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Who Has It?

Jennifer Colli, Founder of Who Has It? App

Jennifer Colli, Founder of Who Has It? App

“If you have great style, share it with the world!”  No matter who you are, tech entrepreneur Jennifer Colli wants you to post what you like and look for what you like with a new app called “Who Has It?”

I sat down with Jennifer to discuss her new business and learn more about who she is.  Having her clearly point out that this will be no 30 minute meeting (can’t know about her in such a short period of time), it was great to talk to someone who is very passionate about what she wants to do.  She’s young, driven, and ready to work with anyone who says yes and sees she is serious about creating something many can use and benefit from.

Who Has It will allow you to share images of your style and you’ll also be able to get information on things you want. Love a jacket that you saw Jessica Alba was wearing?  The app will not only tell you what brand it is, but it will also let you know where to buy it, or buy something similar at various price ranges.

This app is also for retailers as well.  Taking a trip to Toronto but want to check out styles available in boutiques near your hotel beforehand?  Just hop on the Who Has it App and do a search near your accommodations and get a peek on what’s in store – window shop on the app.

Jennifer is really excited about celebrities latching on to this as well as retailers and you. She might be young, but she is quite the businesswoman sharing this advice for other young entrepreneurs – “There is always room to negotiate if your passion for your company is inspiring. People don’t mind helping entrepreneurs when they see there is drive, ambition, persistence, & dedication. No matter who tells you no – there’s always one who will say yes. So many entrepreneurs give up & don’t realize just how close they were to breaking through.”

Aiming to launch this September, it will be the perfect app with you in mind where you are the star of style!

Keep A Breast Foundation: Interview with Shaney Jo Darden

Keep A Breast Foundation Co-Founder and gobal CEO Shaney Jo Darden

Breast cancer awareness comes in different ways for many people to understand. Being able to break it down for youth is a different ball game, because you want the information to stick and be relevant. Keep A Breast foundation has mastered that with simple mantras, educational tools and a slogan that will get you talking. I had the opportunity to interview Shaney Jo Darden, co-founder and global CEO of Keep A Breast Foundation about her vision for breast cancer awareness, her passion to be fearless, and an eye for keeping her merchandise stylish and colorful.

1. How was Keep A Breast foundation developed?
In 2000, I founded The Keep A Breast Foundation after a artist in my community was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not seeing anything that resonated with me or my peers I decided to create an awareness campaign by harnessing the power of art to communicate complex feelings and thoughts about health, the female form and ultimately about breast cancer. I wanted to combine sculpture, philanthropy, and my love for art to raise funds for awareness and prevention of breast cancer.

As a result, I decided that it was my responsibility to create Keep A Breast! The scientific data and reports that exist on breast cancer prevention needs to be translated into normal youth language, make it easy to read, easy to understand, fun, cool, and most importantly empower young people to become activists and take this information into their own life, families, and communities, so they can live a healthy life for years to come, and hopefully cancer free.

2. What are 3 words to describe Keep A Breast foundation?

3. What is the main take away from your foundation that you want people to leave with?
KAB has a few mantras. Mantras are words or phrases that inspire a change, and support a belief. 1. Prevention is the Cure 2. Check Your Self and 3. You’re never too young for breast cancer.

  • Prevention is the Cure. There is no cure for breast cancer, and we believe that through diet, lifestyle choices and reducing your exposure to toxins you can seriously lower your risk and prevent disease. We want to open people’s eyes to the fact that there are companies and products that are pushing products out there that are known to cause cancer.
  • Check Your Self. This all about knowing your body and doing your monthly self breast exams – early detection can save your life. We have so many ways you can learn how – through our iPhone app that gives you a monthly reminder, videos featuring musicians telling you how to Check Your Self or cards you can put in your bathroom or bedroom.
  • You’re Never too Young for Cancer. I’ve met many young girls, even in their teens that have been diagnosed with breast cancer, even guys! People in general think breast cancer is a disease for older women and that is simply not true anymore, we are here to break that misconception.

