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Wilde Willow Style

There are just so many designers out there that instead of the mainstream ones, I always seek those that I’ve never heard of but should be on my radar and in my closet.  I recently got introduced to Wilde Willow, an Australian brand which has the coolest prints and fabrics of clothing for women.  To get a closer look at their clothing, I had the opportunity to try out the Lucent Layered Blazer and Calyx High-Waisted pants to match.

Wilde Willow Lucent Layered Blazer ($169)

Wilde Willow Lucent Layered Blazer, $169

This statement blazer ($169) is so chic and will jazz up any look! Soft and silky smooth to the touch, I love the color mix and the detail of the front and back with the panels. Not a big fan of flower prints, but with the right look I will wear it!  It has a front closure, but for the photo I opted for a Cali chill look.  I paired it with white jeans and a tank with black heels for a polished look for a day or night out on the town.

Calyx Pants, $125

Calyx Pants, $125

The Calyx High-Waisted pants ($125) were a bit small for me to try (sample sizes at it’s best lol), but I still wanted to show case them if you want to be bold and go for the full-out look of this print.  For me, I would probably wear them as separates and have fun mixing it up with different looks.

After reviewing their website, there are a lot of fab pieces to choose from and the color palette is bright and bold.  Check them out if your ready to color up your wardrobe!


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