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Hello everyone!

Today is the first day of August in 2012 and I’m excited to launch something new! In addition to fashion, I also have a passion for events. I have worked in the event industry for 6 years and learned a lot of lessons along the way.  I’ve attended many events as well, from the Taste TV Awards to the Herb Ritts opening reception at The Getty. Out of all these experiences, I have curated and compiled an A-Z series of tips and insights covering everything you need to make your events a major success.  Each week I will bring you tips in increments of 3 until we reach the end of the alphabet.  So check back weekly to see what’s next!

Wear you best feature when planning and executing an event – a SMILE!

  1. Attitude: When planning any type of event, you must put your best foot forward and have a positive can-do attitude during planning and execution.  It is extremely important during the day of the event not to be upset, angry or sad when you’re around attendees.  Save that for behind the scenes, because the more stressed you are the more it will show on your face.  Take a breather if need be and flash that smile at all times so it can spread to everyone else!

There are so many moving parts to events and then there is your life. Can you balance it all?

  1. Balance: Planning an event involves juggling a lot of balls in the air and being able to balance everything to make sure t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. If you’re interested in ‘balancing’ work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable. Don’t let the event overwhelm you – make time for yourself, your family and friends even if it’s a little here and there.  Meditate daily for a few minutes to center yourself and get focused.  All will fall into place.

    Effective communication is key when planning and executing any event!

  2. Communication: Clear, concise, uniform communication is crucial across all channels when it comes to planning and execution of your event.  All parties involved should have consistent information coming from one source so everyone is on the same page.  Have meetings to go over facets of the event and allow for others to ask questions.  As the planner, certain individuals should have disclosure of all info, be kept in the loop about any adjustments and you should be able to respond to email and voice messages within 24 hours, or at least acknowledge receipt.  Even if someone isn’t part of the event, but works in your office it’s good to give them a brief overview of the event or a run of show so they can be armed with key information just in case they get asked.  Listening is also a part of communication to understand what the other person is saying and allow for someone else to have a voice.

Tune in next week where I’ll share 3 more tips to have the most successful event!


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