Model wearing the “i love boobies” t-shirt

4. How did you come up with the slogan, “I love boobies?”
Many years ago I was designing new tee’s for KAB and I wanted something special to take on our traveling education booth for the summer on the Vans Warped Tour. I wanted a tee shirt that would be a conversation starter, something that would provide support, raise funds, and most importantly to get young people to start to talking about cancer, how it’s impacted their lives and to get the conversation going about prevention. I have always been inspired by the classic I love New York tee shirt; then “I Love Boobies!” was born.

5. What is your background in fashion design?
I was always into fashion as a means of personal expression – I grew up even sewing my own clothes (it was important to me to be unique and different). I studied fashion design and ended up working in the action sports industry designing mostly denim for companies such as D.C Shoes and Sole Technology for many years. I love that I get to channel my creative talents and background into Keep A Breast, using art and clothing to educate and make a difference.

6. Do you also touch on awareness for men getting breast cancer?
Yes! 3 of our 16 employees’ grandfathers have had breast cancer, yet no one talks about it. The truth is that men do get breast cancer (so many are un-informed about this). And beyond that, nearly 70% of all breast cancers are found through self-exams. And with early detection, the 5-year survival rate is 98% – many lumps are found by a woman’s partner. We want to let people know that breast cancer should be a conversation that everyone is having No girl is going to be upset if you tell her that you feel something different in her breast. You could possibly save her life, just by opening up and making breast cancer a non-taboo conversation.

I Love Boobies bracelets in many colors and patterns

7. How did you select the colors and patterns for the bracelets (Love the many color options!)?
The Original KAB “I Love Boobies!” bracelet colors are our Foundation brand colors. From there I just started to create fun new color ways and packages based on seasons or holidays like; red, white and blue for 4th of July, and Neon for the summer. I try to launch fresh new styles all the time. People shouldn’t only be caring about breast cancer prevention while wearing pink or during the month of October.

8. What makes your breast cancer awareness foundation unique from all others?
EVERYTHING! There is no other breast cancer organization out there like KAB. I started KAB as a true grass roots art movement for breast cancer awareness; young people with a crazy passion for health and prevention. I’m pretty fearless and I’m not afraid to take risks for what I believe in. Our approach is different because we are all about going directly to young people and educating them in their own environment about their cancer risk and how they can prevent disease. I’m truly blessed to do what I do, and I’m so grateful for the team I have around the globe helping to further this cause.

For more information, check out

The Color Goddess of Hair – Interview with Kiyah Wright

Clairol Professional Celebrity Colorist Kiyah Wright

Hair color is another form of self-expression and adds a “pop” to your overall look. That’s probably the only part of me that hasn’t seen a hue outside of black!  When I do decide to take that leap, I will most likely reach out to Clairol Professional Celebrity Colorist Kiyah Wright, who has hair coloring and extensions down to a science! Coming fresh off the Bronner Bros. Convention in Atlanta, I had the opportunity to get the scoop on this fashion forward, hair artist.

1. Congratulations on hosting an education seminar on hair color and extensions at the Bronner Bros. Convention!  What did attendees have the opportunity to learn from you?

I showcased the fun color trends from summer that are transitioning into fall, and revealed how to add color without compromising the integrity of your hair with tips on how to keep your hair healthy in the interim.

2. How should someone with natural hair ease into color?

Starting out gradually is best. Resist the urge to go up higher than five levels and then see how  the hair responds over the next 4-6 months with weekly deep conditioning treatments and less use of heat tools.

3.  What color do you love on your own hair?  Is there a color you haven’t tried yet but want to?

I personally love Clairol Professional because it’s a household name that is easy to find in stores, simple to use, and best of all, gentle on ethnic hair. I have had pretty much every hair color in the book!

4. How do extensions help your hair?

Extensions really help to give your hair a break from hot tools, relaxers and hair color. Most of all, it really helps women to stay healthy because they’re not as deterred from going to the gym. They can curl the extension hair every day after working out without worrying about breakage.

