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On Wednesday, January 23rd I attend the LA Art show opening premiere party. I must say after going to this last year, there are a lot of great artists out there that just blow me away with their creativity and concept. With it’s new location in South Hall at the LA Convention Center, I couldn’t tell of this was a bigger show or not. What I can say is that you need a full day to see all the pieces and go down every aisle to enjoy it all. All the pieces I took photos of are my favorites, so I give them all love for catching my eye and taking me on a journey.

Hosted by The Art of Elysium supporters Ali Larter and Hayes MacArthur, 100% of ticket proceeds from this event will help The Art of Elysium to expand its program to bring arts to medically fragile children and increase the number of school children who visit the Getty through The J. Paul Getty Museum through its program for Title One School visits. James Franco was the guest of honor at the Patron reception, mingling among other celebs and art collectors alike.

Food and drinks were flowing throughout the evening from various eateries and a new addition this year was a beer garden serving drinks from Angel City Brewery. Art is always a great way to bring people together to admire the talents of gifted artists and perhaps buy some of it to put in your home. Looking forward to next year!


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