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Who Has It?

Jennifer Colli, Founder of Who Has It? App

Jennifer Colli, Founder of Who Has It? App

“If you have great style, share it with the world!”  No matter who you are, tech entrepreneur Jennifer Colli wants you to post what you like and look for what you like with a new app called “Who Has It?”

I sat down with Jennifer to discuss her new business and learn more about who she is.  Having her clearly point out that this will be no 30 minute meeting (can’t know about her in such a short period of time), it was great to talk to someone who is very passionate about what she wants to do.  She’s young, driven, and ready to work with anyone who says yes and sees she is serious about creating something many can use and benefit from.

Who Has It will allow you to share images of your style and you’ll also be able to get information on things you want. Love a jacket that you saw Jessica Alba was wearing?  The app will not only tell you what brand it is, but it will also let you know where to buy it, or buy something similar at various price ranges.

This app is also for retailers as well.  Taking a trip to Toronto but want to check out styles available in boutiques near your hotel beforehand?  Just hop on the Who Has it App and do a search near your accommodations and get a peek on what’s in store – window shop on the app.

Jennifer is really excited about celebrities latching on to this as well as retailers and you. She might be young, but she is quite the businesswoman sharing this advice for other young entrepreneurs – “There is always room to negotiate if your passion for your company is inspiring. People don’t mind helping entrepreneurs when they see there is drive, ambition, persistence, & dedication. No matter who tells you no – there’s always one who will say yes. So many entrepreneurs give up & don’t realize just how close they were to breaking through.”

Aiming to launch this September, it will be the perfect app with you in mind where you are the star of style!

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