5. What do you enjoy most about being a hair stylist?

I love having the ability to change someone’s life for the better- it’s that serious. Most of the time, when people want to make a change, they start with their hair. It brings me so much joy to see my clients leave my chair happy.

6. Describe your Muze|Hair line.  How did you come up with the name?

I came up with the name Muze because I feel I have been an inspiration to a lot of people, and most of all, because my clients have really inspired me by allowing me to be creative.  That’s huge for me and I hold them with high regard.

7. What are some of the hottest hair trends right now?

Hair color, extensions, and shaving the sides of the head in some style.

8. Which hair tool and product is a must have?

My flat iron and leave-in conditioner!

9. Do you feel hair and fashion intersect?

Hair can’t stand alone without fashion. I just hosted a “Summer Solstice” event which met at the     intersection of beauty and fashion because it’s all about the total look. The hair, makeup and clothing create the entire package.

10. How did you build your celebrity clientele?

P. Diddy got me started! I worked with his artists. But I really feel it was my passion and tremendous love for hair that kept me current in the industry.

11.  In your opinion, what is the future of hair?

The future of hair is forever evolving. Every season, fashion dictates the direction of hair and as long as fashion evolves, so will hair.

12.  What are you most proud of during you career span in hair styling?

Winning two Emmys was an amazing accomplishment for me! I’m also very proud of being able to make a real career out of hairstyling.

13.  If you weren’t a hair stylist, what would you be doing?

I would probably pursue management of artists, such as musicians or other creative people.

14.  What separates you from all other celebrity hair stylists?

I think my attention to detail and having a tremendous love and attention for being a dedicated  hair stylist.  This is my career and I try to be a leader and teacher- this is a gift from above.

15.  What advice would you give someone that wants to become a hair stylist?

Find your niche in hairstyling and excel at it!

16.  What are 3 important hair tips everyone should know?

  • For ethnic hair, be sure to sleep on a pillow case.
  • Consult your stylist before coloring your own hair.
  • Condition your hair regularly.

About Kiyah Wright

Clairol Professional is thrilled to have two-time Emmy Award-winning celebrity hair stylist and colorist Kiyah Wright on board in her most recent role as a celebrity colorist for the professional haircolor brand. Kiyah’s hair genius not only sets precedent for image-making, but redefines the appearance of sexy, successful, and confident women. Kiyah is a fashion powerhouse with expertise ranging from signature hair designs to overall beauty transformations. As a charismatic visionary, she established her mark in the industry and continues to inspire with cutting edge developments and groundbreaking achievements. She aims to bring awareness and knowledge to the proper care of “blended” or textured hair, and believes that “behind every gorgeous celebrity is a fabulous hair stylist.”

As a teenager, Kiyah met entertainment mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs and quickly found herself at the hub of a life-changing experience when “Diddy” gave her her big break. Having developed her natural talent at the early age of 14, Kiyah quickly mastered the arts of style, color, cuts, hair weaving and full imaging and has since gone on to work with top artists such as Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, Tyra Banks, Iman, Brandy, Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Hudson, Kerry Washington and Taraji P. Henson.

Kiyah’s work is frequently featured on-camera on hit television shows such as The Tyra Show, America’s Next Top Model, America’s Got Talent, and BET’s “My Black Is Beautiful.” She also made guest appearances on Style Her Famous, Shear Genius, MTV’s “Hired” and frequently provides hair and beauty tips on AOL” Daily Solutions” webisodes. Kiyah’s work is celebrated in the editorial world and can be seen in Glamour, Vanity Fair, Elle, Essence and Vogue, and when not on-set, she works with a loyal client base at the highly celebrated Warren-Tricomi Salon in Los Angeles.

 Kiyah’s diverse clientele reflects her impeccable ability to reveal and effectively translate a woman’s beauty, inside and out.

Giuliana Rancic Dishes on the Oscars Red Carpet & Beauty Tips

The Style Goddess & Giuliana Rancic

The Oscars – an annual event for the stars and a time to honor top movies of the year.  For fashionistas, it’s a time to see who will be walking the red carpet and what they are wearing.  I had the opportunity to chat with Giuliana Rancic, co-anchor of E! News and costar on the Fashion Police, to get the inside scoop on the big day tomorrow and learn more about her new beauty regimen.

