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Ladies, if you want something different to wear that’s sexy and fun, check out the Kate Middleton sheer dress and see where it takes you!  Keeping it tasteful, I love the pop of color with the turquoise band at the top.  Check out below the details on how you can buy a replica!

Per Press Release:

Legend has it that Kate Middleton, commoner, landed herself a prince when in 2002 she wore a sheer dress designed by a fellow St. Andrews student in a school fashion show. The moment, according to psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, made all the difference for Kate by showing William her sexy, mischievous side.

And, says Lieberman, copying Kate could land any woman her own prince. Lieberman is selling replicas of the Charlotte Todd-designed dress on her website for $129.00.

Dr. Lieberman is the official ambassador to designer Charlotte Toddʼs dress worn by the Kate at the infamous St. Martins fashion show. Dr. Lieberman was crowned the US representative for the official replica of the dress after meeting Ms. Todd while bidding on the original black dress that fetched over $100,000 at auction. A limited edition of the “Middleton Dress” are to be available for purchase in the US on Dr. Caroleʼs website (

Dr. Carole has also donated the dress and a copy of her book to ‘Closets for Causes’, the premiere celebrity cause marketing service. The online auction of the “Kate Middleton Dress” by designer Charlotte Todd is an effort to promote breast cancer awareness and research. “We are excited to be one of the official partners in offering this dress and to help a great cause such as ABCF”, says LA designer and Closets For Causes founder Talia Bella.

Dr. Carole, the U.S. Ambassador of the limited edition of the Kate Middleton dress that made Prince William fall head over heels for her, explains that Kate is the “quintessential good girl who used bad girl secrets to catch her prince”.

Purchase your own Kate Middleton lingerie on her website Read more of Lieberman’s helpful ideas on how to win a prince in her new book, Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets. Purchase the Book:


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