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On Monday, April 2nd I had the honor of attending the opening reception for the Herb Ritts L.A. Style Exhibit at the Getty Center.  This warm spring evening brought out the artsy crowd to the beautiful grounds of this museum to celebrate a man who has captured pure essence in each of his photos.

This was my first time to The Getty, so I was super excited to attend! Accompanied by a walking piece of art, The Man in the Hot Pink Suit, we were sure to have a wonderful time!  Upon arrival, we took a tram to get to the event location. The view was beautiful along the way, with houses on hills and a breathtaking view of the LA landscape. 

The reception was held outside, with delicious hors d’oeuvres, drinks and chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and a bow fitted for the theme. We met several different people, including GRAMMY award winner Tracy Chapman, who has been photographed by Herb multiple times.  After a bit of mingling, it was time to see the main attraction and enjoy his innovation.

As I walked around the West Pavilion of The Getty looking at his photos, I was intrigued.  Here we had a man who became a top photographer in the 1980s with a mastery of fashion, portraits, nudes and music videos.  Each photo I saw was more captivating than the other.  The black and white photos were all amazing and here are some of my faves:

Djimon Hounsou With Octopus, 1989

At first glance I thought these were dreads, but up close it’s an octopus. 


Mask, 1989

This photo is so cool! I wish I could do that with my hair, as it would be a true art piece. 

Mel Gibson, 1985

This photo of him is beautiful and rugged!

After we viewed the entire exhibit, we were headed back to the reception when in comes Cindy Crawford! 

Still showcasing her supermodel style, she still looks amazing and youthful as ever. She was also one of Herb Ritt’s subjects so it was a pleasure to have her at the opening.

This was a great way to get me to the Getty and I will definitely be back.  The work of Herb Ritts is a must see and will be on display until August 26th.


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