Looking fabulous in DVF (Diane von Furstenberg) at the W Hotel Hollywood, we complimented each other on our looks (she loved my BCBG goldenrod peep-toe pumps) and then got down to business.

1.     What’s your prediction on who will rock the red carpet?

J. Lo will be presenting this year and she will be the one to rock the red carpet.  She’s looking so good right now at 42, with kids and a divorce! Michelle Williams is another one to watch as well as Rooney Mara – I would love to see her wear a bold color.

2.     What will be the “It” color of the evening?

Lot’s of white gorgeous gowns! I will also be wearing white twice for the evening.  It appears that lately the color I wear to these awards shows turns out to be the “it” color most celebs are wearing.

3.    Which designer is the one to watch?

Marchesa!  I love the new collection and Viola Davis wore her at the Golden Globes.  And it was white!

4.      You’re not wearing foundation these days what’s the secret to you natural glow?

We spend so much money on makeup it’s best to take care of your skin while wearing it.  That means don’t fall asleep with it on because it can cause you to break out more. I’m now using DDF (Doctors Dermatologic Formula), which is a Professional skincare line that’s affordable and sold at Sephora.

5.      What are some tips & tricks for looking naturally gorgeous?

Less is more.  I love a smokey eye during the week and a really clean look for sophistication.  Take skin care seriously!  Use the right products that work for your skin and no botox.  DDF is great for my skin and you can even get a skin consultation at Sephora to see what works for you!

I would have loved to talk with her more, but the show must go on and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the red carpet on Sunday!  I also got some of the DDF products that I can’t wait to try and will do a review on them in March.

Be sure to check out DDF’s Facebook Page to see when they’ll be at your Sephora for a skin consultation (LA is today at Westfield Century City, 10250 Santa Monica Blvd.) and for a chance to chat with Giuliana about fresh face tips and her red carpet faves live next Tuesday!

Peep This – Interview with Orenthal Goff

When I first moved out to LA, I was looking for modeling opportunities for exposure.  I responded to an ad for a photo shoot of a clothing line and that’s where I met designer Orenthal  (Orencio)  Goff.  Unique in his style, design and outlook on life, I helped bring to life  O’Peepers Couture– skirts with a twist.  Not only is he a designer, but he sings, dances and who knows what else?  Read on to learn more about this man-on-the-move.

Orencio Goff

1.     How would you describe your clothing line?  O’Peepers Couture – cutting edge, one of a kind, and universal.

2.    Who are your top 3 favorite designers? Alexander McQueen,  Roberto Cavalli and Halston.

3.    What article of clothing in your closet makes you feel on top of the world? Jacket from Lourdes for $1800.  Just says everything and I get compliments every time.

4.    If I were to enter your closet right now, what would I be surprised to see? Not that many clothes – did a Brad Pitt post Jennifer.

5.    How much influence does the way you dress have on your personal brand? None at all.

 6.    Do you follow trends or make your own?  Break my own.

Me wearing one of the O’Peepers skirts

7.    How does Indianapolis style compare to LA style?  Indy is style in the making.

8.    In your opinion, what is the future of fashion?  Individuality.

9.    What would you never be caught wearing as long as you live? Hammer pants.

10.  What is your favorite clothing store in LA?  Sashi B.

11.   What fashion advice would you share with the world?  Be yourself, express yourself.

12.  What do you think is the new black?  Spirituality and individuality.

13.  What makes your clothing line unique from all others?  It’s designed, cut and sewn by me.

14.  As a musician, artist and designer, is your style different for each one? All incorporate a bit of my own style, it’s all me.

Peep this!

