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Event Tips J-L

Awards season and fashion events are ramping up which means your calendar will be booked.  If you’re planning these events, here are some tips from J-L for this week to assist in total success!

There are so many things to juggle when it comes to event planning! We wear many hats, but be able to delegate!

  1. Juggling: There are a lot of balls in the air when it comes to planning an event and you have to juggle them all.  You can delegate tasks to your team, but overall you are still in charge of overseeing what they are doing and making sure things are getting done the way you want it.  Be ready to wear different hats and get your hands in everything so you can see your event come to fruition and know everything was executed greatly.  Outside of juggling your job, you have your family and friends to tend to as well.  It’s quite the juggling act, but if anyone can do it, you can!  Relax, relate, release!

    Your Event Emergency Kit – Packed with everything you need for event day!

  1. Kit: Things always come up on the day of the event where you need supplies and you don’t want to have people running errands or going back to the office to get things you could already have in your possession.  The solution is to have an emergency event kit onsite with the following: scissors, pens, tape, white out, notepad, outlet, ribbon, sharpies, sanitizer, measuring tape, USB drive, paper clips, stapler, sticky notes etc. Now you’re more prepared than ever to tackle anything that comes your way event day!

    Great to offer drinks at an event, make sure attendees know upfront if it’s hosted or cash.

  1. Liquor: Most events normally have some type of alcohol served. A few things that should be clear to attendees is what will be served, if it’s a cash bar or hosted and if there is a drink maximum.  Some events do require the limit of drinking so people are not sloppy drunk causing a disturbance to other guests.  If a bar is hosted, one thing the wait staff shouldn’t be doing is skimming on the drink – you are getting paid to serve, so do it properly!

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