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Sample look to wear to happy hour in DTLA!

Sample look to wear to happy hour in DTLA!

Hot new online start-up,, aims to redesign the way we discover food and drink possibilities come 5 o’clock by intelligently organizing and sharing extensive happy hour listings by location, specials, and popularity, starting in bustling Downtown Los Angeles.

Urban dwellers and young professionals of Downtown LA can now find the right spot to wind down after work thanks to, launching July 1. “Today’s usual happy hour sites are boring. They tell you only vague general information about what an establishment offers, but nothing that makes you want to try one place over another,” says Kevin Chu, the site’s founder and architect of technology. “I want to know where I can find $3 beers on Tuesday evening at 6pm. Nothing out there was able to do that either easily or accurately, so we created SpecialH.” digs much deeper than even popular mainstays like Yelp or GoTime into what venues offer.” Instead of simply saying a bar offers ‘$5 draft beer’ we make that information searchable and “likable,” so that patrons can get a sense of what makes an individual special great,” says Kyle Hjelmeseth, Director of Marketing. “We also worked to make that information easier on the eyes… a big difference from what is currently available to happy hour goers.” The two founders plan to expand beyond Downtown LA in the near future.

Now that we know where to go, what do you wear?  A lot of people probably head straight for a bar after work so if you are all suited up, leave the blazer behind for a more laid back vibe.  It’s great to wear separates to work so you can peel off a layer when happy hour arrives.  If there is time to put together a look, jeans with a cute top and heels or a summer dress will work for the DTLA scene.  Whatever choice you make, be comfortable and ready to let loose!

Attend the launch party on September 5th, to see first hand why SpecialH will be the “it” way to select your next happy hour!

SpecialH is an exciting new start-up headquartered in the hub of up-and-coming dining and drinking establishments, Downtown Los Angeles. Our mission is to create the best happy hour search website so that friends and colleagues can find the best information to help them plan the best happy hour experience. SpecialH was created by co-founders KevinChu and Kyle Hjelmeseth, both of DTLA, to create the ultimate happy hour search experience and to remain on top of downtown LA’s ever-growing list of happy hour specials. SpecialH strives to bring a simple and elegant user experience to the world of happy hours.  Check it out at


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