About Orenthal Goff

Orenthal Goff was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on September 8, early one autumn morning. He has been entertaining for most of his life young life. He moved to Los Angeles at the tender age of seventeen alone with sixty dollars and two suitcases quickly finding work in the film industry and singing demos for fun. Fun lead to work as the demo’s turned into records for different producers. Writing hooks and melodies is something that flows like water from him. Playing the guitar is his new found baby. Music and singing has always been a huge part of his life being raised in the church next to his Grandmother Virginia and having his ear tuned in to Casey Kasem Top Forty lead him to the world of pop music.

Training with San Francisco’s Razz Kennedy introduced a new sound to his already tenor soulful voice. Indiana gave him the musical roots of The Police, Diana Ross, Patti Labelle, Kiss, Duran Duran, Natalie Cole, Madonna, Janet and Michael Jackson and many others. California gave him the musical roots of Oingo Biongo, The Cure, Niki Haris, Kenny Chesney, Yazz, Mazzy Star, Lenny Kravitz, Bork, Kinky and the list goes on. His recognizable face as been the spokesman for Miller Genuine Draft, Lens Crafters Eye Wear and MTV to mention a few. His passion for performing has lead him to some of L A’s most known stages. His art for giving dance tracks a certain flavor has allowed him to record with a slew of talented producers. “Arena” is where he made his debut singing an original house track with DJ Fabian and a troop of dancers. This is where his fans begin to take notice and from there it’s been a whirlwind of creativity, music, spirituality, sexuality, and Self Love. Out of the ashes rises “The Rooster” ready to waken the world from sleeping!

For more information, check out his website

TASH FOLDS – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Natashia Tomek, designer of TASH FOLDS

The next big thing to hit the shoe world just launched in February 2011 – a fashionable, foldable flat for the girl on the go.  There is a flat for all types, even a wedding collection!  On a sunny afternoon in downtown LA, I met with Natashia Tomek, designer of TASH FOLDS (@TASHLIMITED) to learn more about her new line.  Not only does she have a true sense of style when it comes to foldable flats, but she’s also tapped into industry where she can hold her own and hit the ground running.  

1.  How would you describe TASH FOLDS?

It’s the girl on the go who has an active lifestyle.  She’s running out of meetings, hopping into a cab, and putting on Tash Folds.

2.   Who is the target market?

16-35 year olds, but it has ventured way past that since 40 is the new 20!

3.  How did you come up with the collection?

I went to the UK and saw roll shoes. I saw them not as chic, so I thought, “what if I put some fashion into the shoes?” I had a dream about folds and then I pitched it to investors.

TASH FOLDS in different styles, along with the packaging

4.  What is the inspiration behind the different styles of Tash Folds?

Trends, animal prints, florals and friends.  I also think about what I would love to wear.

 5.  Who are your top 3 shoe designers?

Sam Edelman, Jeffrey Campbell, &  Dolce Vitta

 6.  What shoes in your closet makes you feel on top of the world?

Office =TOMS shoes, Going out = Basic black heels

7.  How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Over 100.  I’m a compulsive shopper.

8.  Which flats are your bestsellers?

Amorous, Double Dare and the oxford

 9.  Which celebrity would you love to see wearing TASH FOLDS?

Lady Gaga!

10.  In your opinion, what is the future of fashion?

Fashion changes constantly.  Not sure where it’s going, but I do look at articles to see where forecasting is and what is currently in season.

11.  What fashion advice would you share with the world?

Have passion behind what you do, whatever it is! I will continue to succeed as long as I do what I love!

TASH FOLDS, which comes in whole sizes 6-11

12.  How are your flats unique to brands already on the market?

Foldable, fashionable and easy to slip into your purse.  My flats are more stylish, convenient and have strong rubber sole.

For more information, go to

Interview with Brandon Aki

I was introduced to Brandon Aki at a social event by social activist Femi Abodunde and once he told me he was a “real life Hitch” for women, I knew he was someone unique. He would be an ideal person to interview since not only would he be fully capable to give his male opinion on style, but also how that weaves into dating. A man of many words, Brandon talked about designers I didn’t recognize and a new perspective on how men and women should dress. After learning more about who he is as a person, this is one gentleman that is on the pulse of a style that is truly his own and makes him stand out for the right reasons.

