile!  With Hanes Silk Reflections, you can transition your favorite tights into the warm season by wearing their elegant, silky options and following these steps:

  1. Pick out your favorite summer dress or pair of shorts:

2.  Grab your Hanes Silk Reflections Tights (All styles under $20!)

3.  Pair together for a Perfectly Chic Summer look!

I received a pair of Hanes Silk Reflections in a micro fishnet style and I love how it feels like I don’t even have any on!  I can wear them to work, for a night out on the town, or while out and about shopping!

With an incredible celebrity following with stars such as Katy Perry and Jamie Chung,  Hanes Silk Reflections this is the go to line for tights this season! Get the celebrity look for under $20!

To Buy:

Pantyhose 101

Cynthia Bailey wearing black pantyhose. Would you wear this dress with that?

Lately I’ve seen some women dressed in chic outfits and then they ruin it with pantyhose, mostly plain old black hosiery.  I was watching Cynthia on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion and she wore a magenta lace dress with black pantyhose.  Why??  It didn’t go with the look at all and at least if you’re going to go there where a sheer nude shade that matches your complexion. Kate Middleton may have brought it back, but at least she got it right!

Kate Middleton showing how you wear pantyhose - nude sheer

In this day in age, do we really need to wear hosiery?  If it’s a work requirement, religious reasons or a costume that’s fine, but other than that show those legs and strut your stuff!  When I see women wearing them, I tend to get itchy. 

Printed tights - give people something to talk about!

Perhaps you could try patterned or printed tights which are more fun and allow you to be unique.  You don’t want to pair them with an outfit that already speaks for itself – in that case go nude with the hosiery or go home and rethink how to get those legs exposed walking and talking!

Where to Buy –

Holding Out Until It’s Perfect

I recently decided to downsize my handbags to small purses/clutches.  I created a list of exactly what I wanted, which were specific colors to complement my wardrobe.  I was on the hunt for a hot pink, yellow, black, orange and cherry red clutch.  I have combed all over LA trying to find the perfect ones in the right color and I have always came close, but no cigar.  I didn’t want to settle for less, so I held out until I found exactly what I was looking for with 100% satisfaction.  It finally happened when I took my first trip to Camarillo Premium Outlets.

On a whim, my friend contacted me last Saturday to accompany her to this shopping wonderland.  Having never set foot on an outlet mall since I moved to LA, I was excited because it was a Premium Outlets brand I was familiar with where I always score the best deals!  When we arrived, I noticed that it was a huge outdoor mall separated in 3 sections which is recommended to drive to each one. 

I hit the ground running and immediately found the “it” clutches in the outlets Nine West and Wilsons Leather.  Everything was on sale and I was giddy with joy at finally finding the perfect accessory to multiple outfits!  I ended up getting a black, silver, and coral purse.  I also was able to purchase 2 long sleeve light jersey cardigans and a beautiful long sweater cardigan from 2b bebe.  I was a woman on a mission!

Even though I didn’t get all the colors I wanted in clutches, it was a great start to building my collection. I didn’t compromise and I held onto the vision I had of the purses I wanted.  When shopping, that’s what we should always do instead of buying something that is not “the one”.  Don’t settle for less and go for the best.  That is what will have you stand out with your style!

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