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My accessory collection will continue to grow as long as I discover new designers with unique pieces.  Animal motif jewelry is a hot trend right now and I recently discovered Anna Beck who has some of the cutest animal necklaces along with some other items I would love to add to my collection!

Anna Beck Designs is a line of handcrafted accessories from Bali.  The pieces are crafted using the mastered old-age art of jewelry making techniques.  Each piece of the collection is layered with tiny gold or silver disks, with each disk of precious metal individually cut and affixed to the metal base.  The unusual style is a signature technique used by ancient Balinese, giving Anna Beck’s jewelry a true piece of Bali in each design.

Anna Beck’s designs have gained a following of customers, transcending age with it’s classic style.  Each piece is designed to be timeless and interplay off of other pieces in the collection to allow for layering or simplistic statement pieces.

Designs are driven from the lands of Bali where Anna Beck’s head designer, Becky Hosmer, resides. The brand aims to support the community that has inspired the line.  Every piece purchased donates a percentage to Bumi Sehat, which translates to “healthy mother earth”.

Bumi Sehat is a women’s clinic in Bali that operates solely on donations. Bumi Sehat provides Balinese with health and emergency care services as well as community, environmental and educational programs.

View the collection at:
Price Range: $175- 600


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