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Wear It How You Want It

This ASOS dress went from long sleeves to short sleeves - which do you prefer?

This dress went from long sleeves to short sleeves – which do you prefer?

I always love a colorful in-your-face print on clothing.  This ASOS artwork dress I bought while in Chicago from my favorite fashionista-on-a-budget store Crossroads Trading Co. fits that description spot on. I purchased this dress a year ago and was waiting for the perfect event to wear it too, and finally I wore it to Art City LA.  But a week before I wore it out, I stared at it and felt I needed to alter the dress by changing the long sleeves to short sleeves.

Fits perfectly and love the sleeve chop!

Fits perfectly and love the sleeve chop!

Living in LA has me spoiled all year round with the beautiful sunshine and warmth.  Seeing long sleeves on this dress didn’t feel right, and I wanted some arm exposure and room to breathe!  Once the change was made I was so glad I did it! I enjoy wearing bracelets, so this allowed me to showcase some fun silver jewelry.  The sleeves were now the perfect length and I was ready to wear it out and feel my best.  My takeaway from this is, if you feel an article of clothing needs a change to adjust to your lifestyle or fashion sense, go for it!  Now what else should I alter in my closet?


The Limited 50th Anniversary Event – Recap

The Limited Water Tower Place in Chicago

The Limited Water Tower Place in Chicago

On Thursday October 24th, The Limited at Water Tower Place in Chicago got fancy and celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary of creating chic styles for women.  I just happened to be in town that day and was invited to attend the celebration!

Elliot Staples & Corri McFadden

Elliot Staples & Corri McFadden

The evening began with champagne and hors d’oeuvres while attendees sipped, savored and shopped!  Next there was a fashion show featuring the latest looks from The Limited, co-hosted by Senior Vice President of Design, Elliot Staples, with local fashion expert, Corri McFadden.

Chicago Bloggers: Jess, Jess & Christine

Chicago Bloggers: Jess, Jess & Christine

We got to see some great styles on the models, along with three Chicago bloggers who were selected to participate in the fashion show – Christine (The View from 5 ft. 2), Jess (Addictions of a Fashion Junkie) and Jess (Jess & Jill)They all had cute looks for the fall season!

The Ultimate Celebration Dress: The Riley Dress

The Ultimate Celebration Dress: The Riley Dress

This was also where the Ultimate Celebration Dress was revealed, that was voted on by the public.  There were three dresses to choose from and the Riley dress was the winner.  It’s the perfect dress for a wedding, holiday party, anniversary or whatever you want to celebrate!  I spoke with Elliot about the dress which he designed and he mentioned that the movie The Great Gatsby was an inspiration along with the fact that he wanted to create a dress that women of all sizes could wear.  There are limited quantities, so grab yours before it’s gone!

Joi Gordon (right) accepting the $50,000 check from The Limited

Joi Gordon (right) accepting the $50,000 check from The Limited

I had to grab a photo with Joi since I love volunteering with Dress for Success!

I had to grab a photo with Joi since I love volunteering with Dress for Success!

Another highlight of the event was The Limited donating $50,000 to my fave organization that I volunteer with, Dress for Success.  Joi Gordon, CEO of Dress for Success was on hand to accept the check which will be of great help!  I was so happy to be a part of this great evening of style and giving back.  Here’s to another 50+ years of The Limited!

Sheckys Girls Night Out 2012: LA Recap

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On Wednesday, May 2nd I attended Shecky’s Girls Night Out at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.  It was a woman’s candy store filled with stylish clothes, accessories, shoes and even hair extensions to try on and buy!  There were also a Maybelline makeover studio where girls could glam up and take a photo!  Drinks were offered by La Croix and Little Black Dress and Cointreau as the DJ spun tunes to keep you moving and grooving throughout the scene.  Two vendors I want to highlight that caught my attention are BellaSole and Basic Instinct.


There are many folding flats on the market that tend to your feet once those high heels come off.  BellaSole offers comfy flats with style which come in a zippered pouch that doubles as a wristlet.  They do the job of saving your feet from walking the all way back to your car after long night out with ease.

Black pouch doubles as a wristlet big enough to hold your cards and gloss!

I love the idea that you can not only store your flats in it, but there is room for your ID, credit card and gloss!  I immediately asked the creator, Tina Wong if she is coming out with decorative wristlets with a pocket on the outside for an even more stylish look and she is currently testing that out.  I feel that would definitely be a plus and look forward to seeing her new developments!

