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Event Tips P-R

Greetings!  I’m back with fresh new tips for planning your event and these next three are all a part of the big picture.  Let’s dive in!

1.  Photography: Photography is a very important part of an event, because you want to capture memories that live on forever and you want to give the non-attendee a chance to see the event through your eyes.  Every event should have a photographer and/or photo booth, which has become very popular part of events.  For the person taking the photos, you want to capture the action and paint a picture for those who couldn’t attend to make them feel like they are there.  If you’re on a tight budget, you can hire a student from a photography school as they are eager to build their portfolio.

This is a photo from the Travel Expo in Long Beach showing how packed this event was.

This is from the Skinny Cow event in 2011 that lists all the different types of beauty makeovers one could get.

2.   Quality: No matter how basic or complex your event is, it should be a quality event.  The vendors, the staff, and the venue should be worth putting on a show.

Pamper Me Fabulous at Terranea Resort in 2011 was a quality event form the venue, food, services, staff and attendees!

3.  RSVP:  RSVPs provide a head count of whose attending and give a personalized touch to an invitation.  If you provide an RSVP, make sure to respond back to each one confirming whether or not they can attend.  I can’t recall how many times people have attended events and were turned away because they said they RSVP’d, but got no response confirming.  Cut out the guesswork and hassle by issuing a one line response.  Also, if a +1 can attend, make that clear in your invitation.

This is an example of a great invitation that requires and RSVP and clearly mentions you can bring a +1

I hope you enjoyed my tips for this week, feel free to share any tips you might have!

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