© Misha McGinley

1. Describe your style.

I have had the opportunity to travel the world, and I’ve seen some of the best fashion that the world has to offer. I have always been an independent thinker when it comes to my personal style. Being from Charleston, S.C. a city that attracts and caters to the affluent tourist, I have always been attracted to the various boutiques that have lined the streets. Those S.C. boutiques, have a hint of southern charm. So, how I see it, no matter how you shake it I am a southern gentleman at heart with a southern charm that translates in the clothes that I wear every day.

I spent some time in Denver, CO. I moved to Los Angeles, CA to give my career a big push!  This is a city where everyone has great fashion sense. I like to say that I stand out with southern charm and a hint of L.A. casual.

I value the way that I look, and like most men, I value the way that a woman looks. How she is dressed opens up the door to great dating possibilities.

2. Who are your top 3 favorite designers?

I often laugh when I hear this question. Because, I personally just have two favorites. Robert Graham creates amazing shirts and is an artist when it comes to the stitching and the texture that he offers in his shirts.

Layers are very important to me both literally and figuratively. Robert Graham is a genius when it comes to ensuring his shirts have depth and character. However, for me personally, I want women to look at dating as I look at the shirts of Robert Graham–demanding depth and demanding that the men that they date have layered personalities.

The work of Waraire Boswell speaks directly to what I do as a dating expert and what I offer my clients. A tailored approach and unique fit are the things that I can always count on with Waraire Boswell designs and are the things that my clients can be proud of while working with me in dating.

Both designers provide products that last a lifetime, and I provide advice that will also last them a lifetime. So, I think that my two style favorites and what I offer to my clients is a match made in heaven.

3.  What article of clothing in your closet makes you feel on top of the world?

I enjoy wearing a really nice watch. For me, watches are more of an art piece. When I bought my first Rolex, I loved the vibe. A Rolex is a great piece and a great investment.

If I am stranded somewhere, and I need a way out the Rolex is accepted! Each Rolex that I have represents a different time in my life and also provides as a conversation piece.

I am also big on fragrances. Men and women should find their own signature fragrance. My personal favorite is Creed. What I enjoy about Creed is that this privately held, luxury fragrance dynasty masters the top note, middle note and base note of each fragrance.

While courting you always want to leave your mark. Why not leave a lasting impression with your signature fragrance?

4. If I were to enter your closet right now, what would I be surprised to see?

Just like designers that make me feel and look good and the timepieces that can be a conversation piece, I also love to relax, so one would definitely be surprised to see my Happy Feet Lion slippers. They are super comfortable and help me relax.  My best friend and mentor always says, “Be good to yourself,” so the lion slippers are my small way of heeding his advice.

5.  How much influence does the way you dress have on your personal brand?

Everything! I believe that what you wear speaks for you and paints a picture of your personality before speaking one word. People judge us before we open our mouths, and I always stress to my clients that it’s all about the presentation.

As a dating expert, ensuring that my clients create a great visual presentation is key for their success in relationships. When my clients factor in a great visual presentation, signature fragrance and are well coached on how to effectively date it takes their romantic prospects to new heights.

What you wear is a direct representation of who you are. Personally and professionally I am textured. I am layered, and like my clothes I have lots of personality.

6.  Do you follow trends or make your own?

I do not follow trends, but I do follow social norms. I have a classic style, and I strongly believe that dressing for the occasion and with flair speaks to the masses and the venue.

7.   How does Charleston & Colorado style compare to L.A. style?

Charleston is conservative–classic and Colorado is casual–outdoors. L.A., however, is the full gamut of fashion good and bad. There are certain parts of L.A. where people wear the most outrageous things. There’s a wide range of creativity in L.A.

8.  Are you currently working with a stylist right now?

If I look like a stylist has dressed me, then I personally am doing my job.  Right now, I dress myself because I understand how important it is to establish a brand and understand personal style. I will have some items tailored specifically for me, but I do offer suggestions even with my tailors. I am 6’5” and I know what fits my body the best.

More Q&A with Brandon: (more…)

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