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Event Tips M-O

Happy Wednesday!  As I continue to share event tips every week, I notice that everything can be an event: building a house, planning a trip, buying a car.  Here are some more tips to keep you on your feet, from M-O!

Get the word out about your event through all key avenues!

  1. Marketing: When marketing your event, there are several different mediums to use: Email, Twitter, Facebook, News stations, bloggers, direct mail, public signage etc. You don’t have to use them all, but you want to use key ones that you feel are most effective and will get the word out.  A crucial thing to do is if there are several vendors involved to make your event happen, you should alert them immediately so they have time to respond for participation and availability.  You also want product placement visible throughout your event.  Attendees should be able to immediately know what the event is about when they enter the venue.  For social media savvy events, have signage scattered throughout the event with key Twitter handles and hashtags for live tweeting. 

    How do your registration numbers compare between your events?

  2. Numbers: At the end of the day, every event is all about numbers.  Data is needed to determine how to adjust for your next event.  Attendee count, sales, surveys and vendor pricing are common metrics one should have post event.  You also always want to keep track and see if you are under or over budget.  Make sure that you also designate someone to do a head count at your event it if isn’t available electronically. 

    Always keep your office space when planning an event. Makes life easier!

  3. Organize: If there is one thing you must have during event planning its organization.  Paperwork, vendor contacts, supplies, etc. should all have a home where you can easily access everything without having to search.  Creating a cheat sheet with all contacts for your event is helpful and designating a room or drawers for supplies will keep things in order.   Have a run of show compiled to hand out to everyone with pertinent contact info.  Being organized leaves you not wasting time and being able to handle multiple things!

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