Update: If you are interested in buying the flats, Tina is offering a promotion price of $15 (normal $21.99) by using the code STYLEGODDESS at checkout!

Basic Instinct

I’ve always wanted to take a self-defense class and Basic Instinct was on-site to promote self-protection and signing up for one of their classes.  They demonstrated a few moves with a student who enjoyed taking the classes and that had me sold!  They offer a free training session on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I can’t wait to go to mine.  Sign up and be ready to take on real-life scenarios in common places with confidence and action!

Overall, it was a fun event that is not only in LA, but San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, New York and many more!

The Color Blind Holiday

Would you wear this after Labor Day?

Labor Day is here and many fashionistas ask themselves a daunting question -Should I wear white after Labor Day? The answer to that is yes to the 10th degree!  Whoever started this trend of not wearing white after this holiday should step into 2011.  Living in LA, I will wear white all year round since the weather accommodates it.  If I was in Chicago in the winter I would wear some white, but not all white unless I am attending a white party.  Even then, you would want to add a pop of color to break things up like red shoes, a yellow necklace, a royal blue bag, etc.  To me, seasons don’t define the colors I wear, my mood does.  Most likely my mood will call for anything bright, which includes white.

Should we throw a party that celebrates wearing white after September 5th so people aren’t afraid to step out in what they wish in their hearts to wear versus what society limits them to?  Heck yeah!  Let’s start with Fashion Night Out on September 8th -wear white and wear it bright, no matter what item it is on your body and be proud of it!

The Skinny Cow Perfect Cup LA Event – Spot On!

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Every woman enjoys time out with her girlfriends having fun, laughing and just going with the flow.  A great example of that was the Skinny Cow Perfect Cup event in LA on Saturday, August 27th.  I arrived at the Pacific Design Center during my time slot of 2:00-3:00pm ready to enjoy this GDO (Girls Day Out) with my friend who was already there.  She was in the fitting room when I showed up, but that gave me time to observe the scene and jump right in!

I was greeted by Skinny Cow staff which led me to check-in.  As I walked through I passed white leather plush seating with colorful throw pillows, a photo booth, historical bra displays, makeover lounge, an ice cream bar and ladies all around having a good time. Once I was wristbanded and armed with a buzzer, I headed to the food and drink section.  While munching on cheese, grapes and nuts and having a glass of Beringer Moscato, I began to sing and dance because the DJ was playing my fave, 80’s music!  A Madonna remix came on and I was in my own little world.  Before I bumped into anyone, I made my way to a cocktail table where I could rest my belongings and continue my song and dance.  This event was off to a great start and I wasn’t going anywhere!

I met some wonderful ladies as I was waiting for my fitting, especially Ashley who happened to be from my hometown of Evanston, IL and currently lives in my hood!  We started chatting about Chicago and other things when my buzzer went off.  Fitting time!

There were over 20 fitting rooms and several staff onsite to help you determine your perfect bra size.  Before you reached this point you had to write down your assumed size.  Assisted by Mona with my fitting, she was fun to be paired up with since she enjoyed my singing and bopping around.  Well, long story short, the size I wrote down was the perfect size!  Indeed, I know my body well.  So what’s next?

I finally found my friend and we headed over to the photo booth to take some fun pictures with props.  I selected a colorful boa and white feather tiara for my ensemble with the Skinny Cow cutout.  Winners were also being called around the clock for a raffle that continued throughout the day for an Ipod, a free makeover and other prizes.  My name didn’t get called, but no worries, still winning!

Now it was time to cool off on this hot day with a Skinny Cow ice cream cup.  With 5 flavors to choose from I didn’t know where to start!  They all looked delicious, but as a lover of chocolate I had to try the Chocolate Fudge Brownie.  This was cold chocolate heaven in a cup!  I wanted to have a second one, but my stomach wasn’t having it.

Finally it was time to wrap things up and pick up my swag bag, which contained a t-shirt, a clear plastic makeup bag with Skinny Cow lip gloss, coupons, and more.  I also received my free bra certificate to be redeemed at Macys.    Thanks to the sponsors Warner’s and Olga for offering free bras!  Overall this was an event I was glad to be a part of and it was well executed!

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