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Love this 2-piece ruffled look!

Love this 2-piece ruffled look!

It may not be swim season, but why not get a head start on what to buy now?  I recently got introduced to one of the coolest brands with a cause, Eco Swim by Aqua Green.  Eco Swim is planet-friendly swimwear that uses sustainable technologies and methods to produce looks that are fashionable while giving back.  The core customer is 18-48 years young that recycles, carries reusable bags to the grocery store, is stylish and cares about what she puts on her body.  The color palette is full of Earth hues that bring to mind the beauty of the desert, the freshness of a flower, the stillness of a calm sea and the exotic lure of the wild.  These suits are for real women who want to look and feel fabulous!

Desert or in the wild?

Desert or in the wild?

Everything is made in the USA and they are always working towards reducing the carbon footprint in the sand.  To give back, Eco Swim does beach and waterway cleanups in areas of need.  To date they have collected over 50,000 pounds of trash and have 13 cleanups this year.

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