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Happy Wednesday!  I’m back with more basic event tips to share with you for a successful event.  Last week I did A-C, now let’s move on to D-F!

Example of a detailed invitation to a past event – No guessing here!

  1. Details: When providing an invite to an event, provide as much detail as possible, for example parking options, ID required etc.  Therefore, fewer questions will be asked by your attendees.  Make sure everyone is aware of event details prior to the event and their role.  You shouldn’t have someone running around the day of asking “What should I do?” Have a few meetings prior to the event to go over all details with your core team.  Even if you think something is covered, double check to make sure someone is on it or if you need to step up and knock it out!  When it comes to details, it’s all about the little things!

This looks fun, what is going on here? BizBash does a stellar job of covering events and making you feel like you’re there.

  1. Experience: Each event is an experience where you want to take the attendee to another place, immerse them in your theme and have them talking about your event afterwards.  You want to create an experience that will have them wanting more.  Even if someone cannot attend, any write-up of the event should make the reader feel like they were there.  BizBash does an amazing job of reporting on events and it’s my go-to for the scoop on what’s happening around town.

Issue a survey online or at the event for attendees to fill out and share their thoughts on the event,

  1. Feedback: It’s great to get feedback from attendees, vendors and the core planning team.  For every event you do, no matter the size, there should be a post event meeting to discuss what you can keep doing and what you can do better.  Many times that is overlooked and then the same mistakes happen for the next event.  Since the attendees are the ones making your event happen, they should also be involved with feedback by doing a quick survey where they can share their thoughts about it.  You can even incentivize the survey by offering a prize or coupon.  Once people see changes have been made for your next event, they will speak up and thank you for it!

Next week will be event tips from G-I, and for more tips click here!


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