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Summer is a time to bring out as many bright hues as you can from head to toe.  Not only does that go for clothing, but same rules apply for accessories, including handbags.  I just got introduced to the handbag line Donatienne, which is a great, colorful collection!  Designed by Los Angeles native Nikki Erwin, these bags are versatile, vibrantly colored, and work from day to night. They are also a favorite of many celebrities, including Blake Lively, Cameron Diaz, Gisele Bundchen and Erin Heatherton. 

Donatienne Camille clutch in neon pink (also comes in mustard, blue, black & neon green)

The premiere collection debuted in 2011 and the sophomore collection is now available.  Both offer modern styles in the brands signature vivid color scheme.  From clutches to satchels to shoulder bags, there is something for everyone in a color you want. That’s one of the best things about her line is that multiple colors are available and I know many of you need certain colors for certain looks! Also, there is a limited number of each bag which makes you more unique if you can get one!  Donatienne is sold at Madison stores throughout Los Angeles and online at


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