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I was so excited to attend the Sue Wong “Autumn Sonata” during LA Fashion Week and get a preview of the new Fall 2012 collection!  Held at her Atelier, I recall going to the Spring preview in October 2010 and enjoying being in her creative workspace.  Models posed and walked around the showroom displaying the best of Sue Wong to come.  I love all the intricate beading on all the dresses as it amazes me at how detailed each piece is and the dazzlement it exudes as you stroll around in one!  The colors of the collections are inspired by autumn season in hues such as rich umber, ruddy sienna, deep forest green, and glistening gold. A champagne lunch was offered with delicious sandwiches, pasta, salad, desserts and more to keep you fed as you absorbed the eternal elegance around you.  I was also gifted a Sue Wong hand beaded scarf which was so beautiful I didn’t want to unfold it out of the packaging!  However, in order to really enjoy Sue Wong one must wear it and walk gracefully with timeless sophistication.  For me, not a problem at all.

Take a look at the first ever vitual fashion show by Sue